Engineered famines, Rain making/drought busting using orgonite
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[By WEATHER WEAPON TECHNOLOGY such as HAARP, by financial Psychopaths such as the World Bank and IMF, or by predatory Corporations funding armies to get at the minerals, eg. Congo, Somalia, Acholi people, Ethiopia.]

See: HAARP  IMF   Destroying small farmers

''Saguaro cactus in the background--they only grow in the lower, drier desert areas of the US and Mexico.  Before we started in 2001 this was all bone-dry  That's my friend, Deanna, whose boyfriend (Ryan Shaw of taught me to fly paramotors there years ago,  before it turned lush green like this.  After Carol and I did the aerial desert reversal work in California and Arizona in 2015 & planted those two big 108s (in Arizona and Nevada) this regional greening process really speeded up.   The people who live there never seem to comment on the transformation, sort of like how the people in LA didn't seem to notice the end of dense smog, earlier.  The folks who make movies in LA sure seem to have noticed, though.  I'm glad we did Death Valley first--some years before the reversal was evident elsewhere,  because that isolated greening in the driest part of the continent was undeniably due to the distribution of orgonite.  So far, the Old Parasite hasn't tried to explain away the greening of the American/Mexican desert, though.''  ~  Don Croft

[2014] American Desert Reversal by Don Croft

[2013 Feb] Greening the North American Desert by Don  Croft

[2010 Oct] LOTS of rain in Central Ausralia!  That is the Todd River in Alice Springs. Normally it might flood Approx. once in 27 years. These photos are from late feb Anyway After 3 unprecedented floodings in a year (2010) she might be up and running. Most of Australias "ethereal rivers" are flowing. I might add this process began last year. Last years rain was crucial in providing the spark.

[2010 Aug EW] Rain In The North Of Chile. 

[2010 March EW] Vanishing Tsunami

[2010 Jan EW] The Parasites Are Showing Us Juicy Targets in Oz!

[March 2005 EW] Proof of Successful Drought Busting

Operation DESERT RAIN Namibia


[Media March 2005] Malawi told by IMF: sell grain to pay debts  "The International Monetary Fund instructed the government of Malawi to sell its emergency grain reserves to repay a paltry debt of £9 million, and to pursue a disastrous policy of mass privatisation, pushing the country to the brink of the worst famine in its history."

I believe that all droughts and deserts are artificially created and it's evident that simple orgonite can reverse them if someone will distribute it intelligently, as we're now seeing in Africa and other places around the world.---Don Croft

HAARP is worth a mention, of course. When we started out with the cloudbusters there had been long-term, HAARP-induced droughts throughout the world which institutionalized academics were required to blame on ‘global warming.’ With the defeat of the chemtrail program also came the end of most of the droughts in North America and as more and more gifters pay attention and take out the HAARP arrays along with the more obvious death towers, we’re seeing more and more normal rainfall throughout the continent now. I can tell you that our drive across the Desert Southwest in June, 2001 was heartbreaking; entire desert regions were literally dead from lack of rain. Now, they’ve all come back at least to normal desert life conditions and, as Galaero is reporting, it’s been raining a LOT in the Southern Arizona region, finally, largely through his own persistent and intelligent efforts but also in conjunction with a lot of cloudbusters and a lot of other gifting in Arizona, California’s desert region and Western Mexico.
    In January, Georg and Trevor prevented a predicted famine in Southern Africa by busting the Indian Ocean coastal HAARP arrays along South Africa’s East Coast and into Mozambique and thus generating rainfall, with the help of scores of desert cloudbusters, throughout the Kalahari and Namib Deserts and also throughout the less arid agricultural areas of that part of the continent. Georg has and just returned from a coordinated gifting effort in Namibia with some of the orgonauts in that country and a fellow warrior from Australia. This all has shown a lot of promise for orgonite’s potential to reverse deserts.
[Nov 09, 2004]Two Warrior Exemplars, and Cliff Notes (long article)--Don Croft

“Starvation happens not because this is Africa, or the Congo, it is because we are witnessing the most devastating example of predatory capitalism and heartless, absolute greed, combined with a spiritual crises—in the “first” world—of unprecedented proportions.”-----Keith Harmon Snow