Grateful Dead

The first United States-grown rock group of that [psychedelic] type, the Grateful Dead, was generated as a British intelligence operation by the Occult Bureau of [Aldous] Huxley and [Gregory] Bateson out of the Palo Alto Veteran's Hospital where they were doing LSD and related experiments.
- Why would British intelligence want to put out a rock group?
This is part of the Satanism business. Call it the counterculture. Call it the Dionysius model of the counterculture. Rock [music] is essentially a revival of the ancient Dionysic, Bacchic rituals. Lots of people for long periods of time in that kind of particular rhythmic ritual which was probably struck upon empirically many thousands of years ago for this type of cult. It does have a relationship to the Alpha rhythms of the brain. It does produce these sorts of states. If combined with a little alcohol and more, shall we say, mood shaping substances, with youth, with funny sex, this does produce a profound change of a countercultural type. Another word for it: New Age. The longer term: Age of Aquarius. People were experimenting with various utopian models, constructing small groups experimentally which were considered New Age types. ---- Lyndon LaRouche on the 60's counter-culture, rock music, LSD and the occult (see also this...)


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