Orgonite Don & Carol Croft  Desert making and busting

American Desert Reversal

by Don Croft , February 2014 

The field reports will follow this preamble, which you can skip if you already know our history 

A faceless bureaucrat in the executive branch of the corporate Idaho government fired a shot across our bow at the end of 2013, presumably on behalf of I.G. Farben (the global pharmaceutical cartel, best known to the pajama people  as the makers of poison gas for the Nazi concentration camps), so Carol and I decided to do a test run with our motorhome, which she bought three years ago in case fascism tried, again, to destroy the zapper industry.   When our main competitor in the zapper trade was railroaded into prison for curing cancer in the middle of 2000 we had just gotten together and were living in my camper, which I was calling, 'The Zapporium;' our mobile zapper factory and office.  

So we just went on the road in September, 2000 and didn't settle until about a year later when it seemed that the fascists had abandoned their open aggression. In that year we expanded our experiment with orgonite, which had mostly been a component in our zappers until then.  We quickly discovered that it had promising environmental and social applications and in the middle of that we developed the orgonite cloudbuster.  That triggered the birth and fast expansion of the global orgonite movement, which surprised us more than the sewer rat agencies who unwittingly midwifed it through one of their higher profile disinformation websites. Stupid, arrogant NSA/CIA propaganda engineers probably saw the potential, so tried to ruin it by 'managing' it.  It was a wild ride for me and I think it was what I was born for.  After 14 years they still manage to hang themselves by their own petards every time they make a move to poison this movement because, so far, they haven't been able to identify it with any individual.  Half the people who now have orgonite probably don't even know who Carol and I are so the ancient parasitic order is no more able to control the spreed of this than they might have controlled the spread of the use of the wheel in prehistory.  

Another example of this sort of corporate failure is the way plate glass spread after it was invented in France in the early 1700s.  Until then, it was only possible to make small windows for dwellings in the same way that  costly stained glass windows were made: joining small pieces of cast glass together with lead.  Small windows means less light indoors.  Big windows means more light, which is probably one of the reasons why people liked going to church.  The window makers' guild put pressure on the legislature to ban plate glass--no kidding--but public demand blew that away within a few years.  I think this is about to happen with zappers, so we intend to keep moving and if the feds get involved we'll just take our business abroad.  When I started making and selling zappers, 18 years ago, I soon realized that these little devices cure so many 'untreatable' serious illnesses that the feds were bound to move to stop it, which they started owing in 2000.  Not long after that, zappers were formally banned in Canada but the gov't, there, has never followed through with that.  The only troule from the Canadian government has been the systematic sabotage and theft of scores of our shipments to Canadian zapper distributors and even that has subsided in recent years.  Nobody has ever been harmed by zappers of course.

So, you probably want to know what any of this has to do with desert reversal but we get new readers from time to time and they seem to appreciate a little background information.

We're in Phoneix, Arizona, right now, and I brought my little yellow ultralight aircraft on a trailer here so I could reach the targets that Carol had dowsed on my aeronautical charts before we left  Noth Idaho on January 9. a day before the Nazi's deadline to respond to their formal threat.  I think the term, 'Nazi,' is fully appropriate for any state or federal official because National Socialism was established by Herr Roosevelt in America the same time that was established by Hitler in Germany.  My ancestors eagerly signed away our freedom to corporate parasites, then my generation (including the hippies) was later programmed to love conformity.   That's collapsing, now, worldwide:  Men plot and God plots; and God is the best Plotter (Qur'an).   Can you imagine what a hell our world would be, right now,  if not for the internet and rising human awareness and accountability?  We're figuring out that we don't really need to be ruled by hidden corporate parasites any more.

Why does reversing deserts and curing deadly diseases seem to enrage these hiding human tapeworms and liver flukes so much?  That's something to ponder but it might be that unless we're parasites, ourselves, we won't be able to answer it.  I'm just happy to know that I'm able to tweak them so much because it's the best indicator that they're losing control.  Carol and I have been walking a tightrope for 14 years, mindful not to tweak them so much with our good deeds that they just slaughter us in a frenzy but to do it enough to keep them angry at us, since that's probably the only way we can know, for sure, that we're being effective.  In the months leading up to the Nazi's assault in December we noticed more and more surveillance around us, so I suppose we knew the sewer rats were about to make a move.  They had been sabotaging our trade for two and a half years but the etheric countermeasures that we and our closer associates (also under the gun) developed has made it possible for us to keep paying our bills.  They did force us to lose half our savings, early on, but we're getting healthier all the time so we don't feel inclined to retire, as  most of the people our age are looking forward to.

I'm told that Texas is getting ready to secede from the corporate USA.  I've been thinking about state secessions for a long time and though almost nobody is talking about this elephant in the room most of the state legislatures have initiated this move, so if Texas or some other state does it, the rest will follow quickly.  I just assume that the parasites who run the state governments are just getting fed up with the greed of the parasites who run the federal government and that they intend to take 'their' states back from the chairman of the board (the president) and the board of directors (Congress).   The legislatures are all dominated by filthy politicians because the federal government paid for them all since the New [Raw] Deal in the 1930s but the arrogance,  stupidity and short sightedness of politicians at all levels causes them to overlook the power of ordinary people.  When the states secede that federal blood money will stop flowing and the state politicians will be fully exposed to the scrutiny of the well-armed American public, who had been forcefully awakened by the end of parasitic federal tyranny.  These vast secret police agencies will also be exposed, which is their worst fear.

Corporations, by definition, are unaccountable, which is to say that the owners of these corporations, who rule humanity,  get away with criminality.  When there's no more federal power behind them the criminals can be held to account by proper, accountable courts.  i just want to see the terrorist corporations destroyed as soon as possible because that will be the end of large-scale tyranny and organized crime in the world. I don't care what happens to the criminals within the corporations and I've got no beef with any of them; not even the Nazis who are now threatening to ruin Carol and I.  Destroying the etheric (corporate) foundation of tyranny takes care of the problem and orgonite is one of the best weapons for this that our species have ever acquired.  Maybe our only real challenge is to not get captured before the job is done  and of course we're just two of many effective people around the world who are tearing this ancient citadel of evil down right now.  We intend to avoid being martyrs and the tightrope the Nazis are walking involves their certainty that if they overtly harm us it's going to cause a sudden expansion of the orgonite movement and more focus on this artificially suppressed website,, which is the only forum in English where one finds empowering information about it.  Right now, they just want to bleed us dry in Idaho's corporate courtrooms but we're not participating with them.



February 5, 2014

2:05 am


Carol dowsed about a dozen initial dessert targets, most of  which require an aircraft to reach, which made me really happy.   Neither of us understood the significance of those choices until we started doing the work, then it started to make sense to us.

Most of the targets are in Imperial Valley, 'California's Sahara,' which is just east of the north/south barrier in the Sierra Nevada mountains, east of San Diego, where Wilhelm Reich said it is.  A year ago I dropped orgonite along that barrier from my car and Andy Schwarm of (also a favorite target of the psi corps and corporate sorcery) filmed me telling about it.  Imperial Valley has always been the most decertified area in North America and this is where Reich aimed his main effort in 1954.  He operated a cloudbuster on the barrier itself.  The spot is where Interstate Highway 8 from San Diego, along the Mexican border, was later built  It's near the bottom of a pass through the mountains, on the desert side.  Dr Reich had insisted that deserts are artificially created and maintained and he discerned that this barrier needed direct treatment.   There was abundant, regular rainfall east of the barrier, though the desert for hundreds of miles during Reich's campaign.  Grass was growing throughout the region at the time, then when Reich left it reverted to desert, again.

When we came back to the west from Florida after making our first orgonite cloudbuster we found that the deserts in Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada and California were worse than ever and there was nothing alive in exensive areas in those states.  The atmosphere was extremely oppressive and there was smog almost everywhere, then.  I think the Global Warming project was well on its way to completion at the time.  Thankfully, the desert reversal projects in Africa, Spain and South America have demonstrated that the systematic application of orgonite is fully responsible for these successes because they're sufficiently isolated to show cause and effect with this work.  I use the word, 'gifting,' because it's how people general refer to it but I've never liked it, much--a little too newagey for my taste.  'Gift' is a noun and we ought to be as accurate with our speech as we can.  This is an aspect of etheric warfare because the parasites program us from birth to mystify everything in order to keep us confused.    I do like the double-entendre aspect of the meaning of 'gift' in obsolete German: poison.  Orgonite to corporate parasites is like poison to rats.

We had some fun with that first orgonite cloudbuster that's probably impossible to have by now except perhaps in poor China, where there's still a lot of smog an weather warfare due to a relative lack of orgonite and orgonite cloudbusters.  We plowed blue furrows through lines of black thunderheads, for instance, and (with the 1-meter pipe) extensions had caused so much havoc to the Global Warming agenda in the Florida Keys that the US air force sent a flying saucer to try to intimidate us at treetop level.  I noticed that it had halogen lights on the bottom ;).  Pointing the extended CB at the moon on several consecutive nights brought our first close unmarked-chopper encounters and a failed arrest attempt on the highway, near one of the air force's premier underground bases/hives.  USAF and CIA/NSA are beastly siamese twins, born in 1947; just two years older than I am.

We started to work on reversing the American desert at the end of 2001, after we'd settled in Moscow, Idaho.  We'd made five cloudbusters for that early efforts: two for Death Valley, two for the Hopi Reservation and one for the Chocolate Mountains at the eastern edge of Imperial Valley.  We also flipped all the death towers and weather weaponry we encountered along the way, also put orgonite in some primary vortices that Carol identified.  All of that is in my early journal reports in proper sequence but it's no longer clear in my memory--we took a lot of trips to the desert in those years.   Within a few years we were seeing a lot of grass growing in many desert areas in Nevada and Arizona.  We particularly focused on Death Valley, then, which was bone dry and where nothing was alive when we started.  After several visits to Death Valley it was vital and green and flowers could be seen even in the middle of summer. I don't think grass was growing, there, but it caught the media's attention and Carol and I were nearly arrested by park rangers after someone saw me knocking an earthpipe into the ground behind a sage bush  .  The rangers let us go after I pointed out how green the park had become but I had to lie--I told them that we did all that work outside of the national park.

On my drive to Atlanta across the desert in early 2003 I saw a lot of green growth in Arizona but when I got to New Mexico everything was still brown and lifeless. That was an early confirmation of success for me because, as far as I know, nobody had yet done any orgonite work in New Mexico, except for a few orgonite cloudbusters in people's backyards.  It's always puzzled me a bit that most of the thousands of people who spontaneously built orgonite cloudbusters in 2001 and 2001 destroyed the chemtrail bioweapon agenda but never took an interest in flipping death towers. I think it's because they were disinformation and fear porn junkies rather than actual etheric warriors. I bet that really fried the CIA/NSA's corporate brain. In those days I was spending up to twelve hours every day with personal email, mainly dealing with people who were still hooked on fear porn.  It took a few more years before I was mainly in touch with accountable people who committed to distributing orgonite intelligently and systematically. and the affiliated websites in Europe, Asia and Africa are the fruition of this movement and we're no longer worried about being drowned in a sea of sponsored disinformation orgonite websites or being destroyed from within by infiltrating. charismatic sewer rat agents.

I guess I wasn't done with the preamble, after all.  More to follow about my  desert flights which are almost done now--the only one left is the big mountain outside of Tucson.  Carol dowsed that next October I'll have 65 new aerial targets to reach, thankfully. She says I can do most of those with my parameter but I'm going to leave my plane at a ranch outside of Blythe, California, near Quartzsite, Arizona.



February 5, 2014

Don Croft

As soon as I'm able, I  intend to add photos and film links to these reports.  We were surprised to find that my one-day gifting effort a year ago along the desert-creation and maintenance barrier east of San Diego produced observable results over the following months, perhaps up to the present. When we arrived in Phoenix we found a lot of grass growing in the open for the first time, ever.  Over the past two Januaries when we also came to Phoenix we only saw green plants growing in the shade and they were quite small. In some areas around Phoenix we found genuine pastures, capable of supporting herds, at least for a short time.  I'm going to post some aerial photos of this.  Last week, for the first time, I flew up high enough to see a good panorama of the surrounding region and the flat floor of the desert is now quite green and so are the mountainsides. I was high enough, first in a paraglider flight and then in my airplane, to see this for about a hundred miles.  I attempted to film it but my technical incompetence intervened. I'll do it right in a few days when I fly up to that big mountaintop vortex southwest of Tucson which Carol marked on my chart.

We left Phoenix for Tucson yesterday.  Our turbo-CB, probably with a generous assist from the vortex gifting in California, caused rain to fall over our part of town the day before we left and after I dismantled it in preparation for the move the entire city was covered with low clouds that were attempting to drop their rain.  We headed southeast toward Tucson and we could see the edge of the cloudcover, beyond which was blue sky and scattered, small cumulus clouds.  We expected to reach the clear area but the dense, low cloudcover preceded us and when we got to Tucson it was raining quite hard in the surrounding mountains, then began sprinkling in the icy in a few places.  I'm still puzzled by how reluctant the earth is to receive moisture from the sky in this region but the equal abundance of green grass around Tucson shows that it's been raining regularly, here. A lot of the grass is yellow, which means it reached maturity before last summer when it dried out and died. The root system probably survived because there's newer green grass and succulent plantlife all around it.

In the four years that Carol and I have been coming to Phoenix every January I've keep track of plant life in the desert, as we've kept track of  it during our travels throughout the desert states of America since 2001, when we started this reversal project.  If the Nazis hadn't targeted our livelihood we'd probably only have spent a week or so here, as usual, but now we're in a position to do do a more thorough job than usual, like we did a few times, years ago.  The flying I've been doing has been so risky that I'm really glad I waited this long to do the job, here. I'm happy that there will be even more flying work to do next fall but I'm also a little anxious about the risk, honestly.  This is genuine warfare against the tyranny of parasites, which is why I'm not going to hesitate and I know it's only a matter of time before more pilots will commit to this effort.  Many of the pilots I talk to are considering it, at least. Pilots are people who take more than average personal risks so maybe that's why they tend to be more open minded.

Sean Buckner, my paraglider instructor, is one of those and he asked me for a few pieces of orgonite when we were done yesterday morning.  He towed me to 3,000 feet above the ground on the last flight and I'd taken along a GoPro camera on my helmet and narrated the launch, ascent and descent, partly as a way to advertise him  on YouTube but I messed up connecting the remote switch to the camera and all that talking (about 20 minutes) was lost.  He owes me one more flight because a pulley on his winch broke when I released on my second flight of the day.  This is the most organic way to fly, by the way; the closest to natural flight.  I'm ready to learn to footlaunch my parameter, now (powered paraglider) and this aircraft will be useful in next fall's campaign because it can be launched closer to the targets and can be landed just about anywhere, safely.

In the spring or summer I intend to go to Torey Pines on California's coast for a weekend with Sean and crew and he's going to teach me to fly the beach, launching from a height.  For here, he developed a fine towing system with a hydraulic winch on the back of a small pickup truck. It was really easy to get in the air while being towed that way. I felt like I got past a major hurdle in my aviation career with his able help. It's good to remember that all of the training tips one receives during a flying course were written in blood and I"m glad that people other than me were the pioneers in these risky sports. This is the most fun orgonite-flinging work I do.

 Here's his website: /  .  On the days he gives lessons he first takes each of his tandem flight customers up into the sky with him.  I get a vicarious thrill to see how happy these people usually are after they land. 

 Last night a frost developed, which means there was still a whole lot of water in the lower atmosphere after yesterday's unforecast storm. Frost in the desert is a rare occurrence so it's another confirmation.  I set up the turboCB when we arrived yesterday afternoon.  During early February I think all of the world's crystal/gem retailers are in Tucson to do their annual shopping, which is why we're here for ten days.  The savings usually pay for our trips here and to Quartzsite, which is the funkier sales event that precedes this one in January.

 The first aerial target was near Quartzsite and I did that one a couple of weeks ago.  It's a mountaintop near the east/west interstate highway that crosses the US from Los Angeles to Savannah, Georgia.  In late 2002 I dropped a towerbuster every three miles along most of that route. I ran out of TBs near the fake, appointed predator president's home in Texas and on my return I did it from Savannah to that point.  All across most of Texas on my return there were Sylphs appearing ahead of me for the entire day.  I felt sure that they were encouraging and thanking me and a lot of reputable people who toss orgonite in a committed way report similar experiences, as you can probably see in the reports from around the world on this forum.

 Quartzsite is a small town in Western Arizona where the population multiplies itself in January due to the crystal/gem exposition.  Vendors come from all over the world to these events in Quartzsite and Tucson.  When Dooney and Stevo came here with us in 2007 someone was displaying geodes that were so big that a small crowd of people could walk around inside of them. I always wondered how they transport something like that.

The word, 'quartzite' is given to a type of mineral--a rock matrix in which quartz is found.  It was a mining town, named for this mineral.  There's nothing newagey about it  and Carol says that some of the old timers there are openly hostile to people who don't know the latin names of the crystals but only talk about their subtle energy qualities. I don't think the orgonite movement will have an old guard of curmudgeons and I'm confident that the theosophy/masonry mavens and their lockstep drones have utterly failed to commandeer this vital, inclusive global movement.

 This was the first time I took an aeronautical chart along in the cockpit with me for navigation and I was unprepared for judging the distance to some of the targets.  Since the first target was only ten miles away it was easily visible as soon as I took off.  There's an uncharted gravel airsrip on the west edge of Quartzsite that anyone can use. It's not very long, which I think is why there are a couple of derelict twin engine planes and an old learnt nearby. I think they had emergency landings and the field was too short for takeoff but that might just be a fantasy. There are smaller private planes in makeshift hangars, there.  An old guy with a powered parachute had camped at the edge of the strip and it was fun talking to him. These are the easiest aircraft to learn to fly but I haven't tried that.  They're similar to powered paragliders but heavier, more powerful and the wing is a modified square parachute; the paramotor has an elliptical wing that's more efficient. I think the latter is very popular in Europe and South America.

 My second sortie was to a  mountaintop near Salome, Arizona. On the chart it's only a couple of inches but after I took off and flew toward that target for twenty minutes it still wasn't in sight so I turned back in frustration but dropped some towerbusters in a little mountaintop depression close to an unmolested death ray array on a nearby peak so at least the gas and my time wasn't wasted.  That will no doubt sweeten the desert reversal process a bit more.

 On the day we left Quartzsite to come to Phoenix, which was after I did all the 'California Sahara' targets on the map, we detoured to Salome and some very nice fellows at a posh private airfield were happy to let me take off and land, there.  There's a lot more personal flying happening in Arizona than in Idaho and none of the pilots I've met  here have poles up their @$$@$ about ultralights, either, so that's been very refreshing.  My little yellow Kitfox is a crowd pleaser and it attracts a lot of curious visitors when it's on the trailer.  I have fun talking to them and this is how I met the fellow who offered to let me keep it on his ranch in California during my absence.   He's got an old two-seater Kitfox there.  

 I know that my sort of flying is a lot more fun and satisfying than with certified aircraft are, not to mention productive in terms of this orgonite work.  Keeping a registered/certified plane, too, is not unlike keeping a demanding mistress, I imagine.  I'd need to make a lot more money than I do right now to feel okay about having a registered airplane.  It didn't used to be this way, of course, and when the federal government has been discarded it won't be this way, any more.  After the feds blew up the World Trade Center people seemed to lose the desire to fly their aircraft for some reason.  I see that people on aviation forums are finally starting to talk about the problem, though.  The younger generation seems to be partly programmed to believe that virtual experience is the same as real experience but even that probably has an upside and my self-employed older son is now earning a respectable  living and reputation through the virtual world, which makes me proud of him.    I assume the sorcery of parasites is mainly  responsible for it,  more than the terrorism of this corporate federal regime. The skies used to be full of personal aircraft and now they're empty.  I think that's going to change for the better pretty soon. 

 A fast, enclosed aircraft isn't suitable for the work I'm doing. My aircraft aren't suitable for traveling a distance but that's why they're on a trailer. Long flights in small planes are kind of boring, actually, unless they're through storms or risky mountain ranges.

 The day after my first Quartzsite flight we went to Imperial Valley to do the jobs and our first stop was Salton Sea.   I was going to take off from the airstrip at Chriaco Summit, north of the Chocolate Mountains targets, but that field, maintained by Riverside County,  was closed down and locked.  We managed to find a closed airstrip by the Salton Sea and I had to taxi through a broken section of fence to get on the runway.  As I was setting up to do that a couple of jets buzzed and circled the field, very low.   We considered it a confirmation that we were on track  and while we were getting ready for my flight Carol got the notion that there's a big vortex right in the middle of the widest part of the Salton Sea that I needed to gift.  This wasn't apparent when she originally dowsed the map but I had to cross the sea to get to the mountain targets, anyway, so I detoured to do the vortex on the way. It was the first time I'd flown over a body of water this big and if I ran into trouble somewhere in the middle of it I wouldn't have been able to glide to shore.  I'm a good swimmer and I was pretty sure I'd survive a water landing since the stall speed of this craft is under thirty miles per hour and I was well protected and securely strapped in. I'd crashed a similar plane and didn't' get hurt, after all 

 This was the first time I took such a risk while flying and I was about to take other new risks, too.  After I made it across the lake I needed to fly into a mountainous area where it was impossible to make a safe emergency landing. As usual, when I reached that area it seemed apparent where to drop the orgonite and all of that took long enough that I had to add a gallon to my tank with my 'inflight refueling' routine that you can see in this video of a mountain flight in Montana:  

 As we were leaving the field a couple of Blackhawk Helicopters were flying low around the area. Carol had the psychic impression that they were hunting for us. Many of us on this forum and privately have reported experiences like this when we have the distinct impression that we're being protected from discovery and interference by the sewer rat agencies. I'm treated to private reports like this quite often and I'm mildly frustrated when these people decline to share them publicly.  Today I think it's easier than ever  for one to achieve personal faith in unseen, benevolent help and I think it's also easier to avoid institutionalizing and dogmatizing (poisoning) this experience.


 February 16, 2014

1:48 am


Don Croft

We've been down here for over a month and most of the aerial gifting was done in the first couple of weeks.

I don't know if I mentioned that the runway and vicinity by Salton Sea was quite erroded, which happens when there's uncustomary rainfall. Imperial Valley around the Salton Sea is the driest desert in the American Southwest, I think, and a year ago I saw nothing growing except desert plants.  Now, there are some succulent plants growing in open sunlight there, but sparsely.  It was easy enough for me to avoid the ruts and holes while taking off and I could see and avoid them when I was approaching to land.

I had set up the big egg-shaped-base orgonite cloudbuster by the motorhome at a Quartzsite RV park (I've always called these, 'refugee camps') the next morning, right before we drove Imperial Valley.  When I travel I usually put the 'boat cloudbuster' in the back window, pointing behind.  This seems to rattle the sewer rats pretty severely and it might account for why we so rarely see them following us, any more. I often also place the smallerm airplane-wing cloudbuster  so that it points out the front windshield. One time, it had slipped and was pointing for a couple of hours at my left shoulder, which had been a little stiff.  When I got out to fill the gas tank I noticed that the stiffness was gone from that joint.

I was hoping to get most of the mapped targets done that day but I never rush these things on account of the risks. After we trailered the airplane at Salton Sea we drove to Borrego Springs, about an hour to the west, and checked into a hotel.  There aren't any hotel franchises in that remote town but there are some quiet,  fancy resorts. We stayed at the one where Richard Nixon used to hide from reporters during the coup (Watergate). There's a terrific chef, there, and we felt like rewarding ourselves for the day's victory.

In the morning we drove to nearby Borrego Valley Airport and the FBO (fixed base operator) kindly gave me permission to fly and land there. This is very close to the north end of my gifting route of one year ago.  Ten miles to the east there's tall grass growing everywhere and a little higher up from there is a fairly dense evergreen forest.  The rain stops falling along that north-south barrier as if some demon perpetually slams the door on it.

The FBO told Carol, while I was out flying, that over the past year that part of the desert had the most rainfall on record but on the other side of the mountains there was a severe drought, meanwhile.  The gifting route was along a convenient two-lane highway at the crest for about 30 miles and it's exactly where Dr Reich had pointed his cloudbuster from the mountain pass near the Mexicon border to the south and produced rainfall all across the desert in the spring and early summer of 1954. I tell everyone who is interested that we're basing our efforts on the initial work of Dr Reich in the area.  I didn't know the relevant details until recently, though, when Dirk in the Netherlands generously sent me a copy of Reich's book, 'War on Space.'  Reich felt certain that the desert was created and is maintained by predatory aliens. There wasn't much corroborative evidence for such an assumption in his day but I think there is by now and we also assume that these predatory aliens are part of the foundation of this ancient corporate (Babylonian?) order that finally raised its head in London in the 1600s.

On my first of two flights that day I took along an extra gallon in the cockpit and a couple of gallons behind the seat for refueling on the ground. It was going to be the longest flight I'd yet made, nearly all over rough mountains.  

When I took off I could see the highway going up to the pass where I had seen abundant grass a year before.  I had to do a lot of circling in thermals and finding occasional ridge lift to reach that elevation because in an ultralight one can't leave the throttle open long enough to get to the high places or the engine will overheat.  This is just part of the fun and it's part of what makes this sort of flying a sport and an art form.  The slower the craft, the more time one can spend rising within a thermal, too.  I love to find and join hawks in these and a bald eagle once stayed in a thermal above me.

I was pretty low over the ground when I reached the flat top of that pass but there were plenty of places to land if I needed to.  I didn't spend much time there because fuel economy was such a concern.  A couple of horses and riders on a trail in the tall, yellow grass were watching me and of course I avoided hitting them with orgonite.  When I landed after this mission, Carol had been quite worried because the target we'd marked on the map was a small area where the FBO told her many planes have crashed due to severe windshear, even on calm days.  The place where I dropped the orgonite was about five miles to the west of there but she determined that it was still going to work.  I do want to someday go and fly where all those planes crashed, though 

After I did the mountain pass I flew south along the barrier on the desert side. Carol felt that it would be better to drop the five towerbusters along that leg down lower, on the desert slopes, and I was glad to see that there were five east/west canyons dropping down from the barrier along that route--about twenty miles.  The highway at and near the green ridge line was in sight, not far to my right and slightly lower, for most of that distance--another nice confirmation.  I wasn't gaining any more altitude but that was okay. I was a mile higher than the airport by then. My plane only  climbs about three hundred feet per minute in ideal circumstances and at full throttle. It's an actual ultralight, though, so if I have to land somewhere and the feds are called in they're probably not going to confiscate it and that's one reason why I take this one on the road. The other reason is that it's very dependable and responsive, which is an asset for flying in the mountains where there is often no place to land safely and where there's often rough air to contend with. 

According to the chart, there was a remote airstrip in the desert about fifteen miles northeast of the final target, which was not far from where Reich had stationed his cloudbuster.  This gifting target on the map was a dry peak, about the same elevation as the green ridge line,  that jutted out beyond the line of that north/south rain barrier.  I had just dropped the extra gallon in the tank after there was a half gallon left in the tank and although the airstip wasn't in sight I had faith that the chart and the GPS on my lapboard were accurate, so I flew directly toward it. I didn't see it until it was quite close because it's in the bottom of a high canyon on the other side of a long mountain that stood in my path.

As soon as I landed, another plane also landed.  I had relieved myself and was putting the two gallons into the tank when the fellow got out of his plane and just stood there, watching me. I assumed someone was going to meet him because a car stopped on the highway at the same time but that car then drove away and he didn't even wave or speak, though we were less than a hundred feet apart.  There was nobody else around and no buildings on the site.  It's maintained by San Diego County, according to a sign on the gate by the road.  I didn't engage him because I was too focused on the mission but I would have talked with him because I'm a nice guy.  This was the first time I'd even considered calling my flights, 'missions,' by the way. It seems appropriate.  The guy quickly got into his plane and took off right after I did and Carol agreed that he was just a federal $#!+rat, trying to keep track of me, haha.  The same jets as the day before showed up together when I was on my second mission.  The reason I think they're the same is that they looked like unmarked, white L39s, which are Soviet-era jet trainers.  A few have been bought that are by people in North America. They're terrific planes, I think. I've got one in my flight simulator.

I had to circle again to get out of that canyon and I probably had just enough gas to get back to Borrego Valley with a little to spare if I was frugal. So I didn't climb high over the ridges along the way.  I had to fly up into higher canyons and over a couple more mountains before I could see the airfield about ten miles away. By then I was high enough to glide most of the way back but when I landed there was only a half gallon of fuel in the tank.

I immediately refueled, including the gallon container in the cockpit, and took off to the north.  Carol had dowsed an 8700' peak just south of Palm Springs so I spent the next hour and a half climbing to that altitude while heading in that direction. At least it was in sight, most of the time: I think it was only 30 miles away but if I factor in the distance of all the circling and ridge running I'd have to more than double it. My little plane burns a lot of gas because it cruises at a high engine RPM (revolutions per minute) on account of the relatively small wings.  Smaller wings add to its maneuverability, though, so it's a safety advantage.  My Quicksilver ultralight airplane and my weight-shift trike both can cruise at two thirds of that RPM but flying them in rough air is physically tiring and not entirely safe. They're also not as fast, which is a consideration when orgonite work over a distance is required.

I needed to refuel before I got there, in fact, and trusted that I'd be able to glide most of the way back, since Borrego Valley Airport is close to sea level and there were no obstructions along the way to fly over or around. In fact, I barely made it to the top when I felt the fuel level was dangerously low but I was near enough to drop the 8 towerbusters all around the peak. I was looking directly across at a big death tower array at the time, not two hundred yards away.  It looked to me like there were old redwood trees growing on that mountain above the 6,000' level or so but they were kind of short and squat, like the trees we see on Mt Shasta near the timberline.   Timberline is usually around 8,000 above sea level, if I'm not mistaken.  Around the peak was the only rough air I've experienced on the entire campaign.

I bought a teeshirt at the airport, which I wear proudly  and I got to watch one of the little stunt planes practicing below me and to the west during my approach to the airfield.  That little airport hosts some regional competitions every year and scores of stunt planes show up for it.

By then it was late afternoon and we drove to the outskirts of LA and slept in a motel.  We left the trailer in the hotel lot and drove into Riverside to see Andy Schwarm of and then to Pasadena to dine with Ismail Valverde and pick up the desert 108 that he was holding for us.  He was hoping to have a chance to bury this in a suitable spot in the Sonora Desert in Mexico south of Nogales, Arizona. Ismail had done a lot of gifting in Mexico City before coming to the US a few years ago. He has posted reports on this forum as 'Ixma.'

When we got back to Quartzsite we spent another night, then drove to Salome on our way to Phoenix.  It was nice to be able to relax and take my time with the target/peak near Salome because it was only ten miles from the airfield, mostly over ground where I'd be able to safely land and even take off again if necessary.  The views out over the desert from altitude are astonishing and I hope to show you some of that with my filming as soon as I have time to set it up.  I attempted to film and narrate a quiet, scenic and long paraglider flight a couple of weeks ago but I failed to work the camera on my helmet correctly.  Paragliding is 'pastoral' compared to airplanes, which are more 'technical.'  That's a reference to a comedian's comparison of baseball to football.   I probably needed a proper microphone, too, but maybe Andy can set that up for me and I'll try again.    

Each of the mission flights, so far, were a little too stressful for me to focus on the camera gear but we're now staying at my favorite little airport, north of Phoenix, and will have plenty of time for flying and fiming for the next month or so.  Tomorrow we'll go to the outrageous, annual 'Arizona Flying Circus' fly-in, south of Phoenix.  I'll post about it and maybe post a film, too. Andys due to come on Monday to help with filming/editing and I'll also resume my interrupted paramotor training here with Ryan Shaw of over the next couple of weeks. I need to get better at that because I'll be flying my paramotor to reach  many of next year's desert targets.    

Carol and I like to avoid winter this way and this is the first year we've done it since 2000, thanks largely to the unlawful aggression of a corporate state bureaucrat against our livlihood. I think now (February 15) is the approximateh beginning of spring in Southern Arizona.

We left Phoenix after a week.  I took paraglider instruction from Sean Buckner ( during that week spent eleven days in Tucson, working on our products and shopping for gems for our orgonite.  You can see in the photo on Sean's homepage how the desert normally looks. Now it's suddenly  quite green almost everywhere, as you're going to see when I post my photos.

My weakness with paramotoring has been my lack of skill setting up the inflating glider overhead for takeoffs.  Sean helped me get more confidence with this and I had a couple of very nice solo flights on our last day together (flawless takeoffs for a change). He devised a unique winch for towing gliders aloft.  It provides constant tow pressure via hydraulic valves and brakes even when the tow vehicle (a pickup in this case) changes speed. It's pretty brilliant and Sean is an empathetic and very skilled instructor in case you want to learn this paragliding without having to hump a glider and bulky flight harness repeatedly up a hill for takeoffs.  Right after I released for my second flight (over 3,000' altitude) a bearing broke on his winch so nobody else flew that day, nor did I get my third flight that finishes the course.  It's nice that I'll soon have a chance for that one after I get my camera set up properly, though.  I found out why there's a lot of padding under the seat on those big harnesses:  on my first landing I wasn't aware that one has to get out of the seat to land, so since my knees were up I touched with my feet and then landed on my butt--bounced a little bit but it wasn't painful or disturbing (slapstick LIVES!).  On my second landing I had stood out of my seat at 100' altitude and landed gracefully on my feet.

A few days after we set up the egg CB in Phoenix rainclouds gathered all around the city and it rained a bit over us. The clouds formed the next day a we were leaving and though the surrounding sky was clear except for isolated, white cumulus clouds, rainclouds formed ahead of us all the way to Tucson and a few hours after we arrived it rained on the city.   A few days later, it rained again and on each day that we experienced rain n Phoenix and Tucson clear skies had been predicted.  In the case of rainclouds forming in our path, this is something I might call 'orgone capacitance.'  Several contributors to this forum have reported this from time to time so there's some consistency to it, even if we don't clearly know the parameters, yet.

The reason I tentatively call it 'capacitance,' is that when it happened to me in Namibia I don't think I even had orgonite with me. I was the only white guy on that excursion into the Kalahari to a resort and game preserve, which wasn't in itself remarkable, but as the clouds formed ahead of us in a clear sky I began to suspect that I had something to do with it and when we had arrived at the resort and a thunderstorm developed right over us, surrounded by blue sky, my African fellow travelers gave me some odd looks so they evidently also felt I had something to do with it ;). By then, Carol and I had been making and deploying quite a bit of orgonite, including a few cloudbusters,  for a couple of years.  This was before I started doing orgonite work in Namibia with Gert Botha and Karstin Roloff and also before Carol's arrival there.  The hotel clerk had invited me to go on the little safari with her coworkers that day and I was eager to get acquainted with some dark-skinned Africans. I did later enjoy working with the white Africans, though. The waitress in that hotel later introduced Carol and I to her ancient grandmother, Ouma Lahia, who was a bona fide Xhosa witch and healer who really impressed us and loved the zappers and orgonite that we gave her for her 'clinic.'  That day was the high point of the trip for me.

We waited for the weekend to plant the Arizona 108 and do the last of the dowsed mountain targets. The last mission of the campaign is to plant the Nevada 108 in the vicnity of Fallon Nevada, somewhere within the Carson Sink (low point in the desert where rivers disappear  )

The Arizona 108 experience was, by far, the most eventful although most of the drama played out in the etheric realm in that case.  I've never seen Carol work so feverishly (but efficiently) fast before and there was a good reason for it, which I'll explain in the next report.


  February 25, 2014

4:38 pm

 Don Croft

 The Sonora Desert 108 & The Campaign's Last Mountaintiop Vortex

 Carol and I spent eleven days in Tucson and we got the rest of our gemstone shopping done.  I went with her a few times and I expected to get a little tired and bored but the 'stoneboy  magic,' as the Lahkota call the effects of gemstones and crystals worked its wonders on me and at the end of each day I felt more energized and happy than when I started and I was even able to spot the dragons' blood, which was probably only being sold by one vendor.  There are thousands of vendors, there.  I always enjoy being around people from many countries but I've done that lots of times and never felt those peculiar magical effects, before.  Carol 'sees' these shows from a a long distance away as we're traveling to them.

 We spent the last weekend with our two gifting projects.  On Saturday we set out with the airplane trailer to find a nearby airstrip for gifting the top of Keystone Peak ((6,000'). There are two private airstrips north of the peak and close enough for the job.  We dowsed to try the farthest one but the man who could give me permission to fly from there wasn't around. A neighbor noted to me that he was seeing a lot of dust devils, which play havoc with an airplane that's attempting to take off or land.  This isn't a problem for pilots where we live in Idaho but it is in the deserts.  By the time we reached the second airport, where I got permission to takeoff, it was late afternoon and the litle whirlwinds weren't happening by then.   

 We reckon that the dowsing had been correct and that if I'd taken off anywhere near a dust devil it may have caused some damage to the plane. People who dowse a lot, as we do for personal stuff, often may recognize that a 'no' answer may involve protection or some other factor not considered in the moment, so we learn to trust the results and act on them.   We'd never consider our own dowsing useful or reliable for anyone else because it's just too subjective.  We'd insist that the person do his/her own dowsing and follow through with that.   When Carol's not with me I do get better results on my own by pointing a Succor Punch into my left palm while pendulum dowsing with my right hand.  If I were a gifted, balanced and experienced psychic like Carol I'm sure I wouldn't need that.  She helped me develop that technique when I was heading off to Southern Idaho in the summer of 2002  to test the parameters of the basic towerbusters in each city along the Snake River Valley--a month of systematic gifting and observations.  The SP really helped me find the routes to the more remote death towers and weather weapons along the way.   I think that was before GPSs became widely used for highways.  My first GPS only gave coordinates that had to be charted as progressive dots on a paper map to determine progress at sea. I used that one to reach Yucatan from Texas in 1995 when  sailed my little open boat through that hurricane.

