Orgonite  EARTH PIPE

After effects of Earth Piping make news headlines!

Feb 2012

After roughly three years of extensive gifting with TBs over quite a wide area of West Yorkshire / Lancashire it was getting difficult to find the time and energy to reach new areas. I donít have my own transport so itís all public transport and walking with the occasional chance to gift from someone elseís vehicle. I felt as if my own local area was pretty much Ďdoneí that is until I looked into Earth Pipes and decided to order a bunch from John at Whale Orgone.

I guess you could say it is like going back to the beginning and starting all over again but at a deeper level of cleansing. At first I was skeptical as to how a pipe with a relatively small amount of Orgonite embedded into it could have the kind of effects I had read about online. Well, I can still vividly remember the first pipe I plunged into some soft ground on top of a hill on the pennine moors. There are a wealth of myths and legends, old and contemporary surrounding some of these areas. I have heard tales ranging from UFOs, Nukes, Underground Occult / Military installations. Itís safe to say that something is afoot somewhere :) Anyway, I just lay there flat on the earth watching the ever increasing range of the POR field, enjoying the sunshine and watching the incoming chems get pushed further and further away. I guess you could say I began to understand the power of the Earth Pipe at that point and I am still learning.

The beauty of the Earth Pipe for the long-term gifter is that it requires very little time and effort to cause sometimes massive changes, especially if the area is already nicely gifted with TBs. These are like little foot soldiers that all get a good boost from the EP, like firing the grid. It is a deeper level of cleansing with an EP that is tangible and observable in the atmosphere. There is a definite parallel to the vampire myth and you may feel a little like Van Helsing at times :)

Iíve noticed a pattern in quite a few gifters in that in the early stages they are granted a lot of free time to be able to gift - well this is my case at least - but as time goes on and maybe their allotted task is reaching the end of itís first chapter, other factors begin to need attention in the gifters life. I think any gifter can relate to the almost obsessive pull that can take over your life, especially in the early days. Well, Earth Pipes is a fantastic solution to opening up a whole new energetic playing field to work on in your local area and it probably needs it more than you thought!

A massive confirmation occurred when I hit a key energy target that I had been building up to in Huddersfield. It was a nice enough sunny day but to the trained eye there was evidence of HAARP activity with patches of weird ripply cotton wool kinda clouds dotted around and about. I placed three EPs in a triangulation around the target and went on my way. I was getting a lift in a car for this particular trip so we also did one more EP elsewhere and a few random TBs. The first thing I noticed was the HAARP style clouds were starting to meld together into a smoother kind of frequency and after I guess an hour or so of driving about I noticed some lenticulars floating around in the distance -we were some miles away by then.

I noticed later a friend posted a picture of a large lenticular in facebook in the centre of Huddersfield. This was nice because at this point I had been a little underwhelmed by the effect of the gifting. However to cut a longish story short. These huge lenticular clouds began to form all over West Yorkshire, as far away as Leeds and made the News at a local and national level. Another confirmation is that all the reports, blog posts and photos were all full of wonder and that gentle yet powerful peaceful vibe of Orgonite was present. Check out these links:

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On a national level even the Daily Mail reported it:

Lots of interest and if you take the time to check out the links youíll pick up the vibe of it all, which is extremlely positive and a great confirmation of the power of Orgonite.

So there you go Ė thatís my little experience of EPs for you. Check out Bear Clawís report here for another tale of a similar timbre: