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Passive Protection Devices 

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Passive Protection Devices 
We haven't had a lot of patience for people who are under concerted assault by the sewer rat agencies and won't fight back.  This seems to be a combination of laziness and misguided pacifism ('All We Need is Love') in most cases but there's also an element of hypnotism.  Remember that the corporate world order has been adept at brainwashing the masses for millenia.  I wonder why more people aren't aware of this, yet.  Reading books is the only way to get the requisite information that leads to certainty about this; there's so much chaff mixed in with empowering info on the web and the more 'real' websites (like EW) are severely challenged to remain online.  Sometimes the authors are murdered, then the info disappears. When authors of empowering books are murdered it's usually possible to still get their books, thanks to the internet, which remains essentially uncontrolled except for occasional censorship and hacking.

Until three years ago, Carol and I adopted the 'Spartan' policy of making it so unpleasant for the corporate order's sewer rats to attack us that we didn't erect any passive barriers other than distributing orgonite (including earthppes) around our property.  By then, though, they had set up facilities to slam us from several directions with various electricity-powered weaponry, which we assume includes scalar, microwave and radio, all of which produce concentrated, deadly energy.  For a few months we made a game of Carol finding the locations of the transmitters by dowsing the map, then I flew to each location and dropped orgonite (sometimes including earthpipes).  Since the relief only lasted a day or two, each time, we eventually stopped doing that and just bore the unpleasantness, which amounted to a feeling that someone had us in a gunsight every time we stepped out of the house.  

An inexpensive little device that electricians use to find live wires in walls can be used to detect and measure the deadly energy that's being thrown at us:  we register strong voltage with it, even on our window surfaces, and it's easy to tell which directions they're slamming us from, also how strongly, by noting the current on the windows and walls of each side of the house.   This is something you can try if you wonder if the sewer rats are aiming weaponry at you.  

I bet they're not pleased that this has become a flower in the lapel of anyone who is under attack, especially when there are overt murder attempts and frequent poisonings Cool . I don't have a lot of patience for 'targets' who won't talk about this but rather just get sicker and sicker, while talking about 'unconditional love.'  You can bet the sewer rats approve of that attitude, since it enables them to do their damage secretly. What sort of mental conditioning compels one to remain silent about murderous tyranny? Talking publicly about it is more effective than shooting these bastards could be.  I'm an essential pacifist, since I sincerely believe that intelligent utterance will bring down the corporate world order and not bullets.  I think bullets would be counterproductive, these days...and can you guess who would be selling you the bullets? Wink

A lot of the feeling that we were in the sewer rats' gunsights while outside the house on our rented, two-acre property was due to assorted magic assaults, including 'turbo radionics' and ritual magic, very likely boosted by human sacrifice (usually children and babies).   It's because of their exploitation and slaughter of children that I think it's become very urgent to discard the corporate world order and especially the US, British and Israeli fascist government(s).  The Chinese government, with their Triad occult enforcers, are not as filthy as these three have become, probably because the Chinese are intent on trade rather than genocide.  Still, the Triads usually work along with the Western sewer rat agencies to keep the status quo of corporate oppression, including the oppression of American Blacks,  and I think it's only because they dont' understand that getting rid of these three terrorist governments will instantly boost the entire world's prosperity, thus the wold's ability to buy Chinese goods.  Discarding these three governments is no more traumatic to the body politic than expelling a huge tapeworm or curing a cancer tumor would be to an individual human body.

Some people fondly, if weirdly, imagine that the 'White Hats' in such agencies as the CIA and the US Congress are going to mysteriously turn everything around 'very soon' and that they're even carrying out 'an orchestrated plan' to save us all from the Black Hats (the ones in charge).   Shades of NESARA goofiness, in my opinion.  I will allow that there could be White Hats in the CIA if you will allow that there could be White Hats in the North American Man Boy Love Association, La Cosa Nostra and the Church of Satan. I think all of these tales originate in the sewer rat agencies as a last ditch effort to persuade the unwitting that the US/Brit/Israel gov't (state-sponsored terrorism) is worth salvaging.

When some of us started experimenting with 108s in 2009 we got a lot of powerful confirmations, including protection.  Nobody's figured out, yet, how the 108 seems to blast apart the magical aspects of the sewer rats' assaults on some of us but we don't need to understand something before we can use it and these are obviously harmless, after all.  You might have noticed that nothing that is promoted on this forum is harmful.  Even the boosting techniques, when they result in heart failure in some of our creepiest human targets, including mass murderers.  Some of us figure that these predators commit suicide by not opening their hearts to healing energy when they get an opportunity.  We've gotten confirmations in obituary pages and headline news from time to time. I think that militant pacifists are sometimes more hateful toward us on this account than the enemy (the ancient parasitic occult order) have been.

All of that having been said, I want to mention three passive devices that have been extremely helpful to many of us in at least diluting and scattering much of the energy campaign against us:  the 108, obsidian on Succor Punches and black candles.