 The paved runway was quite long and there was a hundred foot elevation difference from one end to the other. I took off uphill and the altitude of the strip is 3,800' so I thought it would be a quick climb to the 6,000' peak, which was only about five miles away.   Carol and the trailer were parked at the uphill end of the runway and she got a kick out of seeing me struggle to gain altitude by constantly hunting for  rising, heated air to circle in.  It took me an hour to get up to 6500' and as I hunted for thermals to take me up I edged closer and closer to the peak.   There was no safe landing area for me except the airstrip and, when I was high enough, a huge strip mine to the south a few miles. I could have glided to either from the peak. I took a few photos of the death tower array at the top and dropped the requisite number of towerbusters around it in spots where I was sure they wouldn't roll down the steep mountainside, nor be discovered by the Nazis who operate these weapon arrays.

 I had taken off directly into the sun and wasn't able to see through my windscreen, so had to watch out to the side to determine my progress.   A strong, sudden crosswind gust hit me while I was still on the ground and I had to do 'happy feet' with the rudder pedals to keep from being blown off the runway but I was grateful for the lesson. I was so high on my return leg and the sun was going to set before I landed if I didn't go directly back, so I put the nose down and went pretty fast (80 mph is fast for that plane).  The shadow of the peak had reached just beyond the end of the runway on which  was going to land and the wind had died, too, so I was assured of a landing with good visibility and no gusty surprises.

 The next morning we left the trailer at the RV campground ('refugee camp') and drove to the little town of Sonoita, southwest of Tucson and about two thousand feet higher.  The little area around Sonoita is where Carol dowsed the location of the Sonora Desert 108.  This desert extends into Mexico and a Mexican state there has the same name.  I think it's mainly characterized by saguaro cacti and has some rich and varied flora, even though it's quite dry as deserts go.  To all of that hard, rugged plantlife we can now add green grass and a variety of succulent plants, which we've never seen growing in this desert before this year.  I don't think anyone has seen that before or since 1954, when Dr Reich temporarily produced this result.  Harold Lunt, a gifter from Duncan, Arizona, told me that the valley where Duncan now lies was rich and green when one of his ancestors settled there a century or so ago but that it turned to desert in more recent times.  Duncan is a lot higher up, close to the New Mexico  state line.  Between Tucson/Phoenix and New Mexico is a high range of mountains where it rains a lot.  

 Flagstaff and some of the Grand Canyon lie on that belt of relative green but they're at higher elevations than the surrounding area.   Just outside of Las Vegas is Mount Charleston, which has rich pastures and old pine forests many thousands of feet up its slopes.  That part of the desert  all around the mountains still dry and dead for some reason.   Las Vegas has been covered in brown smog, too, in recent years.   Maybe it will be the last of the desert regions to get reversed.   Salt Lake City is the other city in the US we regularly visit and it's smoggy again, too. Both of those cities had become relatively clear of smog on account of extensive gifting.

 East and north of Flagstaff are the Hopi and Navajo Reservations, which were all pasture when we were there a year ago.  Before we started distributing orgonite I never saw grass in that region, though the area around Flagstaff has a lot of pastureland and forests.  In the winter of 1967/8, during an early period of vagabondage,  I worked on a cattle ranch in the Painted Desert, which is on the south edge of the Navajo Reservation, close to the Arizona / New Mexico line.  There was no grass there, either, and remember riding a running horse through sage brush and being impressed by the way the horse could dart around each bush without losing speed.

 Desert washes are dry riverbeds. There are very few actual rivers in the desert and no smaller brooks or streams to speak of.  The rivers flow underground here, often in caves.  Typically, they're bone dry most of the time and the only plant life on them have deep roots which  can retrieve the underground water. Those bushes and trees in the washes are surrounded by bare ground, at least they were until this year.     Carol and I have been riding our bikes on a system of paved trails through Phoenix that go along a couple of these washes and I'd never seen water in them, before, but now one can see running streams along some sections and there is thick grass growing throughout, which means the water is no longer flowing as deeply underground and/or the water no longer drains out of the soil as before.   Low spots in the desert are also covered with grass, now.  If I weren't so technically challenged I'd have posted more photos and done more filming but at least I can feel confident, now, that this trend will continue and perhaps accelerate and it will be self-evident even to the PJ folks.  The landscapers here didn't count on regular rainfall and a lot of the pretty gravel lawns and parks now have unsightly succulent weeds all over them.  One of the effects of orgonite cloudbusters seems to be to soften the water in the atmosphere so that it soaks into the ground instead of running over the top of it.   There have been a lot of orgonite cloudbusters throughout the desert for a long time but most of these changes have happened in the year after I tossed orgonite along the desert barrier in the California Sierras that Reich identified in 1954.  It may be that if the orgonite and CBs weren't distributed we might not be seeing as much new plantlife.  The pattern of grass and succulent plant growth seems to clearly show that the ground is more efficiently 'keeping' the water from the occasional rain, now.  The irrigated fields have always shown that this sandy soil is quite fertile.

 Phoenix is a good test bed for aragonite's weather/climate engineering capability and so is Tucson, where Reich did it in 1954. He noted that grass started appearing even before the rain came in that case. Now, Tucson has a lot more grass than Phoenix does, even though it's typically much drier, there, and one sees a lot more cacti around Tucson--it's very picturesque, that way..  Tucson is a thousand feet higher than Phoenix is, though.

 The plateau that now has the 108 is 1500' higher than Tucson and it's all a rich pasture.  I've never been there, before, so I don't know how it used to be but I didn't see much sage brush or other desert flora.  When grass appears it tends to cause the sage and other desert bushes to die, break off and blow away.  We saw very little of the desert flora in Navajo/Hopi land a year ago but it was covered with the stuff, before, and there was no grass. Everything I'm describing is easy to confirm by visiting these places.

 There's still a lot to be done, of course, and we hope to return in the fall and do the next phase.

 I had envisioned setting up a camera on a tripod to record how we bury a 108 but as we were hunting along the highway for a suitable place Carol started feeling a lot of urgency. She wasn't in a panic but was insistent that we get it done and get out of there as fast as possible. I don't second guess here when we're in the field or in a boosting session.   We eventually found a suitable spot, which I'm not going to describe in any way,  and we laid out the tyvek sheet with the 108 holes suitably cut out.  I'd even sewn a rope around the edge so it could be staked down, which is fortunate because it was pretty windy, there.   I started to spray paint onto the ground through the holes, as intended, but the paint can kept clogging so we put the TBs in place, instead, and carefully lifted the pattern off and folded it.  I had brought along a tall bulb planter, which you push down into the earth with the foot while holding a sort of brake handle at the top with one hand.  When you pull the tool up it brings along a plug of earth that has a wider diameter than a towerbuster.  Release the handle to put the plug on the ground and out of the way.  The ground was too sandy to work it properly but it made a clean,round hole, at least, so I was sure to get the TBs in proper position.   I thought it would save time and effort but Carol buried twice as many as I did and all she had was a little spade,  operated like a pick axe. I've never seen her move so fast before.

 Near the end, I heard a voice nearby but when I looked all around I didn't see anyone.  We were concealed well enough from the nearest road but  if anyone were close enough for me to hear a voice that way we'd have seen him/her.  It was a woman's voice.  I didn't understand the words and it had a frantic edge to it.  I asked Carol if she heard it and she just looked at me and went back to digging. She had to squat to dig because if she got on her knees she'd knock a TB out of place.  108s only work when all of the TBs are in position.  We found this out with our first ones, which were just Carol's unfinished pendants on a flat board, marked with circles in the 108 pattern.   She had sore muscles for the next few days.

 As we drove out of there she told me that the voice was in my head and was an indicator that the psi corps sewer rats had finally managed to find my mind, at least, though we were gone from the area well before they were able to actually locate us.  She said she'd never seen such an effort by the NSA/etc., to find us.  Apparently, she'd  been pretty effective at blocking them on our way to the site, that morning.  We only saw one or two fed  spooks on the road, before, trying to track us.  Constant, visible surveillance on our journeys fell off abruptly about six years ago, when we started putting a small orgonite cloudbuster in the car, pointing out the rear window.   I think Vittorio in Italy is the only one among us, now, who is in box surveillance and we assume it's on account of his very fine, informative and empowering website in that language. There are a lot of gifters in Italy but most of them don't know English so this was really needed and the sewer rats apparently concur. His email is the only one that goes to my spam mailbox, which is another affirmation for him.

 The last time we dodged surveillance this thoroughly was in November, 2002, when we did some strategic gifting in Washington State and New Mexico on our way from Seattle to Pasadena, California, to pick up a DVD  copy of 'Chemtrails: Clouds of Death,' from Don Bradley to deliver to San Francisco. to be put on the internet.  We did that because he was unable to send them through the mail or by courier successfully.  I'll never forget the looks on the sewer rats' faces as Carol and I pulled into his driveway and they finally  'found' us.  The way we killed their electronic surveillance was by having a Succor Punch with us and the way we prevented the psi corps from finding us was by crudely boosting them each time we felt them, which was several hundred times per day.  We paid cash for everything along the way, of course.  On that trip to San Francisco we experienced our first bit of vehicle sabotage: I surprised a guy after midnight who had cut our brakeline on the car or otherwise tampered with it.  There was a puddle of brake fluid running along the pavement from under the engine, then.  In the morning, the puddle was gone and the brakes worked fine but after we delivered the DVD and it was put online Jesse Zaloudek, who had met us at the location,  crashed his truck on account of brake failure because someone had put dirt in his brakefluid reservoir while we were having dinner, nearby.  He wasn't hurt, fortunately.   He was the first committed gifted in Northern California.  He was also probably the first gifter in Jamaica, a year or so later, and was attacked and wounded by a crazy guy with a machete soon after he did some initial work, there--I think he had gifted a place where human sacrifice was regularly conducted.  A few stitches fixed him up, fortunately, and a neighbor had chased the crazy guy off before he could finish the job. The police arrested the guy, if memory serves. 

