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Now, I'm glad you brought up the whole topic of how timberland and Missy elliot ties into Aaliyah's rise..and demise. Aaliyah was introduced to the production team of Missy elliot and Timberland when she was around 17 years old. They worked on multiple songs together like, 'Hot like Fire', 'Are you that somebody'. What many don't know is that Timberland AND Missy are both programmers and handlers in the entertainment industry. Please read Missy's bio online where she speaks of being molested by family members and abused by her military father (in other words, she was chosen for mind control because of her father's military background and multi-generational abusive family). Please research the term, 'fritz' mind control to understand more.

Missy elliot also runs a secret underground 'lesbian' club that is only known in the hollywood circles. Missy's job is to introduce new members and ....well, "turn them out" basically. Missy was actually known for turning out a slew of young female stars such as Nicole Wray, Aaliyah and even Ciara (I plan to do a post on Ciara in the future)

Aaliyah and Missy With Freemason Nas

There were also "rumors" of Missy and Aaliyah being secret lovers and that they use to have sex while Missy introduced her to drugs such as Ectasy pills. Now, I'm not a fan of rumors without doing proper research, however, this "rumor" doesn't seem far-fetched when it comes to mind control and how mk-ultra works. Slaves are often controlled with drugs, micro-chips and electroshock (hypnosis and computer harmonics is also used). Also, other evidence points to the fact that in this is true when in Aaliyah's autopsy, it was confirmed she had a weak heart. Drugs like Ectasy pills can definetely cause a weak heart along with other symptoms.

Note: Aaliyah and Missy rumors were so heated in the celebrity circles that many journalist would ask aaliyah whether she ever had feelings for another woman. It was known in the entertainment industry that that the two were sexually involved. Aaliyah was also 'outed' in a tell-all book, I am NOT a fan of tell-all books or support them, however it does shed light on what goes in the celebrity industry.

It could be safe to say that Missy Elliot was one of her handlers/programmers. Not too sure about Timberland, although I know he is a known handler in the music industry (he has controlled/programmed celebrities such as Nelly Fertado).

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Missy Elliot was on stage during the ritual at some MTV awards between Maddona, Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera with the whole lesbian kissing. All of those three women are part of the agenda and why should it be any different for her?. I do not know much about Timbaland and Nelly Furatado but i'm sure you could find some kind of Illuminati symbolism in their album covers and videos. I used to laugh or even get provoked at people who dismiss this stuff but now it just depresses me because it is so obvious.