The Tower Buster--3 oz of orgonite with a single quartz xtal

By Don Croft
August 16, 2002

After hearing from Tara, a young mother who has made a cloudbuster, boosted some key energy sites, and neutralized many transmitters where she lives, north of Chicago, I was sort of jolted on Tuesday into the realization that the Holy Handgrenades may be overkill for the martial law transmitters, so after Carol got back from her adventure this week I quickly made up what I consider to be the minimal orgonite device for neutralizing these damned things.

Some of our best work occurs to us in an almost off-handed way. The day before Carol was to go to Kenya, guest of a foundation that operated a village AIDS clinic there, it occurred to me that a solar powered crowd zapper might come in handy. We'd made up a pile of regular zappers to donate to our African cousins. It turned out that the village had no electricity at all, so that little crowd zapper is getting plenty of use in an area where most, especially those cast out of work by AIDS, can't afford to even buy batteries. The pile of zappers were handed out in the first few days, a drop in the bucket, really, but the other has been used to heal lots and lots of people and it won't likely wear out soon.

The cone shape of the holy handgrenade occurred to me as I was walking along the shore on Andros Island, not long after my 'Middle Aged Man and the Sea' ordeal, during the most harrowing part of which our Atlantean elder friend, Kashi, who had been accompanying me, woke Carol up in Florida to tell her, 'He's crazy!' and to show her on the map precisely where my boat had foundered at sea in a storm in the southern point vortex of the Bermuda Triangle east of Bimini.

The most menacing of aerial phenomena, both UFOs and conventional craft at just above rooftop level, were sent to intimidate Tara when she first committed to this project, because of a few factors that most of us are not privy too. She not only stood her ground outside when they appeared, but was quite vocal in the cloudbuster forum about her intention to do this work no matter what happens. I hope some of the older and wiser of us can take that lesson to heart and stop whining about the ufo's, choppers, jets, etc., that the feds often send to our homes in their attempts to scare us into a state of inactivity.

Next time any aircraft comes within three hundred feet of my house, I'm going to shoot it with my pellet gun and I'll be aiming at the windshield, too. I Really Hope one of them tries that again Let's see if the cops show up then. It's very unlawful to operate any aircraft that way, and the cops know it better than we do, as does the military, who operate some of them. The CIA and FEMA are fundamentally unlawful, so of course it's okay to shoot at their choppers when they violate our homes. Maybe I'll get a chance to see if a bow and arrow and a roll of surveyor tape can, indeed, force one down.

By 'overkill' of course, I only mean that the HHg is more powerful than it needs to be just to neutralize a primary or secondary martial law transmitter. I bet a lot of my readers follow the principle of 'appropriate technology' already.

Our efforts are better spent making many more of the appropriate Tower Busters for the vast number of the new martial law transmitters, and save our HHgs for multiple arrays, vile vortices, masonic temples, satanic murder sites, our in-laws shrubberies, etc., for which they're more appropriate.

The Tower Buster is a 3oz paper cup, like the ones for bathroom dispensers, filled with a half/half mix of resin and metal particles into which I insert a single, funky quartz crystal. Like the Ugly Duckling, these lonely crystals are dear to me because they demonstrate that our devices work extremely well with an absolute minimum of attention to quality and refinement.

I don't mean to 'talk holes in the stomachs' (a quaint German expression given to me by a Swedish acquaintance today of the new agers among us, nor do I wish to denigrate their fine contributions, which far outshine what I've done in many, many cases. My objective from day one has been to enable the most unholy, non-psychic of folks (not unlike myself) to be empowered by achieving miraculous results, and I still advocate waging spiritual war on the regime which is poisoning our lovely planet. I've come to terms with the fact that most of the folks who get into this are new agers, though there are many notable exceptions. The stereotype for new agers is that they talk a lot about service and spirituality but run away from real commitment. I'm proud to say that the folks associated with this forum are exceptions to THAT rule, no matter what ideology they are promoting.

These devices are both the weapons and the ammunition in this war, which I truly believe we are winning now, thanks to the unwavering support and guidance of many ethereal agencies and to the commitment of we few players with our magic bullets and cloudbusters.

Here's some evidence that I've struck a nerve of the planetary regime by telling the world about this tower-busting trick: In early May, I wrote a short article about the purpose of the martial law transmitters and about how one can easily neutralize them. I sent that article out to a network of hundreds of e-groups made up of people who typically resonate to new information like this. At the same time, I posted it on the cloudbuster forum and sent it to my friend, Ken Adachi, who posted the article, along with some photos of typical mind control towers, on his very well attended site,  Within two days, I was prevented from posting or moderating any more in the original cloudbuster forum, hosted on Yahoo, and my huge address book was erased by someone at Earthlink, my server.

This has not been much of a problem. In fact, it's led to some very good developments Stuart Jackson came forward with an offer to host and moderate the forum on a new domain,  . The first forum had become heavily infiltrated with agent provocateurs in the absence of a moderator. The new forum is on one of Stuart's own server computers. From this ordeal, I learned how to get my mail without having to worry about interference by the feds (they had erased all of my business orders and left the other email alone).

Yesterday CArol and I drove by the remaining martial law transmitter in our county which has not been neutralized and she tossed the tower buster into the brush by the side of the road. That's our 'drive by' technique. We weren't close enough to the enclosure to risk detection of the device--we feel certain that anywhere within a quarter mile (slightly less than .3 kilometer) is sufficient, and it's best to shallowly bury it. If the Borg scrambles at some point to find these things, the distance, combined with the 'braincloud,' a la the Wingmakers' effect on the minds and eyes of the searchers, will pretty much ensure that the tower busters won't be discovered and removed.

Even though Carol advised me after I'd made the prototype that four hematite beads would have made it work better, I opted to test the one I'd made, since many of you don't have easy access to hematite beads. She says this grounds the energy faster so that the orgone field will build up more quickly in case the transmitter gets turned on full blast right away.

She did allow, though, that the field was instantly sufficient to cancel out the nasty energy coming out of that tranmsitter, which is a primary one, by the way, apparently controlled through a satellite, and that it would easily eat up the stuff even if/when the traitorous feds turn it on full blast this fall.

Many folks are saying that the orgonite devices all seem to be operating intelligently, and I got an uncharacteristic telepathic message concerning that first tower buster that went something like this, 'Don't worry about it, Bub, I can handle it.'

As you probably guessed, the reason I did this is so that more towers will get busted in time to prevent the high treason being referred to as 'martial law' from being attempted at all. Though the regime can be characterized by extreme cunning, which sometimes approximates intelligence, and extreme arrogance, which is probably why they refused to consider all of us threats until long after it was feasible to suicide us, they aren't so stupid that they'll commit millions of Russians and Chinese, along with whatever other mercenaries they can con into risking life and limb for them, to invade and subdue Europe, North America and beyond, in the face of a limitless guerrilla force, even in part of one nation, and we've all cleared a lot of parts of several nations of these damn transmitters already, as they well know.

I admit that the prospect of making 300 HHgs next week, which is what will be needed to neutralize all of the primary transmitters, HAARP arrays, underground bases, etc, in my part of the country, was daunting, but I can easily make 250 Tower Busters and 50 HHGs (for hard targets). I found four brand new HAARP arrays along the interstate on my last trip to Seattle from Spokane 300 miles.

I can make sure that the invited invaders will give Northern Idaho, , Northern Washington and Northwestern Montana a very wide berth, since there are enough potential guerrilla fighters, including yours truly, to make this counterproductive for them. It's probably worth mentioning that since the attrition of our armed forces after Desert Storm the ground troop force of the US is only numerous enough to control Rhode Island, so they are not a threat, even if the rank and file were willing to kill their unarmed Countrymen, which they are not. All the fancy military hardware in the world wouldn't do much good to an occupying force, which is why the poorer-equipped but nearly uncountable Chinese and Russians are more appropriate. You can bet that most of our military folks will exercize their oaths to defend the constitution if martial law gets implemented, so they'd be on our side if they were to somehow make it back to the US from their far flung outposts.

Of course, if my region is a bad military risk that means that the mercenaries are more likely to show up where you are, zip cuff you when your local transmitter has thrown you and your neighbors to the ground, and haul you off to the guillotine, so I hope to God I've given you some incentive to match the efforts of Jesse, Dragon Al, Texas Jeff, Secret Buddy, Tara, Kam Wong, Carlo, Nova Scotia Jeff & Angela, Tillie, Kolina & Lisa, Carol & I, and many anonymous others out there and simply prevent that possibility in your region, too.

