Duke of Windsor (Edward VIII) & Wallis Simpson

[2012 Jan] 'The truth can't hurt them anymore': How a 1940s U.S. Marine-turned-rent boy slept with Hollywood's elite and 'had threesomes with Edward and Wallis'

[2010] Royal brothers at war: A new film tells of George VI's stammer, but it reveals nothing of the seething hatred between him and his brother Edward VIII  Edward repeatedly ridiculed and humiliated his brother over the stammer and was never forgiven. After Edward abdicated, George turned the tables in a vengeful feud which ended only with his death.

Hitler was a British Agent by Greg Hallett


"Lord Louis Mountbatten was a pedophile, adulterer and homosexual incestuous lover for 10 years...the former  King Edward VIII....was truly troubled by the revelations he too had betrayed the Canadians to the German Army, resulting in the open slaughter of those 4,000 men...the British monarchy arranged for MI-5 to blow up his boat (1979), happily covering their trail; by fitting up four IRA men....the tactic of blowing up one of your own leaders to cover up any incriminating evidence...was a face saving device to distract from even more damaging intelligence about the British monarchy working for the Germans, against peace, and for a prolonged war."--Hitler was a British Agent by Greg Hallett