Export of mercury and withdrawn vaccines
State Terrorism

[The classic is MMR Urabe, withdrawn in Canada, exported to UK, withdrawn there, and exported to Brazil, and may still be in circulation.  Don't bet against it.  The name for this behaviour is Psychopathy and Alien.  The use of  Mercury  (also Aluminium Tween 80) was always about poisoning,  Death, and Sterilisation, first and foremost, while living off the sick Diseased victims.  The greatest export for killing and maiming is the Sabin OPV vaccines Covert genocide via OPV  vaccination, although the Smallpox vax was the gold standard for third world medical terrorism, after proving itself terrorising the British population with Death, Smallpox, Leprosy, Syphilis, Erysipelas.... etc, and getting them to pay for it, while opposing Sanitation reform.]

See:Vaccine mercury poisoning AZT  ARV genocide

Tell Washington USA Should Not Export Mercury to Global Children  the American Academy of Pediatrics representing the United States of America by exporting mercury laden medical products around the global in an acts that could only be called periodic table of the elements' terrorism.

[2012 Dec] The British Dimension - the WHO Mercury Cover-Up and the CDC By John Stone  The World Health Organizationís policy on thimerosal and vaccines was confirmed in June 2002 on the basis of known to be false and flawed data in a British study sanctioned by the US Centers for Disease Control, subsequently included in the notorious Institute of Medicine  review of Thimerosal and MMR, and only finally published in PEDIATRICS, the Journal of the Academy of American Pediatrics in September 2004.  But it was known at the CDC before work on the paper began in 2001 that the data was unsuitable for reviewing the WHO program. It is essential to re-examine this matter in the light of the forthcoming UN decision over whether mercury should be retained in vaccines.