National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis & March of Dimes
Charity Racket  Polio

[National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis was forerunner of the March of Dimes. Rockefeller controlled outfit, two being Thomas M. Rivers, and Kumm.]

Hart Van Riper a pediatrician who was medical director of the National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis, forerunner of the March of Dimes, when it funded the polio vaccine research of Jonas Salk and Albert Sabin

[2015] Prelude to the holocaust by Randy Engel  The emergence of the March of Dimes as a major player within the Eugenics Establishment in the 1960s can be traced back to the organization's earliest association with the Rockefeller Institute from whence it drew many of its key advisors and grantees in the field of virology and polio research. The presence of well-known proponents of eugenics on the MOD's original Board of Directors and Medical and Research Committees including Jeremiah Milbank, and AES members Professors Anton Julius Carlson and Clair E. Turner, would also contribute to the MOD's decent into the eugenic maelstrom two decades later. / they are still around

Dr Kumm's (suspicious) conflict of interest  The National Foundation For Infantile Paralysis (NFIP) used the "The March Of Dimes" to fund its polio research which lead to the Salk vaccine field trials in 1954. The Director Of Polio Research was Dr. Henry Kumm.  According to the brief sketch in American Journal of Digestive Diseases, May 1953, Dr. Kumm was born in Wiesbaden, Germany. He came to the U.S. via Britain and became an American citizen in 1945. He had spent 23 years on the staff of the Rockefeller Foundation for Medical Research before joining the NFIP in July, 1951.  In May 1953, Dr. Kumm replaced Dr. Harry M. Weaver as Director Of Polio Research at NFIP.   During World War II he had served as civilian consultant to the Surgeon General of the U.S. Army in Italy, directing field studies for the use of DDT against malarial mosquitoes in the marshes near Rome and Naples.

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