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Joanie Phoney

Before and after

Music   [[1960] Joan Baez]

Before and after (audio visual)   [Before and after (visual)  Before and after (audio visual)] The real Joan Baez had an Amerindian type of face and skin tone, from her father's Mexican ancestry. The Foan Faezes do not. Real Joan was a much better guitar player, too....Al Capp called her "Joanie Phoney." He also angrily confronted Charlie Brill on film in the Fohn-Yoko Ono Montreal, Canada "Bed-In for Peace," stopping just short of calling Fohn an imposter but strongly implying it (for those able to pick up on it). As with his "Joanie Phoney" cartoons, people just took it as part of Capp's newly right wing political bent, but in retrospect it's obvious he was trying to lay out public clues to the CIAlebrity impostering which horrified him.

AMERICAN MASTERS : Joan Baez: How Sweet the Sound. Joan Baez performs "Barbara Allen."  

AMERICAN MASTERS : Joan Baez: How Sweet the Sound. Joan Baez performs The Carter Family's "I Will Never Marry."

Compare visually and vocally to these (first one mega difference to one above):

Foan Baez - The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down. A confederate-"Joan Baez" doing a pro-confederacy song by "The Band," previously with Fob Fylan. The Foan Faez here looks very un-Joan like, hardly even close. A really sloppy imposter both visually and vocally, but especially the visual.

Blowing in the wind

All My Trials Lord

It Ainīt Me. Babe

Mary Hamilton

The Green Green Grass Of Home

Diamonds and Rust - Live, 1975

Amazing Grace (Live)

Don't cry for me, Argentina


Joan Baez - It Ain't Me Babe - BBC "In Concert" Show (1965)



Warrior Of The Sun - Live Paris 1983

[1994] House Of The Rising Sun

Donna Donna - Live Paris , 1983


2007  Donna Donna

1969 sound only

2007 My Home's Across The Blue Ridge Mountains

The Water Is Wide (audio)

The Water Is Wide (audio from the Farewell Angelina sessions)










Civil Rights March on Washington, D.C. 28. August 1963.






Joan Baez

Laurel Canyon, Houdini, and MK Ultra by Paul A Drockton M.A. 

Inside The LC: The Strange but Mostly True Story of Laurel Canyon and the Birth of the Hippie Generation

Foan Baez:
Phil Ochs developed a multiple personality. He was a part of a group I called the "Baez Contras" who surrounded Joan Baez. It's known that Joan was used in C.I.A. mind control experimentation at a very early age. She was subjected to trauma-based programming, which is still in use today in the creation of multiple personalities. If you look at the latest record by Joan Baez, she thanks her multiple personalities on the back of the record. Then you have her friend Phil Ochs, who was equally adamant in his opposition to the U.S. government and covert operations — and he developed a multiple personality by the name of John Train. It wasn't until ten years later that the name "John Train" surfaced as a C.I.A. operative working on Wall Street. As a matter of fact, Lyndon LaRouche complained about an agent named John Train who supposedly led him to his present jail sentence. During the 1960s and Seventies, John Train of the C.I.A. had the job of disrupting the Left, which was the sole purpose of Operation Chaos. So how was it that Phil Ochs came to have a multiple personality with the name of an actual C.I.A. agent? We know Phil Ochs was found hung in 1976 and it was his alternate personality that did the hanging that actually assassinated the host personality.
The F.B.I. and C.I.A. came together in Operation Chaos; it was an inter-agency program that drew upon the entire intelligence apparatus of the U.S. government. As I say, it was the largest covert project in American history.  She's admitted in private letters to two organizations for mind control victims that she had been submitted to trauma-based programming as a child. Her father was the head of Operations Research at Cornell University, which is known today as being the home base for all MK-Ultra contracts during the 1950s. [1998] Secret & Suppressed: Alex Constantine by Adam Parfrey

Joan Baez survived the chaos backlash, she fully understood that political assassination could be her reward for openly castigating military-industrial masters of war. Her close friend Martin Luther King Jr., the worlds most honored civil rights leader told her and a group of activists before delivering his famed speech how the police had dumped him in the hole and it was black and he couldn't see. They shoved food in the room but he wouldn't eat it for fear it was poisoned starving and afraid he got on his knees and prayed and when he got up he said it didn't matter anymore.
    Kings entourage hid their pain when they knew what he meant. We knew he was going to die, and he was ready to die, and he was ready to make a commitment to Vietnam etc. He said, "I have been to the mountaintop and I have seen the Promised Land and it doesn't matter anymore."
    Joan Baez wrote a memoir, And a Voice to Sing With, (1987) of her childhood and her father as a bright young Stanford scientist "Albert Baez recognized the danger of the unleashed atom even in the early days" He took a job at Cornell University in Ithica, New York (Cornell is the base of CIA Mind Control experiments and Joan is a survivor of ritual abuse and mind control experimentation, according to letters she has written to researchers and other survivors), a common cover for trauma-based-mind-control programming. She has a song about it
    "I am paying for protection, Smoking out the truth...chasing recollections...nailing down the roof"
    Baez entertained no illusions about the CIA, and promoted State of Siege, film she saw as exposing the corrupt element of AID (Agency for International Development, overseas), which funded the teaching of techniques of torture tactics in Latin America. We solicited signatures against the use of torture. Torture was made more prevalent than it had been since the Middle Ages, thus the danger was its common use as government policy. The hands of the US government were far from clean.
    Joan did years of intensive therapy to confront her inner demons ,fears, insomnia, panic attacks, phobias, anxieties, etc. Therapists kept Joan glued together, to get me to the next gig, she said.
    Joan's father was invited to become the head of Operations at Cornell, which would bring him in contact with CIA Human Ecology Foundation, (re: Academic Mind Control Studies) behind the fences of the Ivy League campuses across the country. Joan said it was classified. She was not buried by Chaos, but she lived under its intolerant eye and it could silence her. An example is a mistranslation in Japanese re her comments on Vietnam and Nagasaki. The interpreter was threatened and complied. A year later sale of her records were banned from all Army PXs and when she denounced the draft on the Smother‘s Brothers Hour, she was censored by CBS, her comments cut, and CBS cancelled the Brothers soon after. The same year her then David Harris was sentenced to three years for draft evasion.
Civil rights activists were falsely linked to Communist organizations. A common smear tactic. The Covert War Against Rock by Alex Constantine