6 million death myth
Auschwitz Hoax

[The 6 million figure can be found as far back as 1900.  The total number of Jewish deaths has been estimated at 300,000. ]

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[2012 Feb] 236 references to 6,000,000 Jews prior to the Nuremberg Trial announcement

[2013 Feb] On the Importance of Holocaust Revisionism—A Reply to Alan Hart By Thomas Dalton, Ph.D  Hart, in particular, perpetuates some false and misleading ideas about the matter, and thus a reply is called for......As to the third point, that the “6 million” figure might be a considerable exaggeration, Hart simply says, “so what!”  In fact, the best revisionist estimates suggest that perhaps 500,000 Jews died during the war years—a staggering 90% reduction from the claimed number.  Well—so what?  Historical accuracy, for one; when speaking of the “greatest crime in the history of humanity,” we should at least get our numbers straight.  Secondly, this would reduce the Jewish death toll to barely 1% of the total war dead, turning it into a mere footnote of history.

"The Six Million Myth" by ZionCrimeFactory

The First Holocaust Jewish Fund Raising Campaigns with Holocaust Claims During and After World War One by Don Heddesheimer

When 2.5 million Auschwitz victims suddenly disappeared, the exact same number – 2.5 million – magically reappeared, “killed in mass shootings on the eastern front.” Thus was the magical figure of 6 million victims miraculously preserved. http://www.veteranstoday.com

Lenny Bruce once went onstage and held up a newspaper he had specially printed for that performance. The headline read: "Six Million Jews Found Alive in Argentina."