Therapies for vaccine damage (eg autism)
Vaccine autism

[Orthodox MDs/Allopaths, don't have the medicine to cure vaccine damage, and they don't want to be faced with the truth, they cause it.  Why the parents flocked to Dr. Andy Wakefield with their vaccine bowel damaged children, and why he was made into a medical Heretic.  No other doctor MD would touch vaccine damaged children, or go anywhere near them.]

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Chelation for autism
Jenny McCarthy
Amy L. Lansky
Campbell-McBride, Natasha

The Moms Who Want Autism To Qualify For Medical Marijuana

Andrew Hall Cutler
McCandless, M.D, Jaquelyn
Megsen, Dr  
Stephanie Cave, M.D., F.A.A.F.P.
Dr. Andy Wakefield
Dr Arthur Krigsman
Bryan Jepson, MD

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[Homeopath. Aus] Fran Sheffield
Sheri Nakken, R.N., MA (contact for homeopathic doctor referrals)
Patty Smith
Dr Tinus Smits


FB Recovering Kids | Biomedical Healing  Parents using biomedical treatments options are historically each other's best support system.  At our group, you'll find parents ready to offer their experiences when faced with similar situations.  Sharing and healing together.  Whether your child has autism, allergies, adhd, apraxia, sensory processing disorder, pandas or mitochondrial disease, there is biomedical information in the group for you.  Motivating, teaching, listening and caring.  Join us today!

Chiropractic & Autism Case Studies/Articles  Vaccine reaction story (chiropractor)

No Longer Autistic! Recovery is Possible.

[April 2007 Version ] Summary of Biomedical Treatments for Autism By James B. Adams, Ph.D.

Rediscovering Real Medicine by Dr Jean Elmiger Case study
Elizabeth Brandegee,
Classical Homeopath. 425-417-9977

Treatment: What's Biomedical Treatment?

Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy

Guide to treatment for epilepsy, infantile spasms

Infantile Spasms   spasms

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Neural Organization Technique


J.B. Handley Interview Autism & Mercury Poisoning

The Moms Who Want Autism To Qualify For Medical Marijuana