Grimaldi Royal family
Dope Inc 

Albert, Prince

Israel owns other entire states, virtually extant (lock, stock & barrel). The most famous of these is Burma, now called Myanmar (which Israel turned into a giant methamphetamine lab) and Monaco, which they own through the Grimaldi Royal family. Prince Rainier died recently of old age, requiring his son to step in and supposedly pick up the royal reigns. The old man, called Tax' in criminal parlance, was the only tax on Mafia heroin before it found its way to the United States. In reality, one civil servant in Tel Aviv kept the entire file and made all decisions, including the state of the Prince's pocket money and alimony. [2009] THE SEX COLLECTORS - How the World is run on Shame - Vol. II, MURDERS by Greg Hallett

After near bankruptcy post-WWII, Monaco's bank was taken over by Aristotle Onassis. Monaco then became a meeting point for drug shipments, washing drug money ... and a tax haven. .........Jacques Cousteau was removed as Princess Graces lover by Prince Rainier. He bargained for a fully equipped deep-sea exploration ship complete with all the film gear to make documentaries. This gave Prince Rainier the required space to traffic. Princess Grace was then killed in 1932 as a warning from the Sicilian Mafia to Prince Rainier whose drug shipment tax through Monaco became too rapacious. RAF Signals Staff on Cyprus/Crete intercepted and decoded the operational order to tamper with her Rover 3.5 which then fell down a 10 foot bank. She survived, but died in hospital. Jacques Cousteau was then awarded the American/Jewish Medal of Freedom in 1985. Pope John Paul II got his in mid 2004. Prince Rainier was sick from December 1999. hospitalised from 7 March 2005 and died of heart and kidney failure (72) on 6 April 2005. so he had been out of the picture for the Afgahan wars, the NATO takeover, and the final two months of shipping and preparations. [2010] THE SEX COLLECTORS - How the World is run on Shame - Vol. III, HEROIN TICKET by Greg Hallett