Palme, Olof

The Swedish Plot to Criminalize Julian Assange and WikiLeaks

by Christopher Bollyn

November 22, 2010

WANTED - The Swedish media have joined in the government's campaign to criminalize Julian Assange of WikiLeaks.  This poster, which reads "Wanted - Julian Assange refuses to turn himself in" was placed on the boxes containing Sweden's free Metro newspaper on November 19, 2010. 


Julian Assange, the founder of WikiLeaks, is now facing an international arrest warrant issued by Swedish police for having allegedly annoyed or molested two women in Sweden.  The charges, which are very nebulous, stem from complaints made by two anonymous women about one week after the supposed encounters occurred.  If the allegations of rape are true, Assange could face two years in a Swedish prison.  What's really going on?  And why is Sweden, a country that supposedly cherishes freedom of the press, persecuting Assange, a true champion of press freedom in the 21st Century?  Is this another example of malicious prosecution?

Assange was recently denied a permanent residency permit in Sweden, although the authorities refused to provide the reasons for their unusual denial of the permit.  This is very odd because Sweden is known for giving residency and citizenship to terrorists and mass murderers.  I know this is true because I met a long-time Swedish resident who personally murdered scores of Palestinians in the Sabra and Shatila massacres of 1982.  Sweden is a country that welcomes mass murderers but refuses to give a residency permit to a well known genius with incredible talents and integrity.  Furthermore, Sweden recently refused to prosecute Joachim Posner, the Bernard Madoff of Scandinavia, who disappeared with millions of crowns of investors money in 1997 and who has been living in Brussels, the center of the European Union, under his own name.  What's going on in Sweden, where the sordid sexual affairs of the king are openly discussed in a best-selling book while 80 percent of the public thinks the king has a right to a scandalous private life? 

We have to remember that Assange and WikiLeaks are acting as war reporters on the Internet, the new global news medium.  Assange has simply provided the public with important first-hand documents from the war, information which is not provided by the Zionist-controlled press.  The majority of the U.S. media outlets are owned by six Zionist-controlled networks like Rupert Murdoch's News Corp.  The Zionist-controlled media monopoly was created in order to shape public opinion in favor of the Zionist war agenda in the Middle East.  Using basic mind control techniques they have persuaded most Americans to support the illegal wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Since the 1980s, ownership of the U.S. media has become consolidated in such a way that only 5 Zionist-controlled corporations own a majority of the media outlets.  When Murdoch's News Corporation is factored in this majority is greatly increased.  The only voice being heard by American consumers of mass media is that of militant Zionist extremism.  This is the main reason why so few Americans have the anti-war worldview of the Viet Nam War era.  Waging criminal wars has become acceptable to most Americans.  (Source: Mind Control Theories and Techniques Used by Mass Media)

WikiLeaks has provided essential information about the criminal wars in Iraq and Afghanistan that the U.S. government and military wanted to keep away from the public.  While the controlled media ignores the most pertinent fact that the U.S.-led wars in Afghanistan and Iraq are both criminal wars of aggression, the WikiLeaks documents provide undeniable evidence of a whole raft of war crimes committed by U.S. forces in both countries.  Rather than pillorying Assange on spurious sexual allegations from anonymous women, the Swedish and global media should be calling for criminal charges against those political leaders, current and former, who have engaged in planning, conspiring, and waging illegal wars of aggression in Afghanistan and Iraq.  The evidence of numerous war crimes, including torture and mass murder, is on the table and demands to be acted upon.  To ignore the abundant evidence of war crimes committed by U.S. officials and politicians is to ignore the most fundamental international humanitarian law and that means the end of Western civilization and the rule of law.

The Obama administration is escalating the criminal war in Afghanistan by sending in tanks that can destroy a house from a mile away.  Why do Americans allow this madness to continue?  What are we really fighting for in Central Asia?

In an open and democratic society the press is supposed to ferret out exactly the kind of information WikiLeaks has exposed.  In a free and open society people like Julian Assange are supported and honored for their service to the public.  If anything, Assange deserves a Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts.  Why are the Swedes supporting the war agenda in the Middle East in the first place?  What happened to the Sweden of the 1960s that opposed the war in Viet Nam?

Answer:  It was killed along with Olof Palme and Anna Lindh, two of Sweden's greatest political leaders of modern times, who were both strongly opposed to the Zionist war agenda in the Middle East - and gave their lives fighting it.

Sweden's Prime Minister Olof Palme was assassinated on March 1, 1986.

Sweden's Foreign Minister Anna Lindh (left) was assassinated on September 11, 2003.

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