Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster
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Fukushima Radiation Fear Mongering: An Orchestrated Scare Campaign Exceeding the Fraud of 9/11 (May 22, 2012)

[2012 April] Jim Stone - Fear Obscures Fukushima False Flag

Letter Sent to Henry Makow from Ken Adachi, posted on Jan. 28, 2012, re. Jim Stone's Fukushima Article & Commentary on Jim Stone's Career as a "Freelance Journalist" (Feb. 22, 2012)

[2012 Jan] The Argument that Fukushima Was Sabotaged  In February 2010, Japan offered to enrich uranium for Iran. Soon thereafter, an Israeli firm by the name of Magna BSP secured a contract to run security at the Fukushima Daiichi plant. They installed oversized cameras strongly resembling gun-type nuclear weapons. There is strong evidence that they planted Stuxnet, an Israeli computer virus that attacks Siemens power plant control systems, and which Israel previously used to damage Iran's nuclear program. Magna BSP also established internet data links in the reactor cores, in blatant violation of international nuclear regulations. All twelve members of that security team returned to Israel in the week before 3/11/11. In the aftermath of the disaster, the Israelis publicly monitored the reactor cores via their illegal internet data links. Yet no one took them to task for this.

[2012] Did the Dimona Dozen murder the Fukushima 50? by Jim Stone  Fukushima may in fact have been caused by an act of war under the cover of an environmental disaster.

[2012 Feb] Fukushima - What Really Happened

[2012 Jan] The Argument that Fukushima Was Sabotaged

[2011 Oct] Journalist Accuses Israel of Fukushima Sabotage  the former editor of a national newspaper in Japan says the U.S. and Israel knew Fukushima had weapons-grade uranium and plutonium that were exposed to the atmosphere after a massive tsunami wave hit the reactor. Second, he contends that Israeli intelligence sabotaged the reactor in retaliation for Japanís support of an independent Palestinian state.  According to Yoishi Shimatsu, a former editor of Japan Times Weekly, these nuclear materials were shipped to the plant in 2007 on the orders of Dick Cheney and George W. Bush, with the connivance of Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert.

[EW] Japan   The courageous Japanese gifters, notably Tetsuzi Moriwake in Hiroshima and Ayumi Sasaki on Hokkaido, spent years and many thousands of dollars putting up two hundred cloudbusters along the major and minor faultlines throughout the country and thousands of earthpipes.  I think it was the most intelligent, well-conceived large-scale orgonite effort to date and some of the Japanese who participated lost their lives during that time. I wish I knew more but that will happen someday.
    Ayumi has several contacts in China who are trying to buy orgonite cloudbusters from her but the gov't in China prohibits them from being imported.  I asked her to rather try to teach the Chinese how to make and use orgonite for now.
    When I saw that the quakes were centered very far offshore it was a confirmation for the work they did.
    I'm sure that energy weaponry was aimed at Japan from every direction by American, British, Russian and perhaps Chinese military spacecraft, navy vessels, distant broadcast facilities, etc., but when the psychics pooled their efforts in the chatrooms they kept seeing the main assault coming through a hyperdimensional portal from offworld, this time.  They looked again and again, at first unsure whether they were being collectively deceived but we've been at this for ten years and this just didn't have the 'color' of deception.  If it were fake, then the image would have fallen apart sooner than later.  Some of the psychics are still looking at Japan during the week and they're still seeing the remnants of that portal above much of the country.
    As our numbers increase, worldwide, the weather warfare infrastructure is falling apart.  It really doesn't take a whole lot of people to destroy this parasitic world order. This is a simple truth and I think it's about to become 'common knowledge.'
    I'll do what I can to bring attention to the miraculous achievements of our Japanese friends and I think that the disaster was at least partly an effort to discredit them, as Hurricane Wilma evidently was for Carol and I.  They threw that artificial storm directly at us--a straight, un-natural path across the entire Florida Peninsula a couple of weeks after we arrived in October, 2005.   There hasn't been another hurricane in that region, since then, and I personally doubt there will be another serious earthquake in Japan after this Cool

[EW] THE USE OF ATOMOC BOMB   An inventor in Portland held a press conference in the early 1990s because he had developed a company and technology for easily changing radiactive waste from nuke plants into harmless batteries.  The press didn't show up but he did get some attention from the NSA's Men in Black, who threatened to murder his mother if he didn't quit the business.  Men in Black surrounded me after I finished gifting the satanic pentacle on which Washington, DC's main streets and monuments are situated. I initially thought they were morticians in cheap suits. I often wonder why some folks feel intimidated by these felons.