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GAVI Guts UK For £1.5 Billion, Bill Gates Applauds

By Christina England | June 21st, 2011

On Monday 13th June, David Cameron hosted a meeting with GAVI (Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunizations) and sent shock waves around the world, after he pledged £814 million of taxpayers money to the to a child vaccine programme run by the Microsoft billionaire Bill Gates. This takes the UK’s total spend to £1.5 billion. Defending his decision, Cameron said:

“There is a strong moral case for keeping our promises to the worlds poorest and helping them even when we face challenges at home”

According to the Daily Mail, his pledge was praised by Mr Gates as being ‘human generosity at its finest’. The Mail continued:

“As well as being more than five times the £274million pledged by the U.S., it is more than 30 times higher than Germany’s £44million and almost 50 times the £30 million given by Spain. Japan gave just £5.5 million, while China gave nothing.”

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Whilst Cameron received a standing ovation inside the five star hotel, outside, the mood was less jovial. At 8am that morning, protesters, had began to gather together to protest about sending money to the third world for vaccines. Allison Edwards, the mother of a severely vaccine damaged child, said:

“I stood with remarkable people, who had tragic stories to tell – vaccine damage can make you very determined to warn/tell others.

The conference discussed all aspects of vaccines and immunization but had completely eradicated the possibility of vaccine safety from their message. The conference was called “Saving Children’s Lives” and it is a very brazen title, considering the eighth and last question aimed at Bill Gates at the Press Conference, by a Daily Mail Reporter, Sally Beck asked whether the poor will have access to a vaccine damage payment fund, as the rich kids do but her question was dodged and remained unanswered.”

This was an extremely good question and one worthy of an answer. It amazes me how these vaccine advocates always avoid the tricky questions. Alison continued,

“Our best moment was when MBC TV from Dubai, an Arabic station came out and did a full Arabic interview with Dr Majid on the pavement, with presenter pieces to camera and included English interviews with myself and Sarah Fisher, mother of Georgie who died aged 18 months, on the 10th day following his MMR vaccine (within the 14 day incubation period of the viruses). She held her newspaper front page banner aloft showing Georgie’s face under the headline “MMR Killed Our Healthy Baby” – pictures of Georgie are all she has left. My son Jon is 14 severely autistic, and still in nappies, and hardly any speech, he was fine before his MMR. We are saddened mums, the portrayal of deaths and damage after vaccines. Iris and Derek both almost octogenarians stood alongside their daughter for five hours to represent their grandson David, who has autism, the impact of his condition on their family is overwhelming”.

Anna Watson who runs the organization Arnica, reiterated a question put to Mr Gates during a phone in. The question was:

“Question put to Bill Gates on the Save the Children Phone in..

Each year half a million children die from diarrhea caused by rotavirus, but over a million die from lack of clean water and sanitation.

Vaccines may have helped reduce child deaths by 30% since 1990 but the WHO found that mortality has reduced overall by 23% in the developing world just from the introduction of Vit A supplements.

How is the Gates Foundation getting on with your “aim to help reduce death and disability due to micronutrient deficiencies and to prevent under nutrition in children age 0 to 24 months in developing countries?”

And what plans will you build in for water and sanitation programs to support your vaccine program please?”

Tricky question considering that the vaccine planned to be sent to the third world is the Rotarix (GlaxoSmithKline), a vaccine suspended in several countries in 2010 because it was found to contain pig DNA.

The Arnica Network was formed in 2007 by parents concerned about the vaccination program and interested in the role of Natural Health in disease. Within a few years, 50 new Arnica groups have started nationwide, which we feel reflects the strong interest in natural immunity and the need for like-minded friendship and support systems when making such choices for our families.

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It sickens me that Mr Cameron can send all this money to the third world for vaccines and take funding away from autistic children, the disabled and the elderly in the UK. Over the past 18 months the UK has seen:

Well we certainly know where David Cameron’s priorities really lie, don’t we? I believe it is not only Bill Gates that needs to answer a few questions. I would like to ask David Cameron, why he feels the need to pledge £1.5 billion pounds to the third world vaccine programme and pay for this by robbing the UK’s most vulnerable people? I would also like to ask – what use are vaccines to a starving child, dying of malnutrition?