Prince George, Duke of Kent

Hitler was a British Agent by Greg Hallett

Part of that agenda was avoiding the British royal family's shame at having the King's brother being a number carrying Abwehr agent, rampant homosexual, cross-dresser and drug user. The Duke of Hamilton assisted in this cover up using his role as Commander of the Air Training corps responsible for the defence of Scotland, Head Freemasons, premier peer and uncrowned King of Scotland . . . because he was one of the Duke of Kent's homosexual lovers and he wanted him all to himself.....There were 15 officially on board. MI-6 had done a 'coffee run' and visited the morgues in Britain in search of bodies. It was preferable they had died as the result of car crashes, plane crashes, or by fire. They needed a body for the Duke of Kent, the other three in the unnamed royal party and a spare. It's always good to have a spare body when you're MI-6. MI-6 arrived in their Army lorries converted into ambulances with their best canned meat ready to place. The bodies were often preserved with ice. This idea was first put forward by Squadron Leader O'Reilly - MI-6's serial murderer until the Russians got him.
    The five bodies were all dressed in appropriate uniforms and pre-stressed in a manner commesurate with a plane crash. MI-6 failed to adequately stress the Duke of Kent's uniform and his body was found thrown well clear of the plane and not too far from the Army lorry loaded with the canned meat. This meant that MI-6 found little reason to carry the Duke of Kent's body double very far. The smashed face must have been something horrible. His briefcase was found near the body and it was 'his' uniform and briefcase that identified the body. The face did not. The body was not that of the Duke of Kent. It was a canned meat body brought in by MI-6. Hitler was a British Agent by Greg Hallett Crashing the Duke of Kent