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[Dr. Karla Turner died of cancer on January 10, 1996, after being threatened for her work. She was just 48. Since then, several other people involved in UFO investigation have also experienced threats followed by highly unusual cancers (see: Disease)]



Karla Turner Interviewed by Randy Koppang and Melinda Leslie

Interview with Karla Turner, Ph.D. From Contact Forum, May/June 1995

ELF Infested Spaces Researcher Re:Viewed

Masquerade of Angels by Dr. Karla Turner
[1994] Taken: Inside the Alien-Human Abduction Agenda by Dr. Karla Turner
[pdf 1992] Into the Fringe by Dr. Karla Turner

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Dr. Karla Turner: Abduction Investigator And Human Rights Activist

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Dr. Karla Turner - UFO & Military Abductions Part 1 of 12

Guest: James Bartley
Breaking away from her usual format of having a guest for 90 minutes, Lorien introduced her guest, James Bartley, a few minutes into the show and let him speak the entire 2 hours. Because of James extensive work over the years with abductees and milabs victims, Lorien and James had an abundance of topics to cover. The first part of the show Lorien asked James to discuss his mentor Barbara Bartholic who also mentored the wonderful Dr. Karla Turner. Both of whom where most likely murdered because of speaking out in the UFO community about the horrors of Alien abduction. Further into the interview James spoke of mind control, Reptilian Aliens, a malevolent alien agenda and so much more! This interview is sure to become a classic Fenton Perspective show. James and Lorien had so much to discuss that she's going to have him on again very soon to dig deeper into James research around the mind control and Super Soldier phenomenon. www.freedomslips.com  www.revolution-radio.com

"Aliens can take us--our consciousness--out of our physical bodies, disable our control of our bodies, install one of their own entities, and use our bodies as vehicles for their own activities before returning our consciousness to our bodies." -----Dr. Karla Turner

In the few cases that I am very familiar with, when the "base line" was reached, reptilians were involved. ........In one case that I recount in "Into the Fringe," James had mostly conscious recollections and almost no hypnosis. He remembered being drawn into the proximity of a beautiful "Pleiadian" woman, who was very alluring and tender, and almost seductive. She wanted him to come into her embrace. When he got into the embrace, and thought she was going to kiss him, she disappeared entirely, and what was left in her place was a purplish-black, bumpy, almost slimy-looking character with fairly asymmetrical features. I have encountered this same type of creature in a couple of other cases. The entity was very strong. Instead of embracing James, the creature threw him down on the ground and shoved a two-foot-long tube down his throat, into his stomach, and pulled up stomach juices. The next day, he still had some of the bile taste, the interior of his throat was sore, and he discovered claw marks around both sides of his neck, where he had been held down. Whatever the entity was, there was something claw-like about it (which, of course, matches reptilians). Maybe, as close as he was to it, he could not perceive the whole figure. But he could see a bumpy covering, which could equate to the rough, scaly exterior sometimes reported to be reptilian. It is described as bumpy, ridged, bony, strong, clawed.
    Some people say that they transform -- that they mutate or change their own real forms. I don't accept that as accurate. I don't believe they really look like a blond, and they do something to trick you and then they suddenly look like a reptilian. I think that what they alter is human perception. They certainly can project false images -- just as Ted's [Ted Rice's] grandmother was shown her dead husband, so that she would consent to have a sexual encounter. Ted's grandfather had been dead for six years. And in the middle of having the encounter with what she thought was her restored husband, the image disappeared -- I suppose because the aliens wanted to get the "emotional juice" from her -- and she saw a 'reptoid' on top of her. We also have heard stories about military people being present during abduction, and when people focus on them, they change. Budd Hopkins tells a story about a person who saw a military policeman. He wondered why on Earth the MP was there, and tried to focus very carefully on him. When he did so, the MP changed, before his eyes, into an officer of high rank, and then into a NAZI officer. Interview with Karla Turner, Ph.D. From Contact Forum, May/June 1995

"...She was told, 'If you don't cooperate, we'll replace you with this and nobody will know the difference.' When Ted was a teenage, he and a number of other teenagers were abducted together and shown copies of their bodies. In this instance, too, the clones were used as threats."  
"Ted recalled a process whereby his original body was killed. They first gave him a glowing, green, fiery substance to drink. It made him extremely nauseated. He vomited it immediately, and then they cut off his head [and his vital fluid was drained from his body into a container]. When his soul energy -- or whatever you want to call it -- came up out of his body, it remained attached to the body at this lumpy, glowing, green liquid area. It appeared to be unable to get free of that. They sucked it into a little black box, which was set on a counter while the aliens readied his new cloned body. Then they put probes into the shoulders, neck and feet of the new body to activate it. Once it began to breathe, the soul energy could be put into it. His soul energy, which had been stored in the little black box ever since they killed his first body, was introduced into the new body, and because the body was breathing, it was trapped there."  Interview with Karla Turner, Ph.D. From Contact Forum, May/June 1995

"Personally, I believe one could control political leaders more easily with implants. Now, if they wanted to use one of their own souls (although some would debate whether these reptilians have souls at all, other than the astral entities possessing them - Branton), perhaps to inhabit the body of a politicians and work full-time through it, that could be done. Perhaps they could simply take the soul out and stick another soul in. They have the ability to retrieve what we call the soul, to store it in a container, and to put it back into another body. They can put it in any body they wish."  Interview with Karla Turner, Ph.D. From Contact Forum, May/June 1995

"Aliens have forced their human abductees to have sexual intercourse with aliens and even with other abductees while groups of aliens observe these performances. In such encounters, the aliens have sometimes disguised themselves in order to gain the cooperation of the abductee, appearing in such forms as Jesus, the Pope, certain celebrities, and even the dead spouses of the abductees."  Interview with Karla Turner, Ph.D. From Contact Forum, May/June 1995

She got an offer; apparently a real smart woman and good at her job. She got a phone call, having gone to a "head hunter" for different job possibilities in (various) areas; got a call back for an interview with an astounding salary base. But she had to fly to Dallas to be interviewed, and they paid for her flight to Dallas. She met at a restaurant with representatives of this company. And they told her almost nothing; very, very little about the details of the work. (I think it frightened her quite a bit after she thought about it.) But it was great pay. They said they would pay for her to relocate.   The one question they asked that made it stop for her was: The job, by the way, was underground. You would have to be underground for two years. You could not come up for two years - not that you'd work underground, then go home on the surface. You'd have to stay underground and live and work for two years if you want the job - pays a lot of money, gives you a lot of benefits. But you stay underground. Karla Turner Interviewed by Randy Koppang and Melinda Leslie