[Suffering must have been part of the divine plan (2%, not the current 50% negativity) but that belief, true or not, is just a distraction from the true cause of most of that suffering--Evil in the form of the Psychopaths and Reptilians with their long standing Reign of Evil and Human Abuse. You can see how Religion covers up the true reality by making out suffering is purely down to man 'turning away from God'. As if, and anyway, the only reason man 'turns away from God' is due to Religion (which just talks about God but doesn't connect you to God using Meditation and Psychedelics) and the controlling Psychopaths, who promote Religion and Atheism, while killing off Shamanism, Spirituality, & Natural Healing.  One of the biggest causes of suffering and violence is the way religion Suppressing sexuality.
    The belief "
Jesus died for all our sins" is absurd.  God doesn't punish people, and certainly not by killing them, that would be like killing your children for their 'sins', which would only be down to your bad parenting in the first place.  Wouldn't say much for 'his' creation skills would it?  Jesus died as he got caught by the psychopaths, who then spun the story to create religion to suit their ends.
    Suffering is also encouraged by the Eastern belief that all suffering is due to past life karma so you shouldn't help anyone out of their suffering.]

"We believe that the world was created good, and that evil and suffering have entered it because of humanity's tendency to turn away from God."-----Hereford Cathedral leaflet (2011)

"Jesus died for all our sins...He came to this earth in order to forgive our sins. He had to die in order to do this. He came because Adam and Eve had disobeyed God."

Adam and Eve