What's A Succor Punch?

By Don Croft

Until recently, I was calling this device ‘Big Secret’ but Carol was given instructions for another device, which isn’t technically an orgone generating device, and I decided that the newer device is more deserving of the name.  I can’t tell you about that one yet, it’s a secret ;-)

We were getting pretty hammered by aliens when we first started using the Chembuster, and were fairly at our wits’ end trying to find ways to neutralize their attacks. I won’t go into the details, but some of you resonate to what I’m saying here.

We’d been using the mobius coil in our Terminators for about six months at that point, and had put a very large mobius coil in the energized grid in the floor of the Zapporium and noticed that as long as we were inside, with the frequency generator turned on at 15Hz, we couldn’t be touched.  It came to a head, though, when a Draconian overlord talked Carol into having a telepathic dialogue, which he apparently assumed was an invitation to enter the Zapporium, which he did.

We were in bed, which is the Zapporium’s floor, and I was awake, looking at Carol beside me. I saw the transparent visage of a Draconian as he sort of eased into Carol’s body, like  a movie special effect. I was astonished to see that his/her face looked just like Richard Gephardt’s if you were to stretch it lengthwise. I woke Carol from her trance and we both agreed that it wasn’t a good idea for her to ‘dialogue’ with this person, as he/she was fundamentally untrustworthy at this point.

I don’t remember how I got the idea, but I had already wrapped a mobius coil around a sound crystal that I’d been using, so I applied the 15Hz square wave from a zapper circuit to the coil and concentrated on sending a beam of orgone from the crystal to that Draconian, ingniting his/her midline with kundalini fire and enveloping him/her with a sphere of dense, contracting orgone, all pulsating at 15Hz. I felt the connection at the same instant Carol told me that this entity was uttering dire curses and promising to make our lives a living hell.  I was a little sorry for him/her but Carol assured me I was doing no harm but in fact was just helping the entity get back in touch with emotion.

We weren’t bothered again after that by any ET or  human predators until Carol got back from Kenya. Some voodoo guys followed her back astrally to perhaps punish her for curing so many AIDS sufferers during her stay in a village. This was a little more gruesome and unrefined, but it was easily resolved with our Succor Punches and some nice Pleiadians came into the room and healed the lesion left by the the voodoo guys in her aura.

Some other folks who have these just keep them turned on whenever they feel vulnerable to interference by ET’s or government psychics (in spite of Maj. Ed Dames’ posturing, his job is as obsolete as buggy whips now). This prevents abductions, we believe.

Anyone can do this, actually, but it’s nice to get some real-time confirmation from somebody else involved in the process. I think I got the hint for making this device when I realized that when the Terminator was on my body I felt safer from this sort of interference.

Predatory entities have a fear and hatred of concentrated, healthy orgone, perhaps because it forces them to wake up, spiritually. Having a strong orgone field around you is sort of like sleeping near a campfire in areas where there are cougars and bears

I won’t go into the healing benefits of the Succor Punch, but Dr. Elaine Carter uses one in her clinic and loves it. She’s also got a Chembuster and has made and deployed lots of Holy Handgrenades in her area. I made a couple of half-scale Chembusters, one for her, one for me. I call it a Clodbuster because it’s pretty potent for breaking up somebody’s calcified mindset if you aim it at him up close, but Dr. E just leaves one standing in her treatment room to enhance the ambience there and she calls it something else.  She sent me some interesting accounts in the ‘early days’  that I can share with you.

People aren’t generally getting attacked after they make Chembusters any more. This may be because the Draconians are jumping ship now, having perhaps decided that the human detritus that call themselves the New World Order are no longer stable or reliable enough to employ, or maybe the vibratory rate of our planet has elevated to the point where they are no longer comfortable being here. These two things may be related. I don’t have any delusions about being solely responsible for their departure, but I’m having fun participating in the process. We’ve noticed that the other predatory ET races and the native reptilians who serve their agenda (not all of the reptilians are on their side) are all subservient to the Draconians and wouldn’t p--- if their clothes were afire unless the Draconians gave them permission.

These things are as real to Carol and I, and others, as the Chinese were to Marco Polo. I’m probably doing you a favor telling you about it now, as these entities will very likely soon be as visible to you as they are to us, and you can now hopefully avoid freaking out when that happens.

Although there are several people making and selling very fine Chembusters and Holy Handgrenades now,  we’re only promoting Michelle ( mridgley@aol.com ) and Kristina (  www.powerpyramids.com) because they had the courage in the early days to stick with us through their time of trial.

Right after Michelle got her Chembuster up and running in Baltimore, Stephanie and Michael Relfe offered to put our information onto their site, www.metatech.org  , on condition that I rewrite my instructions which led to the construction of several more Chembusters, internationally, a lot of notoriety, and the formation of the Chembuster forum.

Michelle, Kristina and the Relfes were also hit pretty hard by agents of the agenda, but they used their Succor Punches judiciously and came through their tests with flying colors. Since we’re all generals, it just wouldn’t do if we ran from battle at the first sign of arrows, would it?  Kristina gave us information from lucid dreams that led to some significant improvements for our Terminators, and her basis for the work she’s doing now was established in a sacred way.

Don Croft

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