Subliminal Influencing

The Leaked Ad Training Document Part 1 The Great Subliminal Message Deception

by Nathan Bell

Part 2

Since its conception In the early 1960s, the subliminal selling strategy for Kent cigarettes has been based on a variaion of our top-secret Hell-Sell theory.  To visually promise the viewer salvation from death, and loss of one's very soul to the devil is an emotional hook that we've cast, over and over again, in varying forms for a variety of clients.  Religious beliefs and feelings about death stir deeper emotions than the frequently used sexual strategies.

Enclosed (see Fig,5] are two photos illustrating one variation of our Hell-Sell technique. One photo is of the actual cigarette advertisement white the other photo is of an illustration that emphasizes the subconscious emotional meaning of the advertisement (minus the flower).

In the photo of the actual advertisement note that the sky is a dull, dreary, lifeless gray. Had we so desired we surely could have chosen a more colorful and romance-inspiring sunset. This dull, lifeless sky surrounds a weakly flowing sun that is setting. Darkness is fast approaching. Further statements about the sun and its symbolism will be explained later in more detail. Just keep m mind that it's dreary and weakly glowing.

At this point please direct your attention to the visual center of the advertisement and focus on their joined hands. Note that their hands form the silhouette of a devil's face very similar in shape to the man's facial silhouette. His pointy hat tip coincides with the devil's horn (man's left thumb). His long chin, with its retouched oneness with the thumb, coincides with the long chin (lady's index finger) on the devil's silhouette. The man is facing to the right with a slightly downward (towards Hell) tilt to his head, The Devil's face formed by their joined hands {pact of evil) is also facing to the right with a downward tilt. Note that the female's head is also tilting slightly downward towards the man's.

This evil couple, with the dying sun trapped between them, are wearing the same color and style pants. Her black leather belt is very wide and masculine appearing; it is not thin, dainty or feminine By giving her subtle masculine traits we've changed their gender in a subliminal role reversal. Several of these role reversal subtleties will be brought out as the ad is gradually explained.


Research based on Halloween studies readily verify [sic] that most children who choose to be witches choose green makeup. Children's stories often portray green witches.

The green of their pants blends in with the green wild weeds they're standing in, Unkept or uncut weeds represent (in this context) the wild, uncontrolled, uncivilized natural element. Their shoes or feet have been retouched to blend with this wild, weedy, green ground area. Feet are often symbolic of one's foundation, of being the cornerstone upon which their lives are based. Devils are often portrayed as hoofed or cleft footed. Dastardly villains in movies, plays, and TV programs often walk with a limp or crutch of some type. This symbolizes a crtppied, weak, twisted foundation, on which their lives are based. By blurring the couple's feet into the weedy and wild foreground area, then airbrushing in devil faces and horror faces, we've visually shown that their lives are based on evil and death ... their soles (souls) are evil. To further enhance this evil foundation interpretation, the male's knee areas have been artistically distorted and warped. They bend inward at a dissonant distance, implying a weak-kneed and warped structure. The female has a dissonant wrinkle in the knee area. Both their pants are full of deep wrinkles and creases, which further enhance a weakened, warped, twisted interpretation.


Airbrushed into the lower leg area of the female's pants is a giant spider. Another giant spider is airbrushed below it, lying upside down on the ground. (Because of the size reduction of the photos these spiders and foreground horror faces may be difficult, if not impossible, for the unschooled to see at the conscious level. However, the reader can rest assured that these two arachnids are there).

Note that in the man's pocket is something long and hard, as evidenced by the telltale bulge and crease. This is very close to his genital area. The devil's head silhouette is in front of both their genital areas. This "mind-over-matter" evil situation picks up sexual powers of procreation with the interplay of the following elements: larger than life fornicating spiders, hard phallic object (knife) in male's pocket, and the devil's head created near both of their genital areas.

These two spiders are joined at their abdomens, implying that they are mating. Since small spiders are high on the Phobia Index for fear arousal (2nd to snakes), it only stands to reason that larger, ones will provide the emotional jolt necessary for conscious repression. The dissonant cues are the thin, lightly etched, almost vertical lines that form the top spider's legs. These ultra-light leg lines are much higher than any of the surrounding wild weeds, and thinner than any wrinkles or creases. The spiders' round bodies provide yet another dissonant cue that  by the viewer's subconscious.

The giant spiders also imply usage of hidden webs and snares ... being snared by Satan ... being caught up in a web of death and despair. Spiders often paralyze their victims in order to suck them dry at their convenience. A painful and gruesome death. Not the type of thing one would want to deal with at the conscious level ... easy repression material.

Note that this devil's pact takes place at the water's edge. This symbolizes being on the edge of a new experience (death). The water's edge is where one form of matter (land) meets another form (water). Two opposite forms meet and join. This correlates with the joined hands arid joined spiders. A matrix of joined opposites adds power to the subliminal horror theme. Water often has spiritual and religious associations (used in baptismal ceremonies, etc.) because of its ability to change form. It can be either vapor, liquid or solid. This adds a mystical ambience to the evil mind-over-matter situation confronting the viewer. The viewer is on the edge of a new experience in pain and horror. Lifeless matter often washes ashore to gather and collect at the waters edge. Creatures of prey (of both water and land) prowl shorelines more frequently than inland areas.


By now it should be obvious, to the most casual observer, that the viewer is in a BAD situation. A situation where eternal darkness, a pain filled death, and loss of one's soul to Satan are placing the viewer in such a Life and Death situation, we've activated subconscious instinctual self-preservation channels to the max (all within a matter of seconds.....the turning of a page). Very few people desire to die painfully only to spend eternity in Hell.  In fact most people would do just about anything to avoid such a Hellish situation. This is where Kent cigarettes comes in.

Note the top copy of the ad stresses the word Good. The word is aligned-above itself 3 times. This visual emphasis on Good makes it stand out and be associated with the Kent cigarettes. By placing the viewer in a Bad situation, while promising them GOODness with Kent from mere "cancer-sticks", into portable packs magically magically endowed with soul saving capabilities.

In today's violence saturated world, where muggings, murders and molestations happen every few seconds, GOODness and protection (self-preservation) are subconsciously sought incessantly. Everyday, getting about entails contact with strangers and the placing of one's Life on the fine ... on the edge. These are times of stress and anxiety. What we do is promise salvation and protection, through product consumption from the very anxieties we instigate. By "tapping into" the fear of the new, of the unknown, of dying, of going to Hell, we struck emotional gold. Variations of the Good versus Bad strategy sell a variety of products for us, as well as our competitors.  This Hell-Sell strategy is reinforced by the Church. Religious attendance by the consuming public reinforces the spiritual reality of Hell.  This indirectly embellishes the emotional believability and "pulling power" of our Hell-Sell strategies.  When one considers that the "average American" sees or hears over 800 advertisements a day, this "pulling power" is awesome.

Since drinking and smoking are such "high-stakes" items, we cannot let them be driven off the marketplace by health crazes or civil disobedient do-gooders. The high rates of Alcoholism and Lung Cancer provide statistical proof as to the effectiveness of these simple but emotional selling strategies. Let them also stand as proof of our willingness to fight like Hell (pun intended) for the rights of our well-heeled clients. It's quite frequent in the advertising field to create "leeching techniques" that allow us to ride the crest of current Religious, Social, and Economic movements at little, if any, final monetary cost. The true beauty of this is that the consumer actually pays to be "brain washed," while we corporate "fat cats" laugh all the way to the bank.