'Joanie Phoney'
Baez, Joan

Joan Baez: Free speech for me, but not for thee?

http://doppels.proboards.com The real Joan Baez had an Amerindian type of face and skin tone, from her father's Mexican ancestry. The Foan Faezes do not. Real Joan was a much better guitar player, too....Al Capp called her "Joanie Phoney." He also angrily confronted Charlie Brill on film in the Fohn-Yoko Ono Montreal, Canada "Bed-In for Peace," stopping just short of calling Fohn an imposter but strongly implying it (for those able to pick up on it). As with his "Joanie Phoney" cartoons, people just took it as part of Capp's newly right wing political bent, but in retrospect it's obvious he was trying to lay out public clues to the CIAlebrity impostering which horrified him.