For reports about the 108 just look at this old thread: ....well, I hunted for about an hour and failed to find this enormous thread, after failing to find it in a search.  I've mentioned that threads have disappeared, then reappeared after I mentioned the disappearance. Hopefully, this one will turn up again now that I've said it's gone.  I had been referring quite a few people to it over the years and it didn't move, then.  It started in the spring of 2009.  I guess we need to have a tutorial link for it.  It's based on a repetitive pattern (seven interlinked patterns) of Cesco's 18, which is 18 pieces of orgonite arranged in a star pattern, based on the hexagon.  I posted quite a bit about that during Cesco's visit, here, in the winter of 2007/8.  I failed to find that thread, too, in a search.  Cesco and I made an 18 that was three feet in diameter, constructed on an armature made of steel rods and wire.   He tossed that from a boat into a corrupted vortex at the confluence of the Columbia and Coeur d'Alene Rivers, west of Spokane, Washington.  We found that vortex by looking 'under' the only section of sky where chemtrails lasted longer than a few minutes.  That was fun.  That section of sky has remained preistine since that day, over three years ago.  He came up with the 108 the following year and that was our introduction. Kelly McKinnon had set up a modified version by his house and when we got there, a week later, there was a huge blue hole, overhead in the surrounding storm in the region. Cesco was visiting at the time.  We haven't experimented with Kelly's modification.

We made a lot of 18s to toss in the sea for the dolphins and whales along the Kona Coast of Hawaii. We rented kayaks to do that in April, 2008.

If these threads were, indeed, hacked (I think that Klaus' Atlanta Gifting thread may also have disappeared, briefly,  until I mentioned it, last week) then you might assume that this is all very helpful and empowering information. It's really important to note when overt sabotage happens because nearly everyone is steeply inclined to deny this sort of thing and collective, insistent denial is what the corporate order survives on as a parasite.

Klaus visited from Atlanta over the weekend an we took him to see Dooney and Stevo in Montana.  We had a chat session in the parlor on Sunday and Klaus, who is quite psychic and is just discovering it, discerned that the Triads were the main assailants who were trying to destroy his college.  Really, the tables had turned on the enemy before he came here but being around three other psychics and getting some practice working in a group, this way, has probably assured that he will keep developing his gift for the benefit of all.   He had seen a red, violently aggressive dragon as representing the current assault against his school, then during the chat the psychics all saw a green dragon subduing the red one and then settling right on the location of the school.   I suppose my psi contribution to that session was to suggest that a 108 at the school, made especially to honor the green dragon, would both honor the protector and increase the protection of the college..  The others figured it's a good idea and Carol intends to get some special gems for it, which I'll write about later on.  

Ben was making and selling smaller (about three feet diameter) 108s and we bought one last summer--it's in our bedroom.  I have a smaller one (made by myself) in the back of the SUV that I tow the trailers for the  boats and airplanes with. It's about 18 inches in diameter.  We all got a sense that the larger version would be better for Klaus' school and I'll be sending him a pattern for the layout, shortly.  I was hoping someone else would make it and sell it to him.  We have a fellow in mind but he hasn't returned my email.  I reckon there might be hacking involved but I'll try  again and will also CC Klaus with a request to forward it to him. This is how we break through hacker barriers, in case you didn't know. I call it an 'email tree.'  Remember telephone trees?  

Carol asked me to make a small 108 for a friend of hers, for her business place. When she went out of business she put it under her bed and her alcoholic, possessed husband was unable to sleep there. He became so openly hostile and  belligerent toward her that she divorced him.  He was calling the main parasitic entity who was hitch hiking on the alcohol (they call booze, 'spirits' for a good reason), 'My party friend.'  I didn't even recognize the fellow when I saw him, after that.

Two of the EW members who had contributed good material to the 108 thread sort of lost their composure and withdrew from EW at the height of the enquiry.  I don't mention them because I don't want to humiliate them. One of them even expressed hatred toward me on his/her way out; the other one's housemate simply turned up the heat so that she had to choose between him or EW. I bet she's sorry she chose badly but I told her she'll be welcome back, any time. I dread being alone as  much as anyone does.   The thing about the  power of subtle energy is that one has to be fairly detached in order to be responsible for it, much less to be comfortable around it. For a balanced person, more is better.  Tesla lived within a very powerful subtle energy field, generated by his massive coils.  I wonder if that was responsible for his long life and relatively good health. I think he was murdered by the FBI in his 90s.  Mark Twain, a revered friend of Tesla's,  once visited him and was warned not to stay too long within the energy field.  Twain scoffed at that but he $#!+ himself and then understood the warning Cool   Tesla coils put out extremely dense, blue and vital orgone.

That's the sort of power I'm talking about; not the power of having an advantage over others. That sort of power absolutely stinks and I think we'll find that elected leaders will be expected to honor this simple truth before long.  I can't think of a worse human quality than desire for leadership.

We have two of the large 108s on our rented airport property and Capt Azti has one at the server location where EW is hosted, outside of Washington, DC.  This model is eight feet in diameter.  I made two of them slightly larger for our upcoming desert-reversal project, which I'll be planting in the middle of dry lake beds in the American desert in Nevada and Arizona--airlifting them so that that the feds won't be able to follow tire tracks Cool

I placed our two property 108s about a month apart and I'm glad I did because it gave us a better idea of range and effects.  The first one went under the front porch and after that it felt fine around the outside of the house but when we were in and around the hangar it still felt horrid.  As soon as I put the other 108 beyond the hangar the entire property felt fine and it's remained that way since the summer of 2009. I imagine that the $#!+birds are entirely frustrated by this and have spent a lot of money, material and man (sic) hours trying to overcome the pleasant effects of those two devices.   They don't quit but I think it's evidence of their endemic mental imbalance, sort of like rats on a wheel with a pinch of bureaucracy.  They'll sure quit when the plug has been pulled on their despicable US Government, of course Cool

The next item is a flat piece of obsidian, glued to the crystal on a Succor Punch. I don't know why I never mentioned this, before because Carol has directed me to make ours this way for the past seven years--sorry for the omission!  Luis from Mexico, whom we did some of the earthpipe field research with near Portland, Oregon, in 2004, is a Yaqui Indian and an adept in the Yaqui magical traditions--a solid guy. He told us that in ancient times, obsidian was considered more valuable than gold.  Note that the Aztecs didn't care much that the Spaniards wanted their gold.  I wonder how different history would be if the Spaniards tried to seize their obsidian, instead Wink  . Luis is one of the few reputable folks I know who have met Lemurians in evident 3D near Mt Shasta.  Like the Seneca elder and Welsh witch, Dorothy West, he originally thought they were just dressed oddly. Carol and I heard them singing (like an acapella choir) from sunset until sunrise on the summer solstice, 2001 near Panther Meadow, way up on the mountain.  I think that all of these events are hyperdimensional but we're simply allowed to experience them as 3D with the help of these 'Operators.' I did have a curious episode of telepathy with Carol shortly before sunset, which is uncharacteristic of me. I think anyone can see their craft flitting around like fireflies over Mt Shasta on many nights.

I can get away with writing stuff like this without looking like a nut because my readers understand that I'm only reporting our subjective experiences and that nobody ought to feel obligated to believe or disbelieve me.  Many of us have discovered, through doing this work together, that reality is far beyond the capability of sci-fi, fantasy or horror writers to imagine or express.   Working with Don Bradley in the early years sort of cemented this in my own awareness because he easily confirmed a lot of what I had experienced in the hidden realms but had never known that others had similar experiences and realizations.  It's so nice to have the internet, where we can share these things without being concerned about censure.  The media and academia, meanwhile, are overrun with 'a tale told by an idiot.'  Getting clear of TV, disinformation websites and 'National Public Radio' is a requisite step toward independent examination of reality, which is our birthright and also our individual responsibility.

Carol loves the way obsidian absorbs deadly energy and evidently neutralizes it.  It's not hard to find small, flat pieces.  On some of our devices we attach spearheads made of obsidian because we like the adaptability of the shape.  Those are made the way cavemen did it but they're mass produced and often available in gem stores and perhaps online, inexpensively.  We use GOOP glue to attach obsidian to a Succor Punch crystal, above the mobius coil.  I need to experiment to find out if wrapping the coil around crystal and obsidian produces any remarkable effects.   Lately, we've also been putting obsidian eggs and spheres in the middle of cloudbuser bases wile casting them.  You can probably see why it's useful to add obsidian to a Succor Punch, which is often a protective device.  There are various sorts of obsidian, by the way, and a psychic or anyone who follows clean hunches can probably explore some of these.

The use of black candles is probably related to the use of obsidian.  Maybe the candles work so well on account of the involvment of fire elementals--I don't know.  I do know that we found it prudent to use the candles that are fully enclosed in glass jars, though, because several of ours have been toppled when we were out of the house during the worst of the attacks last fall.  A house fire would have been counterproductive.  I don't have a clue why some otherwise-intelligent folks have been spooked by our black candle recommendation. I wonder if this is a mild vestige of the Inquisition.  Only a fool conditions his understanding of reality with the prejudices of others, of course.  I think we're all being challenged to abandon prejudices of all sorts, now.  I think we're being challenged to excise the herd instinct from ourselves.  Those things are too easily manipulated by the corporate world order's sewer rat agencies, after all.

The 108 and other passive protective measures are aids, only.   If you won't fight back when the sewer rats gang up on you, working in shifts,  they're going to eventually win, perhaps resulting in your 'death by natural causes' sometime down the line.  Who wants to be a martyr to stupidity?


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Post Re: Passive Protection Devices 
Great tip about glueing Obsidian to the SP Crystal.

Here's some of the flat "arrowhead" shape I've found;

Ordering myself one of these pieces to glue onto my SP shortly along with some small Obsidian Pyramids, one for each room, Dooney initially told me to get some Obsidian last year as it's a great negative energy absorber.

Some Pyramids:

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Post Re: Passive Protection Devices 
Btw. about threads missing from EW, I think it's more a database issue that anything else, for example that one (Re: UK, Nordsea Gifting) should be on that page
but it is nowhere... I have to look it up by searching on google, the forum search engine doesn't work either since these topics are off-listed for some reason  Question They are still here but don't show up listed on the forum or listed in search results (through the forum search system).

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