 This time, I asked Carol who was angriest at us at the moment and she said, 'Offworlders.'  I think they're mainly draconian but I'll double check with her, later.  I get a lot of feedback from readers who tell me that the only par tof what I'm telling that they just can't swallow is the stuff about aliens and reptilians.   I don't think it's entirely necessary to ever mention this stuff but for us it's such an integral part of our experience that it ought to be recorded and other people who have had similar experiences bur are afraid to consider them as more than imaginary have finally felt confirmed about them.  I assure these concerned folks that nothing I say should be considered authoritative and that we're just relating our subjective impressions, which is the best anyone can do.   For me, this comment by Carol was a confirmation for Reich's claim that the desert was created by aliens--the original 'global warming agenda?'   Back in Reich's day, there wasn't much stigma around the subject of aliens and UFOs because the massive airforce/CIA disinformation and public brainwash agenda around all of this was just getting started, then.  I suspect the Sonora Desert is the oldest part, since it's got so many unique cacti species.  The cacti don't seem to be hurt by thick grass growing all around them, by the way. I've got some excellent photo examples of that.

 The 108 is 'downwind' of a very high mountain, which has a strong vortex at the peak.  We stopped along the road to take a picture of Carol with that peak in the background because she had mentioned that as soon as the 108 was in the ground the vortex got a lot bigger and brighter.  Other psychics will probably see that energy in the photo, also my wife's Big Energy  .   About forty miles further 'upwind' is the peak that she dowsed as a primary target for this part of the campaign and I gifted that one the next day but the 108 had also brightened and strengthened that vortex, according to Carol, also all of the other vortices she was seeing in the area.  We could see the main-target peak on the drive back to Tucson because we returned on the other side of the taller mountain,  through Nogales, the Arizona city on Mexico's border.

 The last target on our trip will be the 108 for Carson Sink in the vicinity of Fallon, Nevada, which is an area where we distributed a lot of orgonite with Richard from Reno in 2003 on account of the apparent radiation poisoning of the population, there.  When we were done, we no longer tasted metal in our mouths in that area.  That's when Carol discovered that her Harmonic Protector evidently blocks the poisonous effects of nuclear radiation.  The end of the metal-tasteowas confirmation enough, at least for us, for the project's success but a better form of evidence for the record would be to see whether the cancer rate has declined, since then--over ten years ago so there ought to be some data by now.  I think that valley had the highest  per capita cancer death rate in the country, before.  

 Richard is the guy who flipped a massive HAARP transmitter array at the north end of the San Joaquin Valley in California on the same day  that we flipped an equally huge one at the south end, which essentially got rid of the incessant smog in the valley.  We only found that out from him later on.  There's still very little smog in that vast desert agricultural valley but sometimes we see even,  white haze, there, that doesn't obscure visibility the way smog does.  We're seeing that in Phoenix, right now, but it's been 'trying' to rain for about a week and the clouds are getting more and more dense so we'll probably get a soaker, soon.  This morning I intend to fly up and flip the huge array of towers on top of the White Tank Mountains just west of the city so maybe that will trigger a gentle downpour ;)  .   

 It may be helpful to consider that white haze indicates a lot of water in the atmosphere; brownish yellow haze is smog.  Flipping all the death towers in a smoggy city reliably gets rid of smog, so whatever patches of dense white haze (close to the ground--not like atmospheric moisture) are left can be assumed to show you where to put some earthpipes to disable predatory underground facilities.  We can assume that all military bases now sit on top of underground bases, by the way. This shouldn't be surprising if we consider that there are several times more secret police sewer rats than there are soldiers, right now. I think most of them are ex-military, though the CIA, etc.,  run a lot of small armies of mercenaries, including Al Qaeda.  Maybe that's one of several reasons that the US military is only a small fraction of the size they were before 1990, which is also when Old Bush boldly announced the 'New [read: ancient; parasitic] World Order.'

 When smog is gone and one sees very dense white haze, as is now happening in many spots throughout Los Angeles since the essential disappearance of smog by 2003 (thanks mainly to Don Bradley's herculean effort, there), it likely indicates dense, deadly orgone radiation (DOR) underground, which is a visible telltale for the presence of an underground base.  Fallon's valley and the adjacent valley east of there are  filled with underground bases and a year after we gifted those valleys we had learned how to use earthpipes.   Carol and I had noticed a large column of 'steam' coming up from bare ground, north of Fallon along US Highway 95. We haven't seen that anywhere else and the next time we drove through there we had some earthpipes and planted them through that area.  We had to stop several times to force the (visibly frustrated) federal sewer rats behind us to move along so that was a nice confirmation that what we were doing was going to be effective.  We never saw that ersatz steam phenomenon again, there, and we've driven that route many times since then.  A sink is where rivers flow into a dessert and then disappear through evaporation and going underground.  There was a huge swamp in Carson Sink that was made a state park and wildlife preserve.  The signs are still there, or were the last time we visited.   When we were gifting thise desert valleys in 2003 all the water had been drained from the swamp  .   Even though the New World Order funds and operates the lockstep Green Movement they evidently had no concern for the vast wildlife population and water species that depended on that enormous, natural swamp.  I wonder what these parasites needed all of  that the water for.



February 26, 2014

8:18 pm

 I've tried three times to film my aerial gifting in the desert and, so far, have had no results. I always factor in my relative incompetence with tech stuff and that can certainly account for one of those times but  I can confidently say that yesterday's attempt probably involved electronic interference because my remote switch for the wing camera malfunctioned at the same time that my GPS (mine also has some flight instruments) went dark.  I then looked behind me to get a good picture of where I needed to return, just in case  --it's pretty easy to get lost while flying without a compass or GPS.  I got the GPS going right away and saw that the battery level was fine, as were the battery levels in the remote and camera after I landed, but I wasn't able to get that remote to work until the next day. It happened while I was on my way to flip all of the death towers in the White Tank Mountains (two peak arrays), just west of Phoenix.   It was a fun and picturesque flight, at least.  I also noticed that saguaro cacti grow in very high elevations around Phoenix--up to around 4,000 feet but they're shorter and skinny up there.  Tucson has more cacti and it's a thousand feet higher than Phoenix.  Cacti disappear when one reaches 4,000' in that part of the state and there's a lot of tall, thick grass at that elevation, now.  I don't know how it's been in the past.

I checked and tested the camera and remote before I took off yesterday, as I do each time I want to do some aerial filming.

Those mountain targets aren't on Carol's list of primary ones for this campaign but the ranges around Phoenix (one is in the city but we flipped that one with the spudgun around the bottom in 2003  ) are bristling with death towers and weather weaponry and I've been anxious to get at them for a long time.  There's one more, south of Phoenix.  It's too far to comfortably fly from here (north of the city) so we'll probably just trailer the plane there before we leave. It's got the most towers of all and is the 'shortest' of the three ranges that needed treatment. Since it's kind of close to Phoenix Airport I'll get to it from the other side to avoid getting into verboten airspace. I'm hoping that the mountaintop busting will encourage a predicted rainfall for Saturday (this is Wednesday).

We've had overt interference with our boat's sonar in only three places over the years:  once, leaving the harbor in Key West to do some long-distance reef gifting (the sewer rats also had pumped 30 gallons of fresh water into our fuel tank, the night before, which later rather alarmed our mechanic who told us about it); once for a couple of miles while Axel was with us in the boat along the shore of Puget Sound by Ft Lewis--in that case the sonar indicated a deep bottom but we nearly ran aground on a huge, un-naturally flat structure that was just under the surface and didn't appear on the chart); and each time we've put the boat into Lake Pend Oreille to gift that ancient underground/water base some more. In the latter case, the interference stops when the boat is still and starts again as soon as the boat is moving so I assume the parasite's US Navy does this to everyone's sonar in the lake. I ought to ask around next summer.  

I even got 3D sonar for the boat to see if we're able to more clearly identify the underwater death towers to our satisfaction. Civilian divers often report finding the top of a tall tower in the deepest part of the lake, in the vicinity of where some of us have seen evidence of large submarines, presumably visiting from the sea (400 miles away) via underground waterways. The lake is 1,300' deep. All of the other big lakes in the region are only 200' deep but submarines were spotted in two of them in addition to Pend Oreille.  I have a copy of a 1980s photo of a Polaris missile coming up out of the water from that part of the lake.  

Any number of tech-savvy and lettered people may wish to explain this interference away but I just always figure that they're dealing with their own denial  and if anyone, here, wants to explain these things away I hope you'll do me the courtesy of refraining. It's really okay if someone assumes it's just swamp gas doing it, or weather balloons but theoretical objections don't carry as much weight as observations that are reported by reasonably credible and sober individuals.  The PJ fellow I spent an afternoon with a couple of weeks ago finally agreed that his constant objections to my simple observations were based on claims made by people who have no discernible reputations. He also agreed that my observations were based on reasonably systematic work over several years, corroborated by the work of other people who also probably aren't flakes.  I told the guy I don't aim to persuade anyone to believe me; just to avoid automatically dismissing everything I was telling him. I know that what I was telling him severely challenged his assumptions paradigm and I sympathize with anyone in that position because we're all in that predicament from time to time.

