Snake swallowing human
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[Reptilians feeding on humans, not so obvious in Snake swallowing tail. One of the first was Quetzalcoatl.]

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Biscione - Italian Serpent Symbolism strikingly similar to Quetzalcoatl in Mayan Mythology

Quetzalcoatl depicted as a snake devouring a man, from the Codex Telleriano-Remensis.

Athena a drakon disgorging Jason.  Owl  Athena wears the ancient form of the Gorgon head on her aegis, as the huge serpent who guards the golden fleece regurgitates Jason; cup by Douris, Classical Greece, early fifth century BC Ė Vatican Museum

Greek Orthodox monastery in Mount Athos, Greece

Vigeland Monolith

Alfa Romeo

Visconti family's biscione. It has been the emblem of the Italian Visconti family for around a thousand years

Flag of the Duchy of Milan (1450)

Milan wall.

Berlusconi's garden

Coat of armís at Milan Central Station.