Imagine how nice the world's going to be after we've faced down the arrogant bullies pretty soon and exposed their ages-old transgressions and genocidal agenda! Dare we think of the possibilities, too, after the Pajama People all around us have found it expedient to dress for the day and assume some of their responsibilities, as we have? The regime would have us all believe that, if given half a chance to manage its own affairs, humanity would turn into a raging, anarchic mob, but I believe that this would be the exception, not the rule.

Most of the world already live their lives with very little interference or 'help' from centralized national governments because those governments simply lack the infrastructure and massive funding required to maintain the sort of tyranny and mind control that's found in Europe, North America and developed Asian nations, so we who live in the developed nations may have to study and be taught by our less-industrialized neighbors how to get along in our local communities without being micromanaged by ethically-challenged strangers, thousands of miles away.

The internet has amply demonstrated that the trend in the emerging paradigm is away from centralized power toward more responsibility and freedom for the individual and each community is a montage of elegantly unique individuals with boundless potential.

We've got a little more than a month, perhaps less, to get the tower-busting job done, according to many grounded people's reckonings. Now that the towers are completed in my part of the nation, I'm about to finish the job this month. To state the obvious, pretty soon the PJ folk will realize that these new transmitters have nothing at all to do with communication, since most of them are pretty well glued to their cellphones and will recognize at some point that the coverage is still just as spotty as ever even though a forest of transmitters just went up this year in and around their locale. This is the point at which the regime will have lost the initiative altogether if they havenメt found it feasible to initiate their genocidal agenda yet, since every population would be unmanageable once the true nature of these transmitters is even hinted at.

We are probably close to the 'hundredth p.j. monkey' situation right now. Not to denigrate the PJ folk, of course. Scratch the surface of most of them and you'll find a golden individual who wants what's best for his fellows. That's why I don't insult them with the term, 'sheeple.'

History shows that tyranny relies 90% on voluntary compliance and 10% on threat of force and that means the populace has to be conned into policing each other. Who can imagine that those old tactics are going to work in the emerging paradigm? It worked in America when the feds got the WWII vets (commendable for their self-sacrifice, but reproachable for their 'go along to get along' striving to conform) and their friends to burn Dr. Reichメs books and cheer as he was railroaded into prison, where he was murdered in the early 1950s.

Most of the American people aren't falling for this criminal regime's latest fear-mongering, race-hatred campaign aimed at the people of the Middle East. Now that the more malleable whites in America are no longer the overwhelming majority and race hatred has become unfashionable, these blatant attempts at mind control and patriotic mob incitement are falling short of their mark, causing thinking people to distrust their alleged government even more. Contrast this with the xenophobia and blood lust that swept the nation after the world regime tricked Saddam into taking Kuwait only ten years ago. OF course, the internet wasn't around then. Even the peace-loving liberals bought into that feeding frenzy.

As consolation to those who fundamentally hate to look at evil and are inclined to punish those of us who do , the presence of so many orgonite devices, spread across the landscape at each primary transmitter location, will uplift humanity in these regions for two reasons: 1) they are synergistically neutralizing a primary producer of dead orgone; 2) they are spinning the good orgone out into the atmosphere in direct proportion to the feds' efforts to produce the bad, ugly stuff. Of course, the fonts of dead orgone are all operating at about 15% now to keep everyone from integrating the emerging paradigm information, so I guess that would be reason number three to bust them right now. It really doesn't matter what terminology is used as long as the deed gets done. Go ahead and turn the spiritual warrior, Archangel Michael, into an interior decorator if you want.

Since this is a worldwide phenomenon, as far as we can see, I sincerely hope that if you're living in a nation in which armed resistance is not an option anymore (all developed countries, aside from the US, Switzerland and South Africa) you'll at least consider the latter as prime motivating factors to put these transmitters out of commission.

These are NOT for communication, folks, so I think it's prudent to exercise good neurolinguistics and stop calling them 'cell towers.'

The main reason for these transmitters is to enforce compliance to the planned, potentially imminent worldwide tyranny, which is determined decimate the world's population back to the numbers that existed before the industrial revolution so that they can more efficiently manage humanity, whom they have always considered their chattel.

This stuff is worse than the darkest future scenarios that science fiction writers have been capable of inventing--in fact it's so horrid and unthinkable that nobody who would dare to write it as fiction would be able to sell it.

