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Is Maurice Strong a real person or just another character?


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[vid 2016] Fake News Industry Scripted by CIA

[vid 2016] Fake News Compilation (BBC, CNN, FOX, NBC, NYT)

[2015 vid] Why Did They Pass a Law That Makes Staged Hoaxes & Crisis-Acted Movies Legal?

[2012 May] BBC Caught Passing Off Old Photos From Iraq as Being of Syrian Massacre

Do we live in a real Truman Show?

[2012 Jan] A tale of two protests by Jim Stone it ended up being the melodies they were using to sing their pro-war rants against Syria. THE MELODIES WERE THE ONES SANG ON THE SABBATH AT THE JEWISH SYNAGOGUES. And the guy with the bullhorn? He was leading chants with the same melodies used for marching cadences in the US military! So it was a tradeoff between American military cadence melodies and what was sung at the synagogues. I knew for certain it had to be a psy op, Islamic countries do not chant melodies at protests for one, and Muslims don't know what the Jews sing in their synagogues. It was creepy. So I took a few photos.....The anti war rally was documented with cell phones and people like me, walking around with semi-pro SLR's, while the phony rally got the big television cameras and enormous lenses.

[vid] Final Cut of the EXPOSED Series. 1 of 3 BANNED ON YOUTUBE  ED CHIARINI

[vid 2011 Dec] FOX News caught using fake video of riots in Russia  News bulletins around the world have been following Russia's election rallies. But one channel stands out - America's Fox News has been showing streets ablaze, violent clashes and firebombs thrown at security officers, but with one major problem - the images are not from Russia, they're from Greece!

[2011 Sept] Spy Comedy: CIA/Israeli Funded Group Creates Phony Terror Website – Germans Bust Them As Al Qaeda  Group hired by FBI to create phony intelligence to sell to the US government arrested by German counter-terrorists as “Al Qaeda” cell.  “Mossad busted in Al Qaeda sting, same group responsible for creating bin Laden videos and tapes taking credit for 9/11.”

[vid] Occupy WallStreet EXPOSED.

[vid] 911 ACTORS

[vid] Columbine and South Park EXPOSED!

[vid] Enduring LIE EXPOSED! This war is a fraud and here is the proof!

[vid] 911 HARLEY GUY ACTOR MARK HUMPHREY  Actor Mark Humphrey performed the role of a phony 911 witness in a prefabricated 'man in the street' scene later deceptively broadcast as a live September 11 interview.

[vid] Full 911 Harley Shirt Guy Scene - Actor Mark Humphrey Is "FOX Freelancer" "Mark Walsh"  Here is a curious moment at 1:48...this "man on the street" not only knows the reason why the towers fell (ie due to structual failure) but he also utters the now famous phrase for the FIRST time that this is "ground zero".

Israel and the NWO EXPOSED!
[2011 Sept] How Actors Are Used by Media to Fake News Events by ED CHIARINI

[vid 2011] Jubilation as Tripoli falls...in India? BBC peddles footage from India as Libyan demonstation   The truth is there are no jubilation in Tripoli because even the most dull-witted there realize their country has been taken over by a western coup. Question: If there is no jubilation then where exactly do you get shots for the TV showing massive happy crowds in Tripoli's "Green Square"? (soon to be re-named "Martyr Square" by a CIA scriptwriter.) Answer: Just get some archive footage from a demonstration in India completely unrelated to the story, slap "live" on it and have the idiot news readers say it's from Tripoli. Those people all look the same anyway, right?  That's the BBC folks. And people worry if blogs are a reliable source of information.


[2009 Dec] GORDON DUFF AND BRIAN JOBERT: IS ISRAEL CONTROLLING PHONY TERROR NEWS?  Who says Al Qaeda takes credit for a bombing?  Rita Katz.  Who gets us bin Laden tapes?  Rita Katz.  Who gets us prettymuch all information telling us Muslims are bad?  Rita Katz?  Rita Katz is the Director of Site Intelligence, primary source for intelligence used by news services, Homeland Security, the FBI and CIA.  What is her qualification?  She served in the Israeli Defense Force.  She has a college degree and most investigative journalists believe the Mossad “helps” her with her information.  We find no evidence of any qualification whatsoever of any kind.  A bartender has more intelligence gathering experience.  Nobody verifies her claims.  SITE says Al Qaeda did it, it hits the papers.  SITE says Israel didn’t do it, that hits the papers too.  What does SITE really do?  They check the internet for “information,” almost invariably information that Israel wants reported and it is sold as news, seen on American TV, reported in our papers and passed around the internet almost as though it were actually true.  Amazing.

[vid] Palestinians celebrating the fall of the twin towers on 911   (FALSIFIED VIDEO REALLY TAKEN IN 1991: Courtesy Fox News)

[vid] Fake Al Qaeda Actors EXPOSED! Adam Gadahn & Yousef al-Khattab

[2003] Doctored Photo from the London Evening Standard the front page of the London Evening Standard (circulation: 400,000) contained a blurry image supposedly showing a throng of Iraqis in Baghdad celebrating the toppling of Saddam Hussein. What we are really looking at is an incredibly ham-fisted attempt at photo manipulation."

[2003] Fake 'Dancing In The Streets' - Free Iraqi Forces Get Around

[Iraq] A Tale of Two Photos

[vid] Road of Death in Iraq

[2003] Faking It!!!

[vid] Actors On 911

[2011 Aug] Phony Letterman Threat Tracked to Israeli SITE  a Fox News broadcast.  Fox says it is Palestinians celebrating the 9/11 attacks.  In fact, the video is older (1991), a simple holiday celebration unrelated to anything, supplied by Israeli intelligence just as the stories about Saddam and the poor babies in Kuwait, you remember, the ones taken from their incubators?
    This one, perhaps one of the most vicious propaganda attacks on the US ever made, pure racism, pure Islamophobia, came from Rupert Murdoch and the same folks who invented the threat against David Letterman.  This video makes up one small piece of evidence leading investigators to Tel Aviv when looking for the real perpetrators of the 9/11 attacks.  You see, this video was prepared and passed on to Fox News prior to 9/11.

This is how western "reliable" sources "create" news about events in Syria. This is the picture of AP (The Associated Press, US news agency) that was published by different newspapers (The Telegraph, The Huffington post and others) to give more credibility to their words. In fact this picture wasn't taken in war zone. Does anyone really think these people would be standing around with their hands on their hips in war zone?

Mossad Agent posing as Al Qaeda, AGAIN!!

Al-Qaeda Adam Gadahn, pictured above, is the so called Al Qaida spokesperson who released videos of himself preaching Al Qaida goals and ideology on numerous occasions. The FBI even have him on their most wanted terrorists list. It turns out he is a Jew named Adam Pearlman, from California. Adam's grandfather, Carl Pearlman, was a prominent surgeon and on the Board of Directors of the Anti-Defamation League! Israel did 9/11, ALL THE PROOF IN THE WORLD!!


Tony Greenberg  This is Tony Greenberg  & this is the Character he plays named David De Rothschild.  Flight 253  (Underwear bomber)

[2012 Book] 9/11–Enemies Foreign and Domestic by Edward Hendrie