Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster


THE USE OF ATOMOC BOMB [Download Topic] Author Message  Owuor Chris 
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As the people who respect God or Christians,it is vividly that we are all called to positively affect the whole society where we live and seasoned it with moral wisdom ,justice and compassion.We also believe that humans, made in the Image of God.They are also of  a priceless value.
Now when it comes a time when a a notion or a peace keeping  body resorted to use such weapons as atomic bomb and other powerful and den
dangerous weapons  to defend or protect the lives of the oppressed individuals,What should be our view towards this?
You kill more lives to protect others between you and the others who is now the more oppressor?


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Any weapon made for killing people should defenetly be thrown away. Even more when it come to nuclear bomb. They are damaging the planet while doing test nuking (undewater life, etc.)....without even mentioning the nuclear waste.

I hope one day the people around the world will take control of the governements and stop this non-sense that is war. Here's an amazing speech from an ex-soldier wich I highly recomend to all the reader. It really depict well my vision of the war.


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Something that became clear when we started doing the chat sessions, nine years ago, is that nuclear detonations might not be possible in the presence of orgonite.  In those days, following the demolition of the World Trade Center by the US Government, the psychics and others discovered a wide variety of other false flag attack operations, mostly in the USA and many involving 'suitcase nuke' bombs, perhaps made in Israel for the US Government.  In the middle of all that, some New York police in a helicopter found a large stash of these tactical nuclear weapons in the Israeli consulate in Manhattan while they were flying around with radiation detection equipment, looking for 'terrorist' weaponry Cool   That, at least, got into the newspapers briefly, then was not mentioned again.

Tetsuzi-san and friends have distributed thousands of pieces of orgonite around the vicinity of the sabotaged nuclear plant (Fukushima) so I'm waiting for news of an objective reading of the radiation level, there.  In our experience, which should be considered subjective, simple orgonite quickly neutralizes radioactive material in the environment and even in the body.

The media play up the 'nuclear threat' because they're in the terrorism business, simply stated.

An inventor in Portland held a press conference in the early 1990s because he had developed a company and technology for easily changing radiactive waste from nuke plants into harmless batteries.  The press didn't show up but he did get some attention from the NSA's Men in Black, who threatened to murder his mother if he didn't quit the business.  Men in Black surrounded me after I finished gifting the satanic pentacle on which Washington, DC's main streets and monuments are situated. I initially thought they were morticians in cheap suits. I often wonder why some folks feel intimidated by these felons.

I think that as soon as the corporate world order fails, perhaps pretty soon, it will be easy to turn nuclear bombs into batteries, etc.   I'm constantly amazed by how easily the problems, described as 'unsolvable' by the media and academic prostitutes, can be solved effortlessly, now.

I don't know if anyone realizes that Chris and Nicholas have been in a potential warzone in Lake Victoria.  Migingo Island is only an acre and is populated by 500 people, including hostile members of the Uganda and Kenya military Cool and our friends have been distributing orgonite to all the fishermen and teaching them how to use it.  According to what I've read, that island was uninhabited until the 1990s.  It's literally a rock dome, sticking up out of the lake many miles off the Kenya coast.  It's a very long way from Uganda

As an example of easy solutions let's see how their orgonite affects that potential powderkeg.  Our friends in East Africa are in the habit of travelling to warzones and distributing orgonite to create peace.  Mrs Odondi will probably post about having changed a traditionally violent town (Nyamira) and tribe (human sacrifice and cannbalism were common) into peace lovers and she's got some good confirmations to share.  When Carol was in that vicinity in 2001 she wanted to take some orgonite to Nyamira but was unable to find anyone who would take her there on account of its reputation.

I keep stressing to our friends, there, the importance of recording these recurring miracles for the record Cool