Assassination by suicide quotes

Both Dr Steven Ward and Dr Richard Asher committed suicide. Richard Asher was found hanged in the same room that Paul composed Eleanor Rigby. Jane and Paul engaged December ‘67, Paul marries Linda Eastman March ‘69, Jane’s father found dead April ‘69  [2015] Aleister Crowley & Paul McCartney.   

Michael Dukakis, the Democrat Presidential candidate running against George Bush in the 1988 U.S. election, was targeted with microwave technology in order to impede his public speaking performance when the opinion polls he posed a threat to Bush's election prospect.  He also claims that the equipment was used against Kitty Dukakis and drove her to the brink of suicide. [1994] Serge Monast Talk Explaining NASA's Project Blue Beam

The World Order Our Secret Ruler by Eustace Mullins Many eunuchs who became a liability to the World Order have been eliminated without mercy.  When Hiss, White and others faced Congressional investigation, many of their acquaintances became casualties.  A lawyer named Marvin Smith, a close friend of Hiss, fell out of a window.  Laurence Duggan, an intimate of both Hiss and White, was slated to testify when he fell out of a twelfth story window.  Duggan was an official of the Institute of International Education, of which his father was founder and president, but these family ties offered him no protection.  In his haste to get to the window, he tore off one shoe, and left his office in a shambles as he fought his way across it.  The verdict was “suicide”.  The Canadian diplomat, Herbert Norman, and the Harvard Professor F.O. Matthiesen, also went out the window before they could be made to testify about their associations.  The phenomena became so common that it gave rise to a new term “defenestration”, meaning the avoidance of testimony, and a suitable warning to others who might think of talking.

Nick Adams died on February 6, 1968, at the age of thirty-six, in his home at 2126 El Roble Lane in Coldwater Canyon. His official cause of death was listed as suicide, of course, but as actor Forrest Tucker has noted, “All of Hollywood knows Nick Adams was knocked off.” Laurel Canyon, Houdini, and MK Ultra by Paul A Drockton M.A. 

 I've become familiar with the case of Gary Underhill, and I've been able to ascertain that he was not the type of man to make wild or unsubstantiated charges. Underhill was an intelligence agent in World War Two and an expert on military affairs whom the Pentagon considered one of the country's top authorities on limited warfare. He was on good personal terms with the top brass in the Defense Department and the ranking officials in the CIA. He wasn't a full-time CIA agent, but he occasionally performed "special assignments" for the Agency. Several days after the President's assassination, Underhill appeared at the home of friends in New Jersey, apparently badly shaken, and charged that Kennedy was killed by a small group within the CIA. He told friends he believed his own life was in danger. We can't learn any more from Underhill, I'm afraid, because shortly afterward, he was found shot to death in his Washington apartment. The coroner ruled suicide, but he had been shot behind the left ear and the pistol was found under his left side -- and Underhill was right-handed [1967]  Jim Garrison Interview

The Gary Webb murder. Impossible to commit suicide by shooting yourself TWICE in the head. The second shot was just to make sure everyone knew this was a state sanctioned hit, and to leave it alone. Which everyone did. Old news, I know, but what the hey... CBSWORK

Odilo Globocnik (b. 1904) was the SS and Police Leader of the Lublin District of the General Government and responsible for the construction of the alleged “pure extermination camps” Belzec, Sobibor, and Treblinka. According to most accounts, Globocnik allegedly poisoned himself with a cyanide capsule just after being captured by British troops in Austria on May 31, 1945. Other sources claim he was killed by partisans or Jewish “avengers” in May or June 1945.
Heinrich Himmler
(b. 1900) was the head of the SS and thus the highest responsible for the “Final solution to the Jewish problem,” by orthodox historians alleged to have meant the physical extermination of the European Jewry. After wandering the Flensburg area carrying false papers, Himmler was arrested by British troops on May 22, 1945. According to the official narrative, Himmler committed suicide late on May 23 by biting into a cyanide capsule which he had somehow managed to keep hidden inside his mouth for a whole day, despite eating a sandwich and being searched by his captors in the meantime.
Irmfried Eberl (b. 1910) was the first commandant of Treblinka and a former euthanasia doctor. After the war Eberl undisturbed practiced as a physician in the Austrian town of Blaubeuren . He was arrested on January 8, 1948 by the American occupying forces. He allegedly committed suicide by hanging in his custody cell on February 16, 1948.
Hermann Höfle
(b. 1911) was Globocnik’s deputy and responsible for deportations of Jews to the Aktion Reinhardt camps. After the war he was interned by British forces but soon released. He allegedly committed suicide by hanging himself in a prison cell in Vienna on August 20, 1962, just before his trial was to begin.
Kurt Bolender (b. 1912) was another SS posted at Sobibor. When arrested in 1961, he initially denied killings at the camp. He is alleged to have committed suicide by hanging on October 21, 1966, just before his sentence was pronounced. According to the American magazine Time, Bolender left behind a suicide note stating that he was innocent.
Gustav Franz Wagner (b. 1911) was reportedly deputy commandant at Sobibor. After the war Wagner migrated to Syria and later in the early 1950’s to Brazil , where he lived under his own name, working as a farmhand. After Simon Wiesenthal initiated a hunt for a man falsely identified as him, the real Wagner voluntarily handed himself over to the Brazil special police in São Paulo , on May 30, 1978. According to an article in the newspaper Folha de São Paulo, June 2, 1978, Wagner had stated to the police: “I never saw any gas chamber at Sobibor” ( Eu nunca vi nenhuma camara de gas em Sobibor). On June 22, 1979, the Rio Supreme Court dismissed all claims for Wagner’s extradition. On October 30, 1980, Wagner allegedly committed suicide by stabbing himself to death in the bathroom of his rural home. The circumstances of the suicide have been deemed suspicious even by some exterminationist writers. Brazil citizen and former Sobibor inmate Stanislaw Szmajzner, who “confronted” Wagner at the time of his arrest, has let out that he “believes” that Wagner was in fact killed by Jewish “avengers” (Die Zeit, October 11, 1991). The author is currently researching the Wagner case together with local Brazilian revisionists.
Alexander Laak , former commandant of the Jägala camp in Estonia where a large number of Jews were supposedly massacred, is alleged to have committed suicide by hanging in his garage in Winnipeg , Canada . A number of Laak’s subordinates had at the time been given harsh sentences at a Soviet show trial. According to an article in Der Tagespiegel September 8, 1960, Laak had declared the Soviet allegations against him to be “99% lies and Communist propaganda.” In Michael Elkin's book Forged in Fury (1971) it is claimed that a Jewish "avenger" named Arnie Berg travelled to Winnipeg to kill Laak, and that Laak hanged himself under Berg's supervision in order to not have his wife shot by Berg.  A Brief List of the Conveniently Deceased by Thomas Kues

My research group have ELF detectors, which can prove all manner of UK transmitters are being used to mind control the population. Since ELF is not found naturally, and is only used for nuclear submarine communication, its presence proves mind control weapons are being used on the general public. The author also has access to scientific documents showing the devastating effects of ELF broadcast by microwave, UHF and VHF on humans.
    It is alleged that Marconi put this microwave technology into full scale production, and around thirty scientists and military personnel on the project who began to ask questions committed `suicide' under mysterious circumstances. MICROWAVE MIND CONTROL by Tim Rifat

[Gupta Oct 2006] The Machinations Of The New World Order - The Farmer 
oughly 100,000 farmers committed suicide over six years to 2003 in India