Droopy Eyelid
Eyes  Project Monarch


Dyann Williams: "A common ‘real world’ physical side effect from the electroshock (ECT) torture victims undergo is one of their eyelids will exhibit visible signs of slight droopiness. Most Hollywood stars who have undergone this trauma have varying degrees of eyelid droopiness, in both men and women. Some victims do not display this eyelid issue at all, but the older the victim the more pronounced the result, presumably due to the lack of elasticity in their skin. It is common practice for Monarch Slaves to have their programming reinstalled and updated as they get older or when their programming breaks down (See Britney Spears’ notorious 2007 meltdown). Multiple sessions of electroshock torture over the years to create new alters is the likely cause for this eyelid issue."

Senator Ervin Yen

Williams, Robin

Cecil Roberts, head of Planned Parenthood

Fox, Megan