Owl  Snake swallowing human 
Athena wears the ancient form of the Gorgon head on her aegis, as the huge serpent who guards the golden fleece regurgitates Jason; cup by Douris, Classical Greece, early fifth century BC Vatican Museum

8-point sun wheel  APULIA, LUCERIA, late 3rd century BC. Head of Athena r., five pellets above/LOVCERI between the spokes of large wheel


Snake Closeup of a plaster cast of a Roman sculpture of Athena wearing the scaly aegis - Cambridge University

Snake The Athena Giustiniani, a Roman copy of a Greek statue of Pallas Athena with her serpent, Erichthonius.

Euro coin commemorating 60 Years of the Second Republic of Austria, featuring Athena Promachos.

A neoclassical variant of Athena Promachos stands in front of the Austrian Parliament Building in Vienna.

Athena from the Aphaia Temple protector of NATO (The Atlantic Alliance)