Black candles

Carol loves the way obsidian absorbs deadly energy and evidently neutralizes it.  It's not hard to find small, flat pieces.  On some of our devices we attach spearheads made of obsidian because we like the adaptability of the shape.  Those are made the way cavemen did it but they're mass produced and often available in gem stores and perhaps online, inexpensively.  We use GOOP glue to attach obsidian to a Succor Punch crystal, above the mobius coil.  I need to experiment to find out if wrapping the coil around crystal and obsidian produces any remarkable effects.   Lately, we've also been putting obsidian eggs and spheres in the middle of cloudbuser bases wile casting them.  You can probably see why it's useful to add obsidian to a Succor Punch, which is often a protective device.  There are various sorts of obsidian, by the way, and a psychic or anyone who follows clean hunches can probably explore some of these.
   The use of black candles is probably related to the use of obsidian.  Maybe the candles work so well on account of the involvment of fire elementals--I don't know.  I do know that we found it prudent to use the candles that are fully enclosed in glass jars, though, because several of ours have been toppled when we were out of the house during the worst of the attacks last fall.  A house fire would have been counterproductive.  I don't have a clue why some otherwise-intelligent folks have been spooked by our black candle recommendation. I wonder if this is a mild vestige of the Inquisition.  Only a fool conditions his understanding of reality with the prejudices of others, of course.  I think we're all being challenged to abandon prejudices of all sorts, now.  I think we're being challenged to excise the herd instinct from ourselves.  Those things are too easily manipulated by the corporate world order's sewer rat agencies, after all.  [2012 May EW] Passive Protection Devices 

Since our routine chat sessions were only bringing back some of our trade Carol finally decided, in the last week of October, to fight magic with magic, so she lit a black candle while focusing on the problem.   Our sales immediately went up, as did Andy's and Dooney's although we weren't trackng their businesses as closely as ours and we continued to have chat sessions with Dooney.  Carol figured that the black candle draws so much of the sewer rats' directed hatred that everyone associated with us was bound to benefit from her effort.
    We approach everything pretty objectively.  Blind faith doesn't really serve anyone but the sewer rats, after all.  Each time the candle went out our sales returned to zero or close to it and when she fired one up, again, the sales returned.  
    Everything in the world has its own energy and magic, of course.  Everything in Creation is alive, after all.  After a couple of weeks Carol got the notion to enhance the process by putting a little Catholic statue of St Anne on a stack of our Terminator zappers beside the candle and also a ruby zyosite, carved owl next to that.
    A couple of times the arrangement was 'rearranged' and the flame went out, then our retail sales immediately stopped. Once, when we returned from errands the little statue was head-down in the candle, for instance, and another time the statue was knocked to the floor.  Carol ordered some of those candles that are in glass containers so that we can have one burning when we're gone.
    Also, the sales come in at a faster rate when the flame of the candle is exceptionally large. Carol says that it's because the flame, itself, is a sort of indicator of how much energy is being directed at us.    Carol and Dooney see rituals being done against us, every time we do a chat.  [2011 Dec EW] Hitting Back in the Etheric Realm