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[2011 June] GAVI Guts UK For 1.5 Billion, Bill Gates Applauds By Christina England

[2011 May] UK Mum Gives Speech in Teen Son's Nappy To Drive Autism Point Home

[2009 May] Mother takes fight to Parliament "My son is severely autistic, he is doubly incontinent....I had to fight for his nappies, the most basic need for his disability, and I can't get what I need, and I saw an MP put in expenses claims for nappies.  It is appalling....I had to take out a legal action to get what I need for my son."

[2009 Aug] MMR Road Show Parents Demonstration

[2009 April] The London Rally - But Home is Where the DVD Is By Allison Edwards

[2009 Jan] The Circus On Euston Road by Allison Edwards & Martin J Walker

[2008 Dec] MMR and the Inquest into the Death of Toddler George Fisher By Allison Edwards  I am the Mum of a boy who became severely autistic after his MMR. I sat next to Jackie Fletcher, of JABS a remarkable lady and mother to Robert who has a most profound disability after his MMR too. We have reason to believe that the faith and trust we parents place in those guardians of public health on immunisations has become much more about their own protection than our childrens'. We have been betrayed. We trusted their word and gave the vaccine they recommended. So much more depth and honesty is deserved when it goes wrong but in this case it would be admitting to murder if they knew about adverse reactions yet persisted with their safety assurances. Unfortunately I predict that no-one will be held accountable and the death put down to an "unascertained cause".

[2008 July] And Now, the Unvarnished Truth from Across the Pond By Allison Edwards

[March 2008] MMR campaigner to protest at GMC

Living With Vaccine Damage By Allison Edwards