Fake crowd scenes and photos  Iraq

Faking It!!!

Arpad Kovacsy writes: These are the current (4-21-03) covers of U.S. News and of Newsweek (two of the top three U.S news weeklies).

The U.S. News cover photo is attributed to Sungsu Cho of Gamma and is captioned "In Central Baghdad, a member of the U.S. Marine 3rd Battalion, 4th Regiment is surrounded by jubilant Iraqis celebrating the collapse of Saddam Hussein's regime, April 9, 2003."

The Newsweek cover photo is attributed to Jerome Delay - AP (no caption).

Note it is the same guy in the same striped shirt kissing two different Americans. With all the thousands of Iraqis supposedly welcoming us with open arms, you'd think that Gamma and AP could have found at least two spontaneously happy Arabs to take photos of instead of posing the same Chalabi hack. I thought journalism was about reporting the news, not faking it. Stalin and his henchmen would be proud."

And as others have pointed out: note the similar titles, ‘Winning the Peace’. An indication, maybe, that they came from the same source?