Whitley Strieber

Too 'Conspiratorial' For Strieber! Shunned by Dreamland By Richard Sauder, Ph.D.

My deepest respect is for researchers, scholars and many abductees who thankfully remain safe and secure during their valiant attempts to understand the ever-enigmatic UFO phenomenon. However, people must understand that the researchers who promote the alien agenda prosper. They are almost always rewarded for their efforts. For example, Richard Boyland and Whitley Strieber are both very much alive, while Dr. Karla Turner, described as a modern-day ĎJoan DíArc, lies silent in her grave.
    Those of us who reveal the darker side risk our lives on a daily basis. Many have died in the process, and have struggled with both financial and marriage difficulties and endless health problems. Not only have loved ones [of abductees who have come forward] died, but an alarming number of abductees Iíve personally worked with have just recently died of exotic brain tumors.
    Dean Warwick, the most recent researcher who decided to tell what he knew about the numerous missing children and underground bases, died on stage before he reached the microphone. This is a warning: once you step beyond the veil, you will never be the same. Take it from meódonít go there! 2007 Interview with Barbara Bartholic