Auguste Rollier
Heliotherapy/Light for Health

"When, in 1903, I opened at Leysin the first clinic for the systematic application of the sun-treatment, it was my object to place the weakened and diseased bodies of my patients in an environment which would give the greatest possible assistance in the fight against tuberculosis. 

In this environment, the essential factors are the air of high altitudes and the sun-bath, applied to the whole surface of the body; the bracing effect of this combination is of the greatest therapeutic value. Heliotherapy is a local treatment which is at the same time analgesic, bactericidal, and a powerful stimulus to cicatrisation. 

In choosing the High Alps for the application of this treatment, I was guided by the fact that the climate of these regions is practically the only one in which heliotherapy may be applied with advantage in every month of the year. At an altitude of 5,000 feet the air is never oppressively hot, even in the height of summer; in winter, although the atmosphere is intensely cold, the brilliance of the sun more than counteracts this quality."

Dr. Auguste Rollier (The Sun Doctor)

August 9, 2012  

For those interested in a quick summary of Dr Rollier's method's I have compiled the below essentials:

1. Full body Sun exposure should be built up slowly (i.e. gradually increase the amount of time you spend outside from around 20 mins to a few hours a day.) The important point being to never allow your skin to be burnt.

2. Sun exposure should be predominantly in the morning. Ideal times 8am to
10am. Midday Sun to be avoided if possible. Dr Rollier found that the morning Sun had better healing effects than the afternoon or evening Sun.

3. Exposing the back to the Sun gives the most health benefits. It is also useful to remove glasses or contact lenses when exposing yourself to the Sun (please do not stare directly into the Sun!).

3. Higher altitudes provide stronger Sunshine which accelerates the health gains - providing you do not allow your skin to be burnt.

4. Drinking plenty of water, eating a balanced diet, plus proper breathing and exercise are all part of restoring (and keeping) your body in optimum health.

It is good to remember that the Sun's rays are Energy, and this Energy will be used positively by our mind and body if we allow it be received and absorbed in the correct way.

Enjoy the Sun! smile emoticon






Beautiful image of Leysin. Shows the main Heliotherapy Clinic at the time.  at Leysin, Switzerland.

Original photo showing patient exposing his back to the Sun. Dr Rollier can be seen in the centre of the photo. at Leysin, Switzerland.