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3-OUNCE TOWER BUSTER by Don Croft6 standard 3 fl oz TBs.  This arrangement is used to bust or heal ley lines.

I started out making these in little 3oz paper cups but after deploying a couple of thousand of those during the testing phase in August, 2002,  I tried muffin pans and now I make most of them this way. The only reason I still make a few in paper cups is so that I can shoot them, 200 yards, out of my Spudgun, which I bought from www.spudtech.com (you need the 2" barrel version, and you don't need the fancy, non-portable propane rig)    

In a way, this non-lethal artillery piece is sort of like a back scratcher: sometimes you just can't quite get orgonite close enough to the target by tossing and this does the trick.  Be careful not to do what one of our fellow spiritual road warriors did, though: he inadvertently shot a TB into one of those big, nasty ELF drum transmitters, right through the drumskin.  I've used the Spudgun exclusively in gridding remote polluted areas because I didn't want the secret police's snooper minions to find them within throwing distance of the road. 

Cbswork expounds on the benefits of overgifting, which is often required in key areas, like Los Angeles, where the satanic, occult/corporate world order had put an awful lot of stock in their Deadly Orgone Radiation generating infrastructure, not that it did them any good ;-)

He's done the bulk of his gifting work with many thousands of 3-Oz. Towerbusters, by the way.  He, Carol and I sometimes get a  chuckle at the notion that a few people have had that making a heroic single device will disable a whole lot of towers.  We don't need to be 'saved' by anyone else's efforts, after all-we need to save ourselves, so I think it's appropriate that the infantry-style taking of territory by tower-to-tower gifting is the only one that works and it is, after all, the most empowering, confirming aspect of this effort. That's just part of growing up and a network develops through the same stages that a human being does.  Consider all these new deathforce transmitters in your commuity as your golden opportunity to seize your freedom/responsibility birthright and also to provide a profoundly precious service (healing) to your community.

I'll now go over the muffin tray method, which can be applied to the paper cup method, of course:

1. I use non-stick muffin pans but of course the resin contracts as it cools, so even the cheaper ones work fine.

2. While you're in MalWart getting those pans, and if you don't have any little pieces of quartz on hand, go to the craft section and get the mesh bags of tumbled rocks (the smaller rocks).  Pick out the quartz and other crystals. You can also get bits of quartz from the soil or streambed if you have a clue what to look for. The cloudy, even white, broken bits are just as good as a ten dollar Herkimer Diamond, of course, for this application.  

If  you opt for the dollar bag of  MalWart polished stones and are unsure that you can spot quartz on the ground or creekbed, find the ones that are semi-transparent and/or  dirty-looking inside.  The white ones are often just marble, which is not as good as quartz but is adequate for TBs.   You can get suitable quartz crystals by the pound from Gladys Bridges at crystals87@hsnp.com but I mention WalMart to show you that it's not hard to find ingredients. Gladys sends out distinct quartz pieces that are between a quarter and a half inch long.  You get a LOT of crystals in a pound.

3. Drop a small xtal in each muffin mold. I often  use a broken just a dirty, broken  crystal chip about the size of your little toenail but if you're new to this you likely won't feel confident doing this.  My confidence is based on a couple of years of towerbusting experience, so I know that a TB with a funky little chip will bust an average Entropy tower and I'm stating it for the record.

4. Fill the molds almost to the top with loose metal.  Remember that 3oz is sufficient and that the molds are each 4oz.  I want you to get the absolute most bang for your hard-earned or even lazily-obtained buck.  3oz of orgonite in a holly or juniper bush is sufficient for busting most of the single transmitters you'll encounter and even for turning those frowns of a chapel-full of devil-hating churchgoers upside down.

5. Pour the resin in by stages until it comes almost up to the brim of the mold after you've put the metal and crystal in.  If  the metal is too fine to permit the resin to soak through before hardening, mix the metal with the catalyzed resin, then spoon it in like you're making cornbread.  You're probably going to learn the hard way to mix in the catalyst first.  I'm still learning that lesson from time to time ;-)

6. When I'm going to toss out a bunch in town, I paint them green and brown (camo scheme). You'll be surprised how difficult these are to find once they've been tossed.

How Many Towerbusters Per Tower? 

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