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[He seems on the ball with Tony Greenberg and family, although some of his comparisons are unbelievable, even for this website, as Educate.org points out, most of which you can see here in brief: http://xdisciple.blogspot.co.uk,  Paul Newman is Don Juan Carlos of Spain, Roman Polanski plays Imran Khan! And it is suspicious he is still alive.]

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"The big truther shills out there are all network actors, scripted and coordinated from on high and from a single source: the CIA. They move players and create vast dramas keyed with witches sabbats, zodiacal shifts, and other calander points to create the maximum amount of magical expression in this dimension. Their goal is to create illusions believable enough to be mistaken for realities, that others will make their own and invest in emotionally, spiritually, and with time and effort. Once they've convinced these fake illusions are real enough, they then expect you to continue thinking and preceiving in their created box of lies."---Don Bradley  http://dailymessenger.blogspot.co.uk/2011/12/wellaware1com.html

 ''Finally, I suggest that the author of Wellaware1.com is undercutting himself on purpose. It looks like he was assigned to run this sort of interference or misdirection, but it appears he doesn't really like the assignment. He can't even take it seriously. So he puts a lot of man-hours into the assignment, to fool his bosses, but—knowing they probably won't check his work too closely—he nonetheless plants a lot of really bad analysis. It is so bad it doesn't even do its job of undercutting someone like me. What his bosses wanted was analysis that was just bad enough it made a reader go, “This guy must be crazy. I guess all people who do facial analysis like this must be crazy, too.” But the author at Wellaware1.com has overplayed his hand to such an extent that most readers will just take a look and go, “No one is blind or crazy enough to put this on the web. This must be some sort of CIA effort to create confusion.” Which is exactly what it is
    .....Wellaware1.com is posting tons of ridiculously bad facial matches to muddy the waters (including, for example, the claim that JFK and Jimmy Carter are the same person). If you see enough ridiculous claims of a match, you are more likely to dismiss even the strong claims of a match. It is the old “crying wolf” gambit. If you post enough bad evidence, people miss the good evidence. True face matches get buried in a slag heap of false matches. You see, there are deaths being faked and there are actors being used in fake news stories, and so those faking the deaths and using the actors know that some people are going to catch on.''  [pdf] Proof that John Lennon Faked his Death by Miles Mathis

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