David Wilcock

[Controlled opposition.]

David Wilcock: The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce, Half-Reptoid, Project Talent Graduate, Mind-Controlled Disinfo Assassin for the Iluminati  I previously mentioned that David Wilcock (affectionaly nicknamed “Wontdick” among the White Hats) had terminated his lover, Andrew Breitbart, but was unaware of doing it because his assassin alter was activated.
    Wilcock is a curious mixture of truth, lies, and clandestine operations. His claim that he is the reincarnation of Edgar Cayce is true. Somehow the Cabal knew Cayce was destined to incarnate into the child of Wilcock’s mother; they knew this from peering into a timeline where David Wilcock would become a powerful and charismatic leader and foe to Dracos. They altered the timeline by abducting his mother before she would conceive and forcing her to mate with a reptilian alien. Thus, Cayce’s soul entered a body that was half-lizard boy and prime for Cabal use.
oung Wilcock was enrolled in Project Talent and all the usual horrible things were done to him, as well as being a popular sex slave for the likes of Prince Charles, Henry Kissinger and Gerald Ford.  He was trained to be an assassin but did not have the body to be molded into a super solider; his mind was his best weapon. His psychic talents, coming from Cayce inside him, was quite powerful, so much that he was sent to Mantauk and used on the Montauk Chair. He was instructed by Ed Dames on Mars survival and went to Mars with Andrew Basaigo and Barry Soetoro before the great war and masscare, when Mars travel was switched to astral project and holograph tech. Troubled by seeping dreams of all this, in his teens and early 20s, Wilcock drank a lot and used drugs. When he became sober, he explored his psychic powers outside his alters.
    The Cabal feeds him inforation, true and false. His psychic powers alow him to see various futures but the Cabal manages to always dilute what he receives.
    Along with fellow mind-controlled assassin Sean David Morton, who both live in Los Angeles, they two have been teamed up on a dozen hit missions.

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