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The Poison Papers   They disclose EPA meeting minutes of a secret high level dioxins working group that admitted dioxins are extraordinarily poisonous chemicals. The internal minutes contradict the Agency’s longstanding refusal to regulate dioxins or set legal limits. Collusion— They demonstrate EPA collusion with the pulp and paper industry to “suppress, modify, or delay” the results of the congressionally-mandated National Dioxin Study, which found high levels of dioxins in everyday products, such as baby diapers and coffee filters, as well as pulp and paper mill effluents.  They provide important new data on the infamous Industrial Bio-Test (IBT) scandal. By the late 1970s, it was known that more than 800 safety studies performed by IBT on 140 chemicals produced by 38 chemical manufacturers were nonexistent, fraudulent, or invalid. The Poison Papers, however, show that EPA and its Canadian counterpart, the Health Protection Branch (HPB), colluded with pesticide manufacturers, to keep invalidly registered products on the market and covered up problems with many IBT tests. Cover-up—  The papers also show that EPA staff had evidence that this IBT scandal involved more independent testing companies and more products than ever officially acknowledged.  Concealment— The papers show that EPA concealed and falsely discredited its own studies finding high levels of dioxin — 2,3,7,8-TCDD — in environmental samples and human breast milk following routine use of 2,4-D and 2,4,5-T (Agent Orange) by the federal Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management.  Intent— They show Monsanto chief medical officer George Roush admitted under oath to knowing that Monsanto studies into the health effects of dioxins on workers were written up untruthfully for the scientific literature such as to obscure health effects. These fraudulent studies were heavily relied upon by EPA to avoid regulating dioxin. They also were relied upon to defend manufacturers in lawsuits brought by veterans claiming damages from exposure to Agent Orange.

[2015] Poison Spring: The Secret History of Pollution and the EPA by E.G. Vallianatos, McKay Jenkins (Book)  “The EPA has been turned into an agency that rubber-stamps what industry wants. And you can’t have a healthy population and a healthy environment when industry does what it wants. Industry does not self-regulate; it just does not.”

[2015 June] EPA hid truth about glyphosate and cancer for decades to protect Monsanto's corporate profits

EPA Faked the Entire Science of Sewage Sludge Safety: A Whistleblower's Story   Dr. Lewis details an unprecedented case of scientific misconduct. Approved at high levels, it spanned EPA, local and city municipalities, USDA, Synagro Technologies (a waste management company), leading universities, and the National Academies of Science. This pan-institutional misconduct falsely presented sewage sludge as safe, hid the evidence that it was not, falsified the reported contents of municipal sludge, and smeared Dr Lewis with a scientific misconduct charge after he blew the whistle. As a consequence, sewage sludge can be legally used as fertilizers when in fact they are highly polluted industrial wastes.

[vid] EPA a tool for UN Agenda 21

[2011 June] Inventions Suppressed by the EPA  In its entire history, the EPA has not found one single innovation to be effective at increasing fuel efficiency. After thousands (or tens of thousands) of inventions being tested by their protocols, not one has received their vote of approval.  Thousands of inventions proved false? Doesn't this strike you as odd?......An unknown number of solutions have been created to solve our world's problems, and the respected authorities, through application of faulty and inadequate testing methods, shove them (and their solutions) into obscurity.  If they were to agree to adding to the protocols, it would prove conclusively the fraud that has been perpetrated on every fuel-efficiency developer since the mid-70's that has submitted their devices for validation.

[vid 2011 Aug] Why the birds and bees are dying. The EPA knows, but aren't telling  Banned everywhere, but legal in the US. Does it get more corrupt than this? A corporation is allowed to rip the heart of America's agricultural system (honeybees are ESSENTIAL for pollination) and not one of the scumbags in Congress or the empty suits in the White House are doing a thing about it. We don't have a government in this country. We have a gang of self-serving thieves.

[2005] E.P.A. Accused of a Predetermined Finding on Mercury  The Environmental Protection Agency's inspector general charged on Thursday that the agency's senior management instructed staff members to arrive at a predetermined conclusion  favoring industry when they prepared a proposed rule last year to reduce the amount of mercury emitted from coal-fired power plants

[2004] EPA rule written to suit industry, staff says Political appointees in the Environmental Protection Agency bypassed agency professional staff and a federal advisory panel last year to craft a rule on mercury emissions preferred by the industry and the White House, several longtime EPA officials say

[1999] Monsanto employees and government regulatory agencies employees are the same people!

[1998] Dangers of Chlorinated Water In the U.S., chlorine is added to public drinking water supplies as a public health measure to kill harmful bacteria in the water. The added chlorine reacts with naturally-occurring organic matter in the raw water (chiefly humic and fulvic acids), creating a host of chlorinated chemicals as by-products. Health agencies, including the federal EPA [Environmental Protection Agency] simply ignore most of these by-products and know almost nothing about them. Instead, they focus on four by-products, allowing these four to act as surrogates for all the others. The four that EPA pays attention to are chloroform, bromoform, bromodichloromethane, and chlorodibromomethane. Together, these four are called "trihalomethanes" or THMs. According to federal drinking water regulations, if a public water supply serving over 10,000 people contains more than 100 parts per billion (ppb) of total trihalomethanes, the water is unacceptable. However, since there are usually no other available sources of drinking water, EPA is usually not in a position to do anything except urge the water supplier to try to clean up its act.


Reptile eyes (slits) Scott West, Former EPA investigator http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KnEDZp9aFKQ

Mercury, Autism and the Global Vaccine Agenda by  David Ayoub, M.D.