Nobody wants to think about an overt, global tyranny that would make Hitler, Robespierre, Stalin, Mao and Pol Pot pale into historical insignificance, but this has been the cherished hope of the Illuminati for perhaps six millennia, in the studied opinions of some people. Let's deprive those old farts in the White Brotherhood of their long-cherished goals, okay? After that, we'll be looking at a very bright future, beyond our fondest hopes.

I feel that it's important to state that globalism is not inherently bad. In fact, it's the next logical step in the maturing process of our species. We just don't need it crammed down our throat this way, that's all. We really are better than that, in spite of what the CIA spin artists in the universities and media want us to believe.

Another reminder is that it's still important to use the holy handgrenades to restore the compromised vortices, nutralize locations of predatory institutions, and sweeten our neighborhoods and cities, so the Tower Busters are in no way meant to make the HHgs extraneous.

I hope that Mark & Suze, Ben & Jerry, Kristina, Kees & Eric, Oroville DAve, STanly, Secret Buddy, Moonreaderman, VAncouver STeve, Kam Wong and the rest of the orgone pioneers will continue developing their fine, improved CBs and other devices and keep us all posted on their progress! I feel that it's important to state that globalism is not inherently bad. In fact, it's the next logical step in the maturing process of our species. We just don't need it crammed down our throat this way, that's all. We really are better than that, in spite of what the CIA spin artists in the universities and media want us to believe.

That's right' I said, 'White Brotherhood.' Why do you think Lucis Trust (formerly Lucifer Trust) is the only institution that refers officially to them as the 'saviors and benevolent guides' of humanity. Yikes. Have you ever read some of the UN literature written and published by that trust? IF you do, you're in for a rough ride if you have a tender heart. They're the official publishers for the United Nations, which now formally promotes a 'population reduction' policy instead of it's former 'zero population growth' recommendations. Actually, only the terminology has changed, becoming more blatant and revealing lately. The policy has always been the same as it is now.

Don't most people realize that the AIDS 'epidemic' in Africa, for instance, was created and is maintained by the World Health Organization? I was shocked to learn that the UN has forced all African governments to punish traditional healer for treating AIDS sufferers and only UN-sanctioned drugs are allowed to be used for that. Thank God most of the traditional healers, the majority of whom are women, are not intimidated by this threat, nor are most of the men who would have to enforce these alleged laws keen on offending these powerful witches I don't think these women would bother calling the cops if they felt personally threatened, if you catch my meaning. The voodoo guys are scared of them.

The Lucis Trust's other big interest is the new age movement, which it claims to foster and shepherd. Can you see why I cringe a bit every time someone signs a note to me with 'Love and Light?' I tried signing my return notes, 'Lust and Darkness,' in an attempt to balance it out a bit, but I quickly abandoned that when I realized that some were taking it as a sexual come-on. Words are important and revealing, no matter how enlightened and holy we believe we are.

Let's see if anyone comes forward to defend those genocidal old jerks now Carol tells me that they're already scouting around for the ratlines so they can abandon their berthed, sinking ship when the time comes, pretty soon. All we need to do is minimize the mayhem they wish to commit in their spitefulness and frustration as they scurry along to keep up with their receding paradigm 'sort of like the way the Nazi's tried to blow up Paris at the end of their visit there in 1945.

What we're doing right now with our Tower Busters and Holy Handgrenades can be compared to turning the Nazis' high explosives around Paris into chocolate or delicious, stinky cheese. Can you imagine a more fun and rewarding pastime than this one? It might be a good time now to start thinking about what we'll do with these useless transmitters. I'd like to make a kind of treehouse in one next summer. No doubt the free energy electrical generators that are at many of these transmitters, underground, will come in pretty handy for us all. You'll notice that many of them are not connected to the power grid.

I feel that it's important to state that globalism is not inherently bad. In fact, it's the next logical step in the maturing process of our species. We just don't need it crammed down our throat this way, that's all. We really are better than that, in spite of what the regime's spin artists in the churches, public schools, universities and media want us to believe.

I hope that Mark & Suze, Ben & Jerry, Kristina, Kees & Eric, Oroville Dave, Stanly, Secret Buddy, Moonreaderman, VAncouver STeve, Kam Wong and the rest of the orgone pioneers will continue developing their fine, improved CBs and other devices and keep us all posted on their progress! There's certainly room for us all and many more in this new field of service to humanity.