Benjamin Fulford

[vid] Benjamin Fullford EXPOSED UPDATE Oct 11th


Shapeshifting  pnd51010ConfirmedReptillian:BenjaminFulford   V shaped eyes

Teeth morphing

How Many Fulford Clones Are Out There?!  Okay, this is getting ridiculous and weird and for me to say that is something! There have been reports of Fulford sightings all over the place in Tokyo there was at least five reports, when Fulford and his clone were indoors; in Osaka, two Fulford sightings were reported at the same time but on opposite sides of the the city; one was spotted in London with a mgeahorn outside the Royal Bank of Scotland; one was spotted in Tel Aviv inside a cafe, screaming about the evil Zionists; one was spotted in New York City outside the offices of Goldman Sachs; and yet another sighting was in Los Angeles at the gates of Paramount studios, demanding that they stop making films filled with disinformation. So how many damn Fulford clones are out there?! Or are they reptoids using hologram tech to create confusion?