Anyone with a functioning mind and eyes who comes to Arizona a lot may easily take note of the new developments  I've been describing so my own photo record isn't important but I think I can at least post some vivid still photos for the record and for your curiosity. I'll include some photos of the areas where little or no temperate vegetation is, yet.  I think this follows a clear pattern, which I'll try to describe. I wish Reich were here to do amore thorough job of recording it.

Regarding our incredulity in the face of challenging, new information:

Snowden allegedly spilled some secrecy beans about how the NSA/etc systematically destroy forums and organizations.  This is old news to those of us who have been subjected to it and i think a more comprehensive description of the process is on : The Delta Protocols. The newer internet tactics are probably a continuation of this social sabotage agenda, which started in earnest after WWII with the creation of the NSA and CIA, which were already replete with SS war criminals who had accomplished a lot in this area and were probably grateful for a vastly expanded, intercontinental  playing field. A little key I use to determine if a source may be a disinformant is that they all seem to uphold the myth that there are any terrorists besides the NSA/CIA/MI6/Mossadomites. I've never seen evidence of non-agency terrorism; certainly not 'funded Muslim terrorist,' because, historically, there hasn't been an organized and funded aggressive campaign by Muslims since the fall of the Ottoman Empire at the end of WWI.  There's a boatload of evidence that these sewer rat agencies conduct regular false flag assaults by employing mercenaries who are nominal Muslims.  A lot of the latter are known to be blatant alcoholics, by the way, and this is something unheard of in Muslim society; all of the alcoholic Muslims drink in secret.  In old Persia they could only get wine from the Armenian Christians and they really resented the Armenians for it 

It's nice when the effete NSA's pants are down in front of PJ folks but I hope people will consider that even some of Snowden's material is likely being twisted into disinformation by the NSA/etc. and they're probably also writing entirely new disinfo and claiming that it came from him. So I take into account the personal reputations (if they exist) of the people who claim to have information directly from Snowden and people like him. If anyone has been tracking this, please let me know at .  Disinformants have not discernible personal reputation.  

The corporate state bureaucrat who recently attempted to destroy our livlihood doesn't have any personal info or history online, any more than these hack writers who produce most of the disinformation and disruptive blogs do.  Carol, who has been wise about such things in the past, figures that this might be an indicator that she's dangerous and she advised me not to expose her, yet, but both of us believe in holding even secretly powerful, appointed and hiding gov't officials fully accountable for their crimes against innocents.  

I think humanity has grown past feeling accomodating or apathetic toward their incessant,  Machiavellian horse$#!+ and the Snowden affair seems to be tipping the balance away from the parasite's favor, finally.   Until this sleepless, invasive and omnipresent parasite is fully exposed and discarded we're going to have to work as hard or harder than ever to discern what's true on the web and in other media.  

Another thing to consider is that since the Chinese are 'protecting' (read: sponsoring?) him there won't be any information fortchcoming about the operations of the larger parasitic organization which the NSA works for and which the Chinese gov't is now also an integral part of. My guess is that China is just taking this little opportunity to shorten the NSA's leash a bit but we'll see.


February 28, 2014

2:02 pm


Don Croft

 It used to be so easy for the NSA, FBI, Mossadomites et al to just murder people like us.  These days, I wake up with a bit of astonishment that Carol and I haven't been suicided or disappeared into the American Gulag Archipelago--the most vast and expansive prison system (and slave labor pool) in human history.

I didn't think the feds were paying as much attention to us, lately.  They evidently are but just not in a 3D visible way, as much.  We both got poisoned last week but the zappers handled it and this sort of thing still happens regularly to many of us.  Maybe we're just good testbeds for new bioweaponry and organic poisons.  I think it's counterproductive for them to poison us with exotic metals, any more, because when we report about that it gets more attention.  Attention is potentially fatal to parasites.

Carol told me, yesterday, that in the early years she felt like we were in the center of a sort of amphitheater, the audience being the various @$$wart agencies, and that now it feels like we're in a fishbowl--not a pleasant development for her because telepathy can be a burden. It's one of the reasons that I'm grateful for not having the psi gift.  The psi corps parasites always feel too close to her, now. I hadn't been aware that she was spending a huge effort to keep them away on the day we planted that Sonora Desert 108.  I guess she'll have one more day of that in Nevada in a couple of weeks when we plant the second one.

A couple of days ago she rode her bicycle across the airfield to watch my paramotor lesson with Ryan Shaw of  There are three parallel runways (a narrow, paved one and two gravel ones) between the RV campground and the other side of the field where Ryan gives lessons and riding a folding bicycle across all that gravel requires a lot of effort and some attention to avoid falling so Carol opted to return 'home' via the longer route, along the adjacent highway.  As soon as she turned onto the road she read some fed minds--a couple of NSA psychics nearby in vehicles.  One of them said, 'There she is--we don't have time to do anything to her now.'

The day before--she told me this yesterday in an offhand way--a big, shiny fedmobile with blacked out windows, coming from the opposite direction on a highway, crossed over into her lane and forced her to swerve onto the shoulder.  This hasn't happened in a few years and I guess we thought we were done with that.

Meanwhile, my paramotor lessons are progressing and now I'm ready to solo, finally. Footlaunch powered flight has been my holy grail  and it's going to be very useful in the next phase of our desert gifting campaign.  The recent phase required some long range (for ultralight aircraft) flights but most of the next targets will probably be easy to reach by just taking off from a clearing, which is only consistently possible this way. I intend to bring along an airplane and the paramotor for that work.

I've met three other old guys, this time, who are doing footlaunch paramotoring.  One of them had started with the trike setup that I got a year ago from Ryan because footlaunching was too taxing for him, physically.  It inspired him to get in better shape, though, so after a period of time using weights and hiking in the mountains he succeeded  with footlaunching.  He told me that he enjoys the latter a lot more because there's more feeling of freedom and the wing is much easier to manage prior to takeoff.  This really affirmed my own preparation ideas. I particularly enjoy getting the wing into the air while running forward--it's like giving birth to a flying creature. I didn't get that feeling as much with the trike.  When I first put the motor on my back a couple of weeks ago it felt like I was being tortured but Ryan advised me to just walk around with it a few minutes each day and it will become more familiar, which is what happened, thankfully.  I'm glad to have plenty of time to let my body adjust to the exertions and once my technique is established I know it's going to be easy from then on.  I ought to be able to fly this thing until my last day in this world if I take care of myself.  

One of the other old guys asked me, 'Which would you rather do: fly or eat?'  I said, 'Well, I'd agree to intervenous feeding in order to keep flying.' We agreed that living on beer didn't count as not eating. A beer belly would hamper takeoffs, too.

After yesterday's lesson Ryan did some trick flying close to the ground for some film work and I got to see his astonishing aerobatics up close as I stood beside Deanna, who was operating the cool video camera they use. Ryan's a world champion in this sport and he started flying paragliders when he was 14 in Zimbabwe, where he grew up.  Paragliding is tremendous fun and is gentler than hang gliders, so might be the best introduction to aviation.  I hope to go to Torrey Pines on the California coast in the summer to get cliff flying instruction from Sean Buckner of . He takes groups of glider pilots there in the summer, when coastal winds are steady and reliable.  I'll probably keep training 'til I die.

Carol and I are now keen to drop orgonite in the sea along the entire California coast and perhaps part of Mexico's coast to aid the desert reversal process.  I know the sewer rats are doubling up their weather warfare effort along the coast since last year's success in the desert because the seaward side of the Sierras has been in a bad drought since then. I was sad to see all that greenery reduced, there. A year ago it looked like Ireland. I want to do this coastal project, if we're able to make the effort, with Spanish orgonite  in honor of Francisco's 'etheric coast guard' success in that country and well beyond.  Inflatable boats rule!

I'm glad, at least, that Carol and I are the only ones whom the disgusting parasite evidently are trying to destroy these days. We trust that The Operators will continue to reveal a safe path through this minefield that the parasite's operatives are planting ahead of us. I think they know that just disappearing us would be counterproductive, at best, and Carol sometimes reminds me that we mustn't push them into a mndless frenzy, meanwhile. I don't think any of these gov't sociopaths ever learned to express their anger appropriately.

After I start flying this paramotor I'll do some camera work without the remote control.  I think that if I fly close enough to the ground to show the progress of the new greening that we're seeing all over the region.  We might bring the horses with us next winter because now there are a lot of good grazing areas, as you'll see.   None of this was here a year ago.  The only succulent plants were in the shade, then, and they were small.  We started seeing the shade growth three years ago, here.  Yesterday, during our first bike ride through neighborhoods in the city, we saw a lot of unintentional new, green lawns that were growing on gravel.  Until this year, typical lawns in Southern Arizona were just bare gravel and decorative stones. The only plants on them were desert plants.  I wonder if this is now  a landscaper's headache.  The steep, decorative gravel landscaping along highways and at interchanges usually have a lot of tall weeds growing out of them, now 

The reason paramotors aren't safe below 30' is that if the engine quits  one will stall and it takes 30' to recover from a stall.  If one stalls at 20' there's going to be a destructive landing.  Tomorrow, thunderstorms are predicted and while the low pressure system is still around there will be too much wind to fly these things so my solo flight is scheduled for Monday morning, three days from now.




April 13, 2014

5:35 pm


Don Croft

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The Kansas City Shuffle


Carol and I are on our way home to Idaho from Arizona and along the way we finished this year's desert reversal campaign by planting a 108 near Fallon, Nevada.


