Dr. Andy Wakefield

Moms In Charge Presents Dr. Andrew Wakefield on CDC Whistleblower


21 May 2015


By Anne Dachel




"Recently, Dr. Andrew Wakefield spoke at a Moms In Charge event  to introduce a new documentary about CDC and vaccine whistleblowers and the consequences of repeated disregard. No one knows how better to handle blowing the whistle than Wakefield himself. . . "


Dr. Wakefield described how the medical community has turned its back on the massive suffering of a generation of children.


From the video: Andrew Wakefield:


"Mainstream media has sold out.  It sold out. 


"I sat once with Sharyl Attkisson, one of this country's greatest journalists, working for CBS.  And she said to me, 'Andy, when we finish this interview, . . . I will get a call from the top floor, from the money men, and they will say, that interview does not go out, because I've had a call from our pharmaceutical industry sponsors, and if it goes out, then they are going to pull their sponsorship.' And that is why she left [CBS]." 


Dr. Wakefield talked about "the tsunami," the approaching "catastrophe" ---the impact of the massive, man made, worldwide epidemic of neurologically disabled children.


Health officials have chosen to protect themselves and the industry.  Doctors refuse to address the symptoms these children exhibit or to even recognize how chronically ill and disabled they are.


Doctors are too scared to speak out about what they're seeing right before their eyes.  Wakefield's work has been replicated a number of times, yet the press refuses to report on these studies.


Wakefield continued to talk about the media.


"I was sitting with [NBC Today Show's] Matt Lauer in an interview and he said, 'Dr. Wakefield, isn't this just conspiracy theory?'  The press loves that!  They love that, don't they?  Conspiracy theory. Like that's it.  A panacea for your madness.  Conspiracy theory. I said, 'Well Matt,' because we were on really good term at that stage, I said, 'Matt, it's really interesting that you should say that because in the courts, in Australia, just this week, in the Vioxx trials against Merck, where they killed thousands of patients with Vioxx, knowingly.  There were a series of disclosures about internal emails at Merck about how they would deal with doctors who dissented from the safety of Vioxx.  And they said, we'll isolate them and we'll discredit them, and the final one, in court, said, 'We may have to seek them out and destroy them where they live.'


"So I said, 'Matt, you know it's less a question of conspiracy theory and more a question of corporate policy, don't you think?'  And that did not make it off the cutting room floor, as you can imagine." 


Dr. Wakefield talked about "Unanswered Questions," the paper that resulted from the investigation of the last 30 years of vaccine injury compensation cases, including recognizing autism as the result of vaccination in 83 cases.  This happened at the same time federal officials adamantly denied any link between their vaccines and autism.


Wakefield showed a video of the son of Polly Tommey, who has autism, and who had had severe bowel disease and has now had his symptoms treated.


He showed a video about Alex  Spourdalakis, the young man with severe autism who got no help from doctors and who was eventually killed by his own mother. 


"Like Dr. Frankenstein, all the medical staff could do was stand and stare at what it was they had created.


Regarding the epidemic increase, Wakefield said, "The prevalence of autism, . . .from the CDC's own numbers, . . . one in 68.  The risk for a child born today  is one in 25, in 2025, it'll be one in 2.  . . .  Not my numbers, the CDC's own numbers.  That is a glimpse into the future.  This is not isolated as you know. These cases happen all the time.  They're in the news.  People reach a point where there is nowhere else to go.  Rather than see their children suffer any longer, mothers do extraordinary things to alleviate that suffering. One thing I've learned over the years is not to be judgmental about anyone. I have no right. . . .

Finally Wakefield talked about the CDC whistleblower.


"Last summer, Dr. William Thompson, senior scientist at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and someone working on the national immunization program came forward after 13 years and said, 'We have known for 13 years, MMR vaccine causes autism and we have concealed that fact.'


"He not only said it, he gave us all of the documents--all of the original emails, transcripts, data outputs, databases, draft papers, original analysis plans, exchanges with his colleagues where he had tried repeatedly to bring this to their attention. Right to the very top of the CDC.  Right to Julie Gerberding, who was director of the CDC before she left to join Merck as their director of immunizations.


"They all knew: Walter Orenstein, head of the National Immunization Program--they all knew.  He had told them all. They concealed it systematically, and eventually, he could no longer live with himself.  He came forward and has become a whistleblower.


"He refuses to speak to the press.  He wants to speak to Congress. He has met with [Congressman] Bill Posey's office and has given them all of the documents. . . .


Wakefield explained that they had gone public with William Thompson's name because "he is much safer if his name is known."  Wakefield said he hopes that William Thompson will be allowed to testify before the House Oversight Committee. 


Wakefield added that the CDC's own research showed the vulnerable subgroups of children. "And that is what they concealed, and in doing so they put millions and millions of American children in harm's way, knowingly and willfully."


"And so the documentary that you are here tonight to help support is the expose  of Dr. William Thompson and the CDC's fraud.  And if you are going to win in the state of California, against these vaccine mandates, the plank of their argument from which everything else flows is that vaccines are safe and effective. And if you can pull the rug from under those, then there is no bill."


Wakefield added that there is another whistleblower, someone who worked on the MMR vaccine at Merck.  He was ordered to cover up data on the mumps vaccine, and he refused. 


At the end of the talk, Dr. Wakefield said, "My final message is to how you deal with Senator Pan's issue. The plank of their argument is that they are safe and effective. You now know, as a matter of fact,  they're not safe and effective--and that's just for one vaccine, the MMR.  I would suggest to the senators and to the congressmen and to the governor of this state, that armed with this knowledge: federal admission of scientific fraud in relation to vaccine safety, corporate admission of fraud in relation to vaccine efficacy, you cannot . . . mandate immunization in this state, or indeed anywhere.   . . . And if you do, and children are harmed, then you have personal liability for that damage.


". . . We need to get this story out. . . because what will the world look like in 2025, if we don't?"


And I would just add that the most encouraging moment for me was when Dr. Wakefield showed a slide of a severely affected child, Wakefield said,  "And this is why I do what I do.  And that's why, having done it for twenty years, I am never ever, ever, ever going to go away." (Cheers and clapping followed.)


Anne Dachel is Media Editor for Age of Autism and author of  The Big Autism Cover-Up: How and Why the Media Is Lying to the American Public, which is on sale now from Skyhorse Publishing.