Suppressive person (SP)
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Ups and Downs by Ruth Minshull
Miracles for Breakfast by Ruth Minshull (Chapter 13)

[2006] The Authoritarians” by Bob Altemeyer 

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Media examples
The mother of all rifts

One who purposely upsets others around him to keep them down. The SP is dedicated to destruction of others because he feels that everyone threatens him. Therefore, he is afraid of anyone getting better. Miracles for Breakfast by Ruth Minshull

"The SP will advocate destructive actions, more punishment, war, tougher prisons, etc. The people around the SP will be disturbed unhappy and frequently ill. The SP cannot be spotted by social position or IQ. He may occupy a prominent or a low position. He may be brilliant, average or stupid. By whatever covert or overt method, the Sly attempts to make nothing of us. He may subtly belittle our accomplishments; he may make fun of us in jest; he may tell us of someone who failed at something we are trying to do." ----Miracles for Breakfast by Ruth Minshull

Potential Trouble Sources (PTSs). "This is what we call a person who is connected to a suppressive person......It is well to know that the person who is noisily giving you trouble may not be the SP; he’s more likely a PTS. The suppressive will be in the background, quietly smiling and looking quite normal. Actually the SP is insane, but the symptoms are so subtle that it is often someone strongly under his influence who is judged insane." ----Miracles for Breakfast by Ruth Minshull

There is many a so-called “problem child” who is merely PTS. He could be quickly cured of his major difficulties if someone were to locate the SP around him and see that he is removed from that influence. Miracles for Breakfast by Ruth Minshull

There's a certain tension that exists around the Suppressive Person. One feels compelled to be careful-- to walk softly. A sense of relief prevails when the SP is gone. Ups and Downs by Ruth Minshull

It has been estimated that 20% of illnesses, including mental illnesses, are due to contact with a destructive person. In extreme cases, nothing goes right. POSSIBLE PROBLEM PRODUCERS By Stephanie Relfe B.Sc.

Keep all this in mind as I describe the activities of Effluvia within the abductee and the "wanna be" abductee: community. Like the others Effluvia had the best cover possible and a quite believable one. She really believes that her purpose is to help others. Effluvia wants to help others better understand their "contactee" experiences. The dominant entity within her would target different people for different purposes. The ones who often faired the worst were needy and codependent women. Effluvia would keep them up till 2:30 in the morning talking on the telephone and prevailing upon them to tell her every miserable detail in their lives. Often as not, the conversations had NOTHING to do with abduction experiences. It was just a means to compel the women to pour out their hearts to what they felt was a sympathetic listener, instead of a reptilian collective. Effluvia would "feed" off the women's emotional anguish. And the women would thus become locked in a vibrational frequency of dysfunction and victimization. UNDERSTANDING THE REPTILIAN MIND By James Bartley