Succor Punch Explained

By Don Croft
July 22, 2002

Carol and I chose the name because "succor" because it means "to nourish" and because it rhymes with "sucker." A sucker punch is made when the opponent's defenses are directed elsewhere. In this case, humanity's opponents, as far as we can tell, are the entities in charge of the predatory agenda, most evident by the chemtrails and the new "martial law" transmitters popping up all over the planet in the past year.

I've written extensively of our experiences with the Succor Punch over the last year or so, but many are requensting a synopsis so that they won't have to plow through a couple hundred pages of narrative (  in the Don and Carol Croft section) to glean it. Who can blame them?

Although I might be vaguely considered a scientist of the cutting fringe, I really don't have any technical training and what little I know about electronics is a result of being in the zapper trade for six years.

A while back, a fellow gave me written directions for making a mobius coil, and warned me not to deviate from those, as it could lead to illness if not made right. It resembles a mobius strip and generates essentially pure chaotic electromagnetic energy. A Succor Punch is made up of one of these coils, wrapped around and glued to a substantial quartz crystal that has a distinct point on it. The terminals of the coil are connected via small alligator clips to a frequency generating box, powered by a nine volt battery.

I glue the coil to the crystal because if the chaotic energy is not organized by the crystal or contained within a perimeter field it will make someone nearby sick and debilitated. This makes no sense in theory, since there is only 5 milliamps going through the coil, pulsed in a square wave at 15 cycles per second. This current is not even strong enough to be felt if you were to hold the two electrodes. We're using our zapper circuit for this. If you apply the electrodes to bare skin for at least 20 minutes, you'll be killing lots and lots of your parasites, even though you may not feel the current going through your skin.

We're finding that just turning the thing on and keeping it in your car blocks the signals of transponders that the feds may have left there. If you're involved with the cloudbuster project I bet you've got at least a satellite transponder and a voice one in your vehicle.

Carol and I have experimented over and over with that to determine if it's true. Since we're actively surveilled 24/7 and she's telepathic, we have plenty of chances to experiment.

Mind you, if you're in the process of neutralizing one of those horrible transmitters with a holy handgrenade you'll be invisible to even the keenest observers on the other team in those moments. I've got a photo of an agent looking for a HHg and he's got a big, white blob enveloping his head ;-) I call it a 'brain cloud,' and we believe that's compliments of the Wingmakers, or whatever you wish to call the host of heavenly helpers guiding us into the emerging paradigm and out of the receding one. I'm going to wait until after the victory to share that photo, though some folks know about it now.

I for one am happy that the Wingmakers will only help those who help themselves in most cases, since we get more out of that which we earn than out of that which is done for us. There's no substitute for commitment in this project. No armchair saints or heroes need apply.

This is an orgone generating instrument, though it operates on different principles than the Holy Handgrenade and cloudbuster. The latter two are specific orgonite configurations whose work is based on shape, size and the addition of other components. The SP is far more interactive.

Although a protective field is generated automatically , the size and strength of which is determined by the crystal, conscious direction of the energy sends a beam of pulsating, concentrated orgone to any entity in existence. Those of us who are aligned with the force of life are envigorated by it, those who are aligned with the forces of decay and exploitation are made to feel intensely uncomfortable by that beam, since it forces them to rise in consciousness to the place you and I are. Many are shocked to discover that technologically advanced races, such as predatory Reptilians, Draconians, B Sirians, grays, etc., are so spiritually underdeveloped. Their human cohorts, such as the masters of the White Brotherhood (WB), although well able to spin a spiritually-advanced sounding rap, are equally susceptible to the healing force of the Succor Punch. Some of the latter are only partially human, we're finding. Wholly human predators are less susceptible but these are almost never occupy positions of real power, so we don't need to focus on them, in my opinion.

Our intention and hope in making this available to you is that enough will get into the hands of effective people that the alleged powers that be will be in a constant bath of this healing energy, thereby creating an environment for them in which their fondest wishes of genocide and exploitation may not be realized. Since the world order is heavily centralized and energized by the masters of the WB, it will deprive the beastly manifestation of its head and enough ordinary folks like us will wake up that the delusion created for us will simply collapse in on itself, similar to the way the high explosives attached to the supporting girders of each floor of the WTC and Murrah Federal Building caused those buildings to collapse in on themselves. The delusion they've created for us is that these were terrorist attacks. See my point?

Six of us with Succor Punches, two of whom are telepaths and astral travelers, neutralized a bomb that was intended for killing a large number of people in Chicago during a fireworks display on the waterfront on July 4. This was to have been a trigger to establish martial law. We believe that other groups are operating along other paths and depriving the WB of their hoped for world tyranny this year and that they, too are being directed by the same forces as we are.

Bearing in mind that you've read my disclaimer before, I won't give you a lengthy one here, but our hope is that nobody will actively involve themselves with us unless at least part of what we're claiming lines up with their own understanding and/or experience. I hope you're not blindly accepting what I'm saying.

You can keep the target entity on the "spit" as long as you like. The really recalcitrant ones need a lot of attention.

Since all races but humans are strongly bound by universal law, they must detach their predatory/parasitic connections to you once you've made it abundantly clear that they are not welcome. There are some who can do this by other methods, I believe, but I don?t personally know anyone who can do that. I know lots of folks who believe they can ;-)

It may be an issue of respect. A schoolyard bully has no respect for a sterling character unless that character is manifest in physical restraint of the bully. This is sort of what we do when we apply strong life-force in an organized fashion to individuals in the upper hierarchy of the world alleged order and any other predatory entity.

You need to get a sense of who your target is to be. Normally, whenever anyone commits actively to this project, he/she is noticeably harassed by a number of entities, not least of which are the federal agents who are trained psychics. If you feel like this is happening and you've been making and deploying holy handgrenades and cloudbusters, it probably is, so just be aware of any unpleasant sensations, relax and imagine the source. Send that person or entity a beam of strong, pulsing blue or purple orgone through the end of the Succor Punch, imagine it surrounding and contracting around the entity, while at the same time blazing along its midline and out through its primary charkas.

Sometimes I turn them in circles or spin them on a horizontal axis to disorient them. The human psychics will try to depart fast and you can let them go with a strong telepathic warning. The other-than-human ones will be unpleasantly astonished that a mere human can do this to them, so will resist a lot more. These need to be kept in the field longer sometimes and may try several more times, so stay focused and watch for them.

I use my discernment now before sending these out to people, and I advise the vendors to do the same. One tip off to me not to donate one is when a person claims he/she's being attacked and need one of these but is doing nothing that I can tell that would threaten the established regime. In that case, I advise him/her to buy one elsewhere. I don't make these for money, neither do I take payment for any of the work connected with the cloudbusters and holy handgrenades. The accusation of being a mercenary would slow the dissemination of this information down too much, in my view. It's more fun than I can express to see the established order falling back on its ass, so that's payment enough for me. As I mentioned, there are many others doing this in a lower profile manner, so I'm not making exclusive claims and the victory will be mankind's not individuals?

The SP is a potent healing tool in the hands of a skilled practitioner.

We're finding that some of the Draconians, erstwhile overlords of the collapsing regime, are rather fond of the energy from the Succor Punch now. Our first Draconian target rather frightened Carol when we had him on the spit. He was telepathically uttering the most dire threats, describing to her what he was going to do to me as soon as he was able, so I just kept him 'on line' until he mellowed out, which took about a week.

Now he shows up occasionally to get a jolt from my SP. I know he wants that when my pendulum dowsing becomes erratic. The dowsing straightens right out when I put my hand on my turned-on SP, as no entity other than the really nice ones can exert any influence on a person who has a SP in his/her personal energy field.

The Draconians don't hold grudges. Neither do I, nor should you, I believe. We found that they don't interfere with us in a serious way any more and I'm rather mischievous myself, so why should I deny that to others?

Here's what happened when the voodoo men followed Carol back from Kenya last September:

She had a severe pain in her side as soon as she left Nairobi after a month in a village where she had demonstrated the ability of our little crowd zapper to cure AIDS (it's solar powered and is still in operation there as far as we know).

She hadn't given it much thought until she spent the first night in our bed. We decided to see what was causing it and both of us became aware that several entities were drawing energy through a 'hole' in her side. I got the image of some African men and Carol recognized one of them as being from that village. We traced the source of the power to a vortex west of Nairobi that was severely distorted, similar to the way the one in Montauk and other satanic sites are. Carol was personally threatened by the visage of a semi-human male eating human body parts when she looked at that site but held on and traced the energy further to a reptilian hive under southwestern Africa.

We later learned that Credo Mettwa, a chief shaman of the Xhosa, or Zulu, told of being invited by a reptilian hive queen to mate and produce offspring with her and that she had promised him great power if he agreed to do so. He refused, not being a fan of personal power. Reading this account later on confirmed what we were seeing in that SP session.

We got a lot more information from that hive queen relating to the world network of predatory hives, of which there were twenty at that time, but for our purposes we simply kept her in the orgone field and cut her connection to her 'son' west of Nairobi and to the nine other sons throughout Africa which controlled the various voodoo societies there. Of course this was a temporary disconnection, but we went to Namibia and participated in closing the south portal of her hive two months later, creating the conditions for the Lemurians to come in to the southern part of the continent, as they had in North America and are now doing in Europe, thanks to the efforts of our associates in those places. You need to plow through our narrative and the postings on the cloudbuster forum to get those details, though.

Are you familiar personally with Pleiadians? Much is written about them but you need to apply the same discernment to those accounts that I'm advising you to apply to mine if you haven't yet met them.

The Africans were still present astrally but were disoriented when they discovered that they no longer had any power over Carol. We told them that all their power came from the reptilian queen, ultimately, and not from themselves, as they'd been led to believe. At that point I was aware of the entry of two ethereal entities surrounded by bluish purple light. Carol said they were Pleiadians who came to heal that big hole made by the voodoo men. They did that in a few moments and left soon afterward and we haven't been bothered by any reptilians or their human minions since then. We have continued to extract information from the various hive queens, though, who remain accessible to us telepathically.

I'm not particularly psychic but using the Succor Punch has enabled me to use my meager abilities to full advantage in times of need. Many others like me have gotten similar results. I want to stress that there are no institutional elite or upper castes in the emerging paradigm and service to humanity has been the highest aspiration of the wise since the dawn of time. One of our challenges these days is to distinguish for ourselves between those who make these claims and those who demonstrate this principle. It has nothing at all to do with one's religion, education, sponsorship, genetics or charisma but has everything to do with one's faith, integrity and demonstrated intentions.

Don Croft

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