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    Satanic hand sign
V Sign

Los Angeles Dodgers
Body building women

Armstrong, Lance
Barkley, Charles
Becker, Boris
Beckham, David

Bryant, Kobe
Cena, John
Hulk Hogan
James, Lebron
Johnson, Larry
Jordon, Michael
Odom, Lamar
Orton, Randy
Rodman, Dennis
Sosa, Sammy
Williams, Serena
Woods, Tiger


Super Bowl 2012

Adidas Originals Decoded

100% proof that all pro sports is faked

[vid] Disturbingly Creepy! Serena Williams(Athletes) on Mind Control Sports illuminati Exposed 2015

The Fix is In - The Showbiz Manipulation of the NHL, MLB, NBA, NFL and NASCAR


Exposed: The True Symbolism Carried by David Beckham By Matthew Delooze  The Serpent Cult, entities in another dimension, know that we would not give our free will energy to them if we knew who they were or what they were doing. The Serpent Cult cannot show themselves in their true chosen image so they show themselves to us in our own image. They need to trick us into giving them our free will energy through images we can relate to and connect to.….freely.
    So what do they do, how do they do it? They recruit celebrity agents, like the Beckham’s, that will receive ‘free will’ energy on their behalf. Celebrities like the Beckham’s act as middle men and are rewarded materially for their efforts. How do these agents receive free will energy and pass the energy on to entities in another dimension? The agents like Beckham carry around the ‘symbolism’ that officially represents entities from another dimension. They become official agents, if you like, and they take things from us on a spiritual level just like a tax collector does on a five sense level, but instead of taking material things from us they take spiritual things from us. Just like a British Judge carries the symbolism of the Royal Crown around with him to show he represents the crown, celebrities that have been hyped by the Serpent Cult carry the symbolism of Serpent Cult around with them to show they represent the Serpent Cult. It’s exactly the same thing. It is not the Judge or Celebrity that matter because they are only the vehicle, the tax collector if you like. It is the symbolism they carry that matters on a spiritual level.  

[2009 Dec] Tiger Woods, Mind Control & MK Ultra by PAUL A. DROCKTON

[2008] Intelligence and Olympic Games Interference By T Stokes


Symbols [Symbols]

Adidas Originals Decoded

Huston, Nyjah

Adidas world cup ad 2014   Demonic/Satanic look   Bleeding, blood symbol  Blood sacrifice (music)

All seeing eye symbol  Freemason Football

666 hand sign [666 hand sign]

Cena, John

Van Gaal

Alex Rodriguez

Satanic hand sign [Satanic Hand sign]

Aaron Rodgers

Hunter, Mark

Derrick Rose

Floyd Mayweather, Jr.

James, Lebron

New World Order (commonly known and stylized as the nWo)

Cristiano Ronaldo

Manny Pacquiao

Lance Armstrong
Armstrong, Lance

John Cena on right


Orton, Randy

Stan Hanson

Les Miles

David Haye

Triangle [Triangle]

A promotional ad featuring the Oregon Ducks' uniform for the 2012 Rose Bowl - remodelled by Nike

Larry Johnson

Bryant, Kobe  

Jay-Z  & Jason Kidd

Chris Paul  & Jay-Z 

James, Lebron  

Diamond Dallas

Three time silver medalist, Shawn Johnson

V Sign  [V Sign ]

Jay-Z, Jordan, Chris Paul

Floyd Mayweather

Odom, Lamar

Hulk Hogan