Therapies for vaccine damage (eg autism)  Doubleday, Jock


Jock William Doubleday   I post this every week, or so, just in case somebody wants to cure their kid's autism, or somethin'.


Got autism (or some other disorder due to heavy metals from vaccines or other sources)?

Parents' testimonials on the use of colloidal clay for autism.

Thuja is said to be a homeopathic remedy for vaccinosis. ("Vaccinosis" is any adverse effect(s) from vaccination.)

"Has a specific antibacterial action, as in gonorrhoea and vaccination. Sycotic pains, i.e., tearing in muscles and joints . . . Rapid exhaustion and emaciation. . . . Vaccinosis, viz., inveterable skin troubles, neuralgia, etc."

And here is a video about epsom salt and autism.

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