[Right eye radiates love, left eye will.]

Eye health
Light for health
Before and after
Black eye (symbol)
Black eyes
Bleeding eye (symbol)
Blue eyes (large)
Demonic/satanic eyes

Demonic/Satanic look
Droopy Eyelid
Eye disease
Eye Colour change (diet)
Eye colour change (shapeshifting)
Left Eye
Red Eyes
Stepford wives
Polygon iris
Reflections (symbol)
Reptile eyes

Reptile eyes (slits)
V shaped eyes
Reptile eyes (Video)
Right Eye
Sanpaku eye
Strange Eye (symbol)
Transparent eyelids
Kaleidoscope Eyes
L-shaped pupils
Trance eyes
Eyes with Spirit (Heart)
Similar eyes
Light gone out

Symbols, buildings
666 hand sign
All seeing eye (people)
All seeing eye symbol
All seeing eye with hand (people)
Black eye (symbol)
Bleeding eye (symbol)
Demonic/Satanic look
Eye (reptilian)

Eye lash (symbol)
Sanpaku eye
Snake/reptilian eyes (slits)
Strange Eye (symbol)

Tyelna, Masha
Mark Zuckerberg

Shapeshifting [Shapeshifting]
Polygon iris
Reptile eyes
Reptile eyes (slits)
V shaped eyes
Transparent eyelids
Reptile eyes (Video)
Kaleidoscope Eyes (Reptilian Holographic Failure)
L-shaped pupils

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The Fatherís Gaze

Secret Space War XVII: Who Runs the New NSA Facility At Bluffdale ?   For those that donít know, you can tell a hybrid, by the shape of their pupils when they turn their eyes 3/4s of the way towards their nose or outer cheek. The pupil sags sideways and looks triangular. Also, hybrid pupils DO NOT CONTRACT into small circles like human eyes do when hit with a strong light.

Donald Marshall

Before and after P Diddy

Left Eye

Mordaunt, Penny

Jeff Bezos

[2010] The sign of sodomy or the KEY of illuminati

Uncle Sam   Sanpaku eye

Stefani, Gwen

Furlong, Edward

Popes  Paul VI http://youtu.be/JNeYb3hwGHA

David Rockefeller

The CIA's Vincent Cannistraro - deeply involved in Lockerbie.

Spears, Britney

Minogue, Kylie


Kyle, Jeremy

Sargant, William
'Sargant still features in my nightmares. He was brusque and cold, and he never talked directly to you. Instead he issued orders over your head, talking about 'this one' and 'that one'. But that was preferable to making eye contact with this proud, incorrigible man with his dark, hard, evil eyes. I have only seen eyes like that on a couple of other people in my life'. ---My electric shock nightmare at the hands of the CIA's evil doctor


Criss Angel of Mindfreak

Rollings, Henry


Dick Fuld

Tamara Mellon

McCord, Anna Lynne

Count Hans Kolvenbach

Simmons, Gene

SKYE STRACKE                               SASHA PIVOVAROVA     GEMA WARD


















Newt Gingrich


Mark Zuckerberg

TRACE CYRUS, Miley's stepbrother and leader of the band METRO STATION

Ashelee Syntheticson


Bruni, Carla

Olsen Twins

Laura Ponte

Paula Zahn

Mapplethorpe, Robert

Eartha Kitt