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Sir Laurence Gardner, Reptilian Shape-Shifter? by David Icke

In the ceremony they would have sacrifices and during the bloodletting, especially if there were infants involved, these beings would change into a reptilian form. And the interesting thing about it is that there would be this yellow-green slime residue after the ceremonies. It would be on my body and on the altars and on the flooring. I have also since found it on my children as well, which is disturbing to me. Sir Laurence Gardner, Reptilian Shape-Shifter? by David Icke

Stewart Swerdlow - History of Mind Control (History and Deprogramming) part1 1h33min
Stewart Swerdlow - History of Mind Control (History and Deprogramming) 1h13min54sec
Expansions Publishing - 1 hr 14 min - 10-Jun-2006

"I worked under the direction of a reptilian/Draco [at Montauk]. The name "Draco" is actually the name of the star system. It is the whole area of the reptilian races. The reptilians were heavily involved in the Montauk project. At Montauk there was a very tall winged reptilian. He was very, very powerful. The reptilians are tired of living hidden lives and they are very anxious to become public once more as they have been in the past. In order to do that they are literally blitzing the media with reptilian like programmes and shows, especially for children, and they are preparing adults through electromagnetic transmissions for the public appearance of reptilians. One of their biggest weaknesses is that they are not very spiritually minded - they donít have a lot of psychic ability - and they rely a lot on technology and controlling others with technology. The biggest threat to them is people having control of their own minds."
- Stewart Swerdlow referring to the Draco/Reptilians.

Do not use any of the deprogramming or hyperspace archetypes that stewart gives you, especially not the merger, tbar, or circle with a dot inside, and definitely not the chakra exercises he gave you. They're designed to open up people to ELF and other electronic bombardments. Do not use his oversoul / higher self method because that's an occultic symbol that opens you up. His merger is actually the hand of eris or goddess of chaos. He gives legit symbols that can hijack your aura.

His wife and him are assigned handlers programmed to target people who have been programmed and are getting to the truth. Stewart was one of the best handlers. He tried to infiltrate Hollywood where there are many programmed stars, but he failed miserably for one reason or another. TPTB must have changed plans because stewart adapted an unstable personality. He and his wife dyed their head red to keep up with the charade that they're part of a bloodline. Redhair doesn't look like that, especially on his wife.

If you need more information, talk to the moderators and administrator of about Stewart. Ask if he is a bad person. They use to be good friends of Stewart until they realize that they were being reprogrammed by him, so they got together and formed a message board to figure it out. Unfortunately, most people on there are fans of Stewart, so only the inner circle of moderators/administrators talks about the truth.

The official website for Stewart is . You will reget it if you do any of his techniques.

Three people told me Stewart Swerdlow was programming them in their dreams. His best customer, his old website astrologer, and even web designer were all affected. They all left him! I talked to all of them on another forum but I'm afraid I can't mention the name of it. They are all moderators on there. For anyone who wants to confirm this, ask me on pm and I'll tell you where to go ask. It is not a Stewart debunking message board because Stewart was threatening them legally through their emails. It seems Stewart is effective at astral programming because he kept them close to him for many years. From what I can tell, no one should associate with Stewart.