Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

Poison Spring: The Secret History of Pollution and the EPA (Book)

by E.G. Vallianatos, McKay Jenkins (Book)

 March 3, 2014


Review (pdf)

Page 93: " Could there be a connection between crib death and pesticides? Botulinum toxin occurs in nature, but like the man-made parathion, it is an asphyxiating nerve poison that can choke a human being just as it can an insect. Organophosphate sprays, like parathion, combine with other toxic chemicals to form synergistic super-poisons.  Even minute amounts of parathion could become monstrously toxic in the presence of minute amounts of botulinum toxin. There maybe something in some infants' intestines that triggers the lethal reaction. Tiny capsules of parathion in the honey and other foods infants eat could be that trigger. Parathion alone could also do the job.
    Botulinum spores are everywhere in the environment, and in most cases they are harmless. But they have also been connected to sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), which kills as many as ten thousand American infants every year. Botulinum spores create toxin-inducing bacteria in the intestines of infants, and these bacteria give off the deadly clostridium that kills the infant by respiratory arrest. In other words, botulinum acts like parathion or other nerve poisons. Thus an infant with any nerve pesticide in his/her stomach might face death not merely because of the toxic power of parathion alone but from the botulinum spores lying dormant in the stomach as well. The two poisons interact with deadly effects. It may be that the parathion molecules activate the botulinum spores."


“The EPA has been turned into an agency that rubber-stamps what industry wants. And you can’t have a healthy population and a healthy environment when industry does what it wants. Industry does not self-regulate; it just does not.”