About six years ago we went to Quartzite, Arizona, with Dooney and Stevo and when we were discussing desert reversal the three psychics agreed that it would be very productive to plant a 108 south of Tucson (preferably in Mexico) and also in the vicinity of Fallon, Nevada.  I made the 108s in the next year or two, also a template of durable Tyvek with the holes cut out to position the towerbusters. I sewed a rope around the edge so that I could anchor it in position in case of wind.  The pattern was approx. 3 meters in diameter.


I reported about installing the first 108, which was a frantic exercise because the NSA psychics were hot on our trail.  They were so excited that I distinctly heard them and thought someone was physically nearby but Carol assured me that we got out of there before they could locate us.  We knew that this was an important thing to do because the federal #!+rats' fury and frustration were palpable even to me, afterward.


We were a little anxious to prevent them from getting as close to us when we did the Nevada job and I think The Operators were a step ahead of us because one of the trailer's axle bearings had deteriorated on the highway so we were stuck in Fallon while it was being repaired.  We had already planned to leave the trailer somewhere while we planted the 108.  Our intention was to have a lower profile and we might have to travel on a rough road, which is no good for a trailer.


We drove 25 miles to nearby Fernley to eat at Black Bear Diner, one of our favorite stops on these north/south trips. On the way, Carol had the feeling a cop was tailing us (she felt a surge of predatory energy from behind us) but it was a black fedmobile that had pulled up to intimidate her.  I'm sure these lawbreakers didn't enjoy the energy of the little cloudbuster that points out our back window and in a short time the fedmobile departed.   They rarely come at us so overtly, any more.  Fallon sits on a huge underground base that's connected to several other huge ones nearby so of course there are feds everywhere on the surface.  These bases were probably built in the days when the $#!+rats weren't as careful about hiding them, so there are tall ventilation pipes throughout the area, spaced pretty evenly apart. Carol reckons that most of Nevada has bases under it by now, similar to Southern California and Northern New Mexico.


Five years ago we planted earthpipes around an area where clouds of sick, visible energy surged up perpetually from the ground like steam--part of a dry, featureless lake bed.  We had distributed many hundreds of towerbusters in the region around Fallon in late 2003 with Richard of Reno after some locals invited us there. They were concerned about the astronomically high rate of cancer deaths, presumably due to the radioactive environment.  When we were done, we didn't 'taste' the poison any more.  In a radioactive area there's a metallic taste in the mouth, which is why we did't bother to buy radiation counters to measure our progress. If we'd known about earthpipes in those days we'd have planted scores of them to ruin the NSA baby-killers' underground fun but I think someone else is going to need to take on that project if they want to get it done sooner.


We went to plant the 108 after lunch and drove down a couple of side streets to make sure the $#!+rats weren't tailing us, then drove out toward a large dry lake bed to do the deed.  This time we  easily found an area of soft soil with no plants on it. I staked the template to the ground after parking the car to block most of the wind, then sprayed white paint to 'stencil' the 108 circles onto the ground--that went quickly and worked great.  The next time Carol and I intend to plant a 108, though, we're going to cast a long spike in each TB and pound them securely into the ground.  I think this makes it more secure than shallowly burying them as we did and one could then  shovel soil onto the whole thing to conceal it.


Before we went to the Diner we felt very oppressed and it was difficult to think clearly. I think a lot of us have experienced this before gifting successes and this is likely an effect of psychic warfare.  It's not strong enough to prevent any of us from getting it done, obviously, and this is probably a good sign that the corporate world order's 'worst' is nothing but a parasitic nuisance.  We always feel refreshed after this interference has been withdrawn and it feels good to realize, too, that the sewer rats probably feel a whole lot worse after our successes than we did beforehand.


I stood and used the bulb planter and Carol preferred to use the little pick-spade to dig holes for the towerbusters and, this time, she didn't feel as much pressure to finish quickly because the $#!+rat psychics had apparently lost track of us almost entirely.   For years I'd been posting and emailing about our intention to plant the 108 near Fallon. Carol felt that the location isn't important and that as long as it's in the general area there's not a problem.  We assume the NSA parasites  had gathered near Fallon to make sure they'd know the location of the second 108.  We unwittingly pulled a successful 'Kansas City Shuffle' on these murderous felons, probably thanks to the Operators. I can't think of anything more satisfying than that!  We were quite pleased with ourselves, that day and it was a great finish for this year's desert reversal campaign.  I was born in Kansas City, which makes me even prouder.


On the drive up through the desert states we found more confirmations that the established grass growth in the Sonora Desert is the result of orgonite work.  Mainly, this was the relative lack of grass and succulent ground cover to the north in many areas.  If the grass in the Sonora Desert had been the result of an increase in rain due to positive climate changes, for instance, the areas to the north would have been greener instead of drier. Las Vegas is still a desert, for instance.  


About ten years ago we noticed the earliest stage of desert reversal in Northern Nevada: there was green grass growing along the roadbed's edges by then. In the following year there were succulent plants on the hillsides.  This year, for the first time, we found vast areas of desert that had turned to lush pasture and the grass had displaced the sage brush and other desert plants entirely.  In other areas where grass had become established, cattle ranchers had burned or otherwise removed thousands of acres of brush to allow the grass to flourish for grazing cattle.  There are some areas of former desert that are as green as Ireland, now.  I think these places are even more spectacular, now that they're green.


In some areas there is no grass, though, and no apparent change of climate.  These conditions are all easily noticed by anyone who drives through these regions regularly but it's one of human nature's more peculiar aspects that so few people will openly discuss these amazing dynamics.  Like most of the people who post reports on this international forum, we're mainly motivated by a desire to improve our world and we don't mind paying for it ourselves; in fact we feel privileged to be able to do this work. The confirmations are more valuable to us than payment or recognition but a few of us would like to do this for a living, so it's important to have some reports in the public record along the way.


I think it's also important to draw attention to our past achievements from time to time because there are new readers every day and I'm sure they would like to know the history of this remarkable grassroots movement. Our stories are mostly demonstrations of what ordinary people can do, after all. I don't think anyone is more ordinary than I am.  We are the history, so why not also tell our older stories from time to time?  I should probably set up a special section on the forum for 'Veterans' Tales.'  Some of us literally have battle scars.


I had stayed in the motorhome in Arizona when Carol flew home to take care of business for a couple of weeks in the end of March.  I needed to get more proficient with the paramoter in the company of other pilots during that time.  That was a lot of fun, especially flying around the hot air balloons. I think it will take a few more months of work before I'm confident enough to use this aircraft in next year's desert reversal campaign, which is going to be a much bigger project than this year's was.  it's the most satisfying form of flight for me because it's the closest to natural flight.  In terms of grace, my takeoffs and landings might be comparable to a blue-footed boobies', for instance.  Boobies and parameters are very graceful in the air, at least.


During Carol's absence, though, she experienced the most intense interference of her life, though.  Every day was torture for her and everything seemed to go wrong. It all stopped when she returned, fortunately. I don't know why the $#!+rats throw so much of their arsenal at stable psychics but maybe this is an indicator of how important or even essential reputable, balanced psychics are to the new science paradigm. Our psychics are also  particularly good at uncovering the ancient order's plots and villains for the purpose of targeting and then interfering with them so that's no doubt also troubling to the agencies who are mandated to protect these parasites.  


The NSA and its sister agencies get the dregs: unbalanced, predatory psychics (not burdened by conscience or compassion) and their directed horde of Monarch-programmed psi drones who are grinning theosophy chumps. We assume it's similar to the way the old order has always used the chump rank and file of secret societies and churchianity; harvesting their eager, mindless ritual energy for ugly purposes.  We assume that the death towers were designed to amplify all of this and maybe even help direct it but a lot of the ancient order's high tech weaponry fails to meet expectations, especially now when humanity are becoming more aware and accountable.

Orgonite  probably prevents the towers from operating at all except to pump out positive energy.


A year ago, after I laid orgonite along the high ridge of the rain barrier, I posted some photos of the San Joaquin Valley in California, where grass had been displacing desert plants through most of the region.  If you look at a map of California you'll see this north/south valley extending for hundreds of miles, east of San Francisco to just north of Los Angeles.  This was a desert which businessmen paid to irrigate when refrigerated railroad cars became available in the early 1900s.  The US gov't was opposed to this but in those days rich folks were still capable of working outside the restrictions of the corporate order.  Cattle were grazing in new, non-irrigated pastures almost everywhere I looked.  The Corporate Board of Directors (US Congress) had stopped the irrigation of most of that vast region some years before and it wasn't for lack of water. There were skeletal orchards all along the route and if not for orgonite I think the entire region would have turned into a dustbowl, which was probably  Congress' intention, perhaps to bolster the steadily weakening support for the sewer rats' Global Warming scheme.  We know that the feds are declaring a lot of non-existent droughts these days.  


In January, while driving south through that valley, we were disappointed to see that the greenery was mostly dead and we later learned that most of the state had been in a severe (genuine) drought since my last visit.  There was more rain on the desert side of the barrier, in fact, than on the seaward side over the past year.  We assume this extreme drought  was an attempt to re-establish the desert to the east because rain in California, west of the Sierra Nevada, had been steadily increasing over the past 13 years since people started distributing orgonite in that region.  I imagine that the $#!+ats are overextending themselves to achieve that drought and are risking more exposure on account of it.  My first impulse was to take our Zodiac and drop a towerbuster every quarter mile in the sea along the coast from Oregon to San Diego and along  Mexico's Baja coast. This was part of our successful strategy to disable the hurricane agenda in Florida, after all. I bet that would completely disable the $#!+rats' ability to create droughts in California.

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