Fish head/Mitre

[Nimrod and Dagon symbol.]

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The hat of the pope is called a mitra in latin. Mitra means litterlaly "cap with bands". The bands are the "aten" bands.We have seen them on the globus cruciger. The cap with bands represents the ressurection of osiris(kronos/crown/saturn). The new god is zeus (jupiter). The transition is seen here as the crown/kronos with mitra

The austrian imperial; the golden age (time of saturn) makes place for the time of jupiter (red sky)


The Papacy pt.1  Triple tiara

Nimrod or Dagon, the fish god of Babylon, and the mitre worn by the popes

Zooming in you can better see the man wearing the fish head mitre of Babylon. Also notice how the scales of the fish run down the back of the man  

In this etching of Dagon (Dag - fish, on - sun) the sun-fish god of Babylon, you can see the fish head mitre as well as the scales running down the back much better  

Cybele, the mystery goddess of Asia Minor as well as Syria illustrates rather plainly the Episcopal mitre upon her head  

Roman Catholic serpent crosier of the bishops as well as high church officials. Also notice upon every Bishop as well as every Pope you will find the fish head mitre of Babylon.

Upon every Bishop as well as every Pope you will find the fish head mitre of Babylon   

The fish head mitre comes from worshippers of 'Dagon' from around 300 A.D. His symbol was a hat shaped like a fish's mouth with a long piece of cloth that draped down over the back of the wearer, which was painted or embroidered to look like the body of a fish. At first, they even kept the spots on either side of the "fish head" which represented the fish's eyes. Horus, the Egyption god was known as “the Way,” and “the Fisher,”. You might think that the fishiness of the mitre would have been suppressed over time. Yet, these Roman Catholics images from the 18th century still make the fish head allusion very explicit. Why