Stalin Mao Zedong

Gifting The United Nations To Stalin

a book by Greg Hallett

[pdf] The Illegitimate Rothschild Family Tree

The Jews are not good rulers of the planet. They bred the Jewish leaders of WWII, hid their Jewish secret society origins and then used them to kill Jews in order to create a state of Israel. Ever since, Israel has been a Mecca for war, peace frauds, oil thefts, insurance jobs (9-11), international designer drug rings, and political-psychological sex-rings.

The sexual and psychological training of Western leaders has led to such control of governments, voting has become a complete waste of time, disguised, rather badly, as free choice.

This has resulted in a One World Order where entire economies are controlled by globalisation, where stock and financial markets are rigged – the Jews again – either to retain or replace the current leader of a country.

The British Police are constantly fitting people up for crimes that they, or their secret society, committed. The British Police then colonised the planet with their methods and now police everywhere routinely fit up their citizens – especially when they have spoken out.

Hitler, Stalin, Churchill and the British Monarchy were all related. They were all Jews, and all a subset of the Rothschild family. The famous five then went about migrating Jews through pogroms, and killing Jews under the guise of war.

As planned, this created enough public sympathy to be given a country.

Israel has been at war ever since and has provided the mechanisms and arms for most international conflicts from 1948 – with the Rothschilds creating the conflicts from the 1840s.

The media has become an exercise in lying to the public.
The Jews control the media and the people in it.
Through media lies the Jews have presented themselves as a meek peace-creating people.
The opposite is true.
The Jews are the biggest warmongers on the planet.
They control the finances, the media, monarchies, governments, drugs, the sex industry and the financial markets – but principally they control the US Government to such a degree that America’s international policy is Israel’s domestic policy.
So why is Henry Kissinger, the Jewish mass murderer of some 50 million people, in the White House, and why has he remained unchallenged for four decades?
A little background on inside jobs might help.
Let’s start with the British Police, Pearl Harbor and a nuclear test in San Francisco.