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100% proof that all pro sports is faked

The Fix is In - The Showbiz Manipulation of the NHL, MLB, NBA, NFL and NASCAR

How the NFL Went Communist  Like the NBA, the NFL is controlled and run by the mafia and the New World Order Luciferian/ ILLUMINATI Cabals. The NFL has been very political lately:  pink uniforms for breast cancer {but nothing for prostate cancer};  shrill advocates for gun control;  TSA style security at the stadiums;  secret agreements with Dept of Homeland Security to allow 'their' stadiums to be used as mass detention centers, prisons, or places for displaced persons in the event of a national crisis;  separation of children from their parents while attending NFL games;  firing of patriotic country singer from singing theme song opening Sunday nite football each week for his criticism of Obama; etc.  - See more at:

The NFLís Role In the Coming Martial Law

Super Bowl Commercials 2014